Do you want to create an insanely fun experience while holidaying in Bangkok? Well, you are just on the right page! Bangkok is a truly fascinating city, and the Thailand capital is also notorious for being the jam capital of the planet.

Here, you will get to see people from all walks of life, tourists and travellers, exploring the vibrant cosmopolitan city home to the trendiest fashion and endless night markets, making for many fun things to do in Bangkok.

If you still haven’t been on a Bangkok trip at this stage in your life, you sure are milling out on something. Why not look at these private tours in Bangkok and look forward to an enjoyable experience that will take you to many Bangkok tourist spots.

You are sure to remain spoilt for choices about where to go and what to do in Bangkok. It is an incredible city to visit with a wondrously diverse hub. There is a medley of everything, the colourful markets, dense traffic, lively festivals, and a vibrant arts scene.


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fun things to do in Bangkok

Have the time of your life visiting fun places in Bangkok. Picture Source.



Fun Things to do in Bangkok – Thailand

Here are some of the most fun and exciting things to do while checking out famous Bangkok attractions.


Spend a night in prison – If you dare!

If you have never been to prison, this is your chance to enjoy at least one night in prison at the Sook Station. Get ready to get thrown in jail at least once in your lifetime, and those who always have enjoyed that experience do now.


Enjoy the Sea Life when you visit Bangkok.

Make a stopover to Sea Life Bangkok, especially when travelling with your kids. It is one of the foremost aquariums in Southeast Asia and boasts of many marine life and fish species like seahorses, penguins, and octopus. Added attractions include a glass-bottom boat ride through the shark tank. Definitely a great addition to your Bangkok itinerary.


Ride the Sky Train for the Ultimate Bangkok sightseeing experience

Another fun thing to do while in Bangkok is to ride one of the sky trains. It is a great way to travel and enjoy the cool comfort of the air-conditioned carriages that keep you safe from the hot temperatures outside. You can enjoy some great views of the city, and those sky trains indeed make travel a lot simpler.


See the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Visit Wat Pho to see the famous statue of Reclining Buddha that is about forty-six meters long. The suite, covered in gold indeed looks incredible, and the legend says that Buddha accomplished 108 positive actions to become perfect. That is why there are108 bowls and on the way to the temple.


Bangkok top attractions

Get cultural when visiting Bangkok top attractions. Picture source. 


Explore the Chinatown Market and Taste Great Cuisines

It is must to visit the Chinatown Market that boasts of the city’s best tasting Thai food. It is indeed a paradise for all the foodies who get to eat their favourite foods and at rock bottom prices! As you explore the old market, you will come across some real tasty culinary treats such as Peking duck or the bird’s nest soup.


A boat trip on the Chao Phraya River  

Bangkok is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East,’ and this is because of the Chao Phraya River with numerous canals that spread across the city. In fact, the river and its canals are like the lifeblood of the city as hundreds and thousands of people go to their work on ferries across the river. A boat trip on the river is indeed fascinating as you can enjoy some marvellous views of the city.


Experience the Thai massage for the Ultimate Relaxation

Before leaving Bangkok, it is must to try out their traditional Thai massage. And you will find plenty of massage parlours! So, take advantage of the special massages that will leave you feeling rejuvenated both in mind and body.   Get a new lease of life with an invigorating and balanced Thai massage!


Suvarnabhumi Thailand

There is a host of fun things to do in Bangkok when touring the city.

artwork of Thong Ta

Great artwork can be seen when you visit Bangkok.

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