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Camping is something that everyone from young to old can enjoy. It doesn’t cost much, and it gets you active and enjoying the great outdoors. You can go biking and hiking, catch fish, go bird watching and view some scenery. You get to socialise and meet other campers and generally enjoy a fun yet humble getaway.

But what exactly do you need to consider when you’re planning your camping trip? Here are just a few ideas to go crazy for camping.




Go Crazy For Camping: Essentials Everyone Needs on Their Trip


A Place to Sleep

The first thing to consider when it comes to camping is where you’re going to sleep. If you want to go full rustic, or just want to keep it as cheap as possible then a tent is a good bet. If you want something a bit comfier, or perhaps you’re camping with very young children then a caravan, RV or campervan could be the way to go.

If you’re going to be staying at a campsite then there will usually be electricity hook ups- but if not look into generators. These will give you power for your electrical appliances regardless of where you stay.


boogaloo camping

A great night sleep inside a tent.



Cooking Essentials

What do you plan on eating while you’re away? Cooking on a campfire or barbeque is always fun when you’re camping, but unless you’re staying in a place that has a fridge then you won’t be able to pack much meat for it as it won’t stay fresh. Tins and packets work well and bread for sandwiches will last for a few days.

Nuts and seeds, dried fruit, cereal bars and protein bars all make good snacks. Consider if you will need things like a gas canister stove, and a pot for boiling water on the fire. Don’t forget cutlery and something to eat from too, plastic picnic sets work well or you could buy paper plates.




Store food correctly and later on enjoy a good feed.



Sleeping Bag and Pillow

A sleeping bag and a comfortable pillow will help you to get a much better nights sleep, whether you’re in a tent or a caravan. Research the weather conditions and be sure to choose your sleeping bag accordingly. If it’s a colder time of year like spring or autumn, you’ll need to know you can stay warm throughout the night.

People overlook pillows when it comes to camping, but unless you’re backpacking and need the space, bring one along. It won’t take up too much room in the car when you travel to the campsite but can make a huge difference. Even if you’re staying in a caravan that comes with bedding it can be worth bringing your own so you know that it’s clean and comfortable.

crazy for camping

Get comfortable when sleeping outdoors. Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.



A First Aid Kit

Being in the great outdoors can have some risks. From cuts and scrapes from falling over to bug bites and more, it’s worth bringing along a first aid kit even if you’re not exactly in the wilderness! Even some aspirin to deal with a headache if one comes on will make your trip more comfortable. Bandages, plasters and disinfectant are all well worth bringing along too.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos in Australia.


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