4 Sensational Camping Destinations In Australia to Consider

4 Sensational Camping Destinations In Australia to Consider

fresh air camping

Camping enthusiasts simply must check out what the land of Oz has to offer with sensational camping destinations in Australia spread out wide and far!

There are many stunning destinations to choose from whether it’s far North or in the greener pastures of the South, and it’s difficult to know where to begin, it usually begins in which part of Australia you are stationed.



The sensational Camping Destinations In Australia to consider.


4 Sensational Camping Destinations In Australia to Consider

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get you started, these four sensational camping destinations in Australia have plenty on offer for an incredible adventure.


1. Gundabooka National Park in New South Wales

You’ll find Gundabooka National Park around 50km to the South of Bourke. At the Dry Campground, there are plenty of walking trails, catering to various levels.

One of the most popular trails is The Little Mountain Walking Track; set against the backdrop of the magnificent Mount Gundabooka. Many come here to hike the mountain; however, you should not attempt it unless you have intermediate level hiking experience.

There’s plenty more to explore; amongst the lush woodlands and sandhills, you’ll find Aboriginal artwork to marvel at during your adventure.


2. Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia

The Kalbarri National Park is located at the lower part of the Murchison River and the Western Australian tourist hotspot will simply amaze you.

The impressive gorge stretches for 80km through the red sandstone; the gorge creates formations like ‘Hawks Head’ and ‘Nature’s Window’. There are several lookout points where you can get some epic views, including Kalbarri Skywalk.

The Kalbarri National Park is an excellent place for sightseeing, canoeing, rafting and even abseiling. For an adventurous kind of camping trip, you’re bound to be impressed with Kalbarri National Park.


3. Booderee National Park in New South Wales

Head on down to the GreenPatch camping spot, one of the most stunning parts of Booderee National Park. Here you’ll see plenty of wildlife such as bandicoots, possums, grey kangaroos and hundreds of species of birds. These beautiful white sands never get too overcrowded, therefore, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

The Booderee National Park is an excellent place for fishing, snorkelling and bushwalking. Don’t forget to check out the Botanic Gardens to catch a glimpse of some gorgeous plants and flowers. Closeby is Cave Beach; here you can take boat trips for whale watching or dolphin spotting.


4. Milla Milla in Queensland

Milla Milla falls is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by rich rainforests and set against Mount Bartle Frere, the highest mountain in Queensland.

The Millaa Milla Tourist park provides some excellent options for both camping and self-contained cabins. The park is set on 7 acres of beautiful green landscapes; it’s about 60km away from Innisfail and 100km out of Cairns.

Site facilities of Milla Milla include a pool, a camp kitchen, and washing facilities, it’s in these locations where you’re a chance to spot some unique Aussie wildlife of the platypus and tree kangaroos too!


Camping essentials to bring with you

Before you jaunt off on a camping trip of a lifetime, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got your camping essentials. A few ideas to get you started include the following items:

  • Electric portable heaters
  • Camping bed and bedding
  • Cutlery & cooking utensils
  • Camping oven
  • First Aid kit
  • Spare warm clothes
  • An absorbent towel (for instance Wovii)


Naturally, your camping checklist will depend on your type of trip and how long you are away for. Lastly, remember to read up on your camping safety tips before you head off and enjoy a safe and happy camping trip.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos is possible during a camping adventure in Australia.


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Go Crazy For Camping: Essentials Everyone Needs on Their Trip

Go Crazy For Camping: Essentials Everyone Needs on Their Trip

Contributed to Fair Dinkum Traveller
Camping is something that everyone from young to old can enjoy. It doesn’t cost much, and it gets you active and enjoying the great outdoors. You can go biking and hiking, catch fish, go bird watching and view some scenery. You get to socialise and meet other campers and generally enjoy a fun yet humble getaway. But what exactly do you need to consider when you’re planning your camping trip? Here are just a few ideas to go crazy for camping.  



Go Crazy For Camping: Essentials Everyone Needs on Their Trip


A Place to Sleep

The first thing to consider when it comes to camping is where you’re going to sleep. If you want to go full rustic, or just want to keep it as cheap as possible then a tent is a good bet. If you want something a bit comfier, or perhaps you’re camping with very young children then a caravan, RV or campervan could be the way to go. If you’re going to be staying at a campsite then there will usually be electricity hook ups- but if not look into generators. These will give you power for your electrical appliances regardless of where you stay.  
boogaloo camping

A great night sleep inside a tent.


Cooking Essentials

What do you plan on eating while you’re away? Cooking on a campfire or barbeque is always fun when you’re camping, but unless you’re staying in a place that has a fridge then you won’t be able to pack much meat for it as it won’t stay fresh. Tins and packets work well and bread for sandwiches will last for a few days. Nuts and seeds, dried fruit, cereal bars and protein bars all make good snacks. Consider if you will need things like a gas canister stove, and a pot for boiling water on the fire. Don’t forget cutlery and something to eat from too, plastic picnic sets work well or you could buy paper plates.    

Store food correctly and later on enjoy a good feed.


Sleeping Bag and Pillow

A sleeping bag and a comfortable pillow will help you to get a much better nights sleep, whether you’re in a tent or a caravan. Research the weather conditions and be sure to choose your sleeping bag accordingly. If it’s a colder time of year like spring or autumn, you’ll need to know you can stay warm throughout the night. People overlook pillows when it comes to camping, but unless you’re backpacking and need the space, bring one along. It won’t take up too much room in the car when you travel to the campsite but can make a huge difference. Even if you’re staying in a caravan that comes with bedding it can be worth bringing your own so you know that it’s clean and comfortable.
crazy for camping

Get comfortable when sleeping outdoors. Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.


A First Aid Kit

Being in the great outdoors can have some risks. From cuts and scrapes from falling over to bug bites and more, it’s worth bringing along a first aid kit even if you’re not exactly in the wilderness! Even some aspirin to deal with a headache if one comes on will make your trip more comfortable. Bandages, plasters and disinfectant are all well worth bringing along too.  
camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos in Australia.


Enjoy more awesome camping articles.

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3 Hidden Gems to Visit in a Western Australian Summer

3 Hidden Gems to Visit in a Western Australian Summer

It’s impossible to go through a Western Australian summer and to find any dull bits happening in the state. Particularly in the Southern end, where you have got the busy Cottesloe Beach in Perth, the lively Fremantle precinct and the ever-increasing popular South West Region which includes the Margaret River town and the surrounding wineries.

Sometimes it’s not what you know that needs to be discovered when visiting Western Australia, but those hidden gems that are waiting to be explored and fully utilised in the sizzling heat. The kind of extreme weather that can’t be avoided, only embraced. And if embrace it you will, it will be a hectic adventure for you this summer time, as you take a scenic road trip to these hidden gems that are waiting just for you

Hidden Gems Western Australian Summer

Hamelin Bay, Guilderton and Denmark.


3 Hidden Gems to Visit in a Western Australian Summer

It would be easy to pile off a hundred different places to visit in this great state, all the way from Esperance to The Kimberly and anything in-between. Let’s narrow it down for now and while all these locations are far and wide from each other, they do sit in the southern end of the state, where the weather is clear skies and perfect for an enjoyable Western Australian summer.


Guilderton, Western Australia

Guilderton in Western Australia.


The breathtaking view of the Moore River and Indian Ocean meeting on a clear day is a sight to behold, with a gorgeous sunset in the evening that is simply unforgettable. Guilderton is the perfect place to make a splash in Summer with sandy beaches and the soothing river the ideal attraction on any hot day.

Guilderton, Western Australia



  • Where is it: Situated only an hour North of Perth off Wanneroo road, Guilderton is a convenient drive for those living in a Perth, with it being so close to the city and a hassle free drive.
  • The best bit: Take the trail up the stairways to the vantage and don’t forget your camera, it is the main vantage point in Guilderton and the best location to view the gorgeous sunset.
  • What to do: For the outdoor adventurist, there a plethora of activities on offer in Guilderton, with the likes of kayaking, beach walking, fishing, swimming, hiking and camping the popular choices. Nearby the hustle bustle of the river area, there is the Guilderton Country Club that has a restaurant, golf and tennis for those who need to escape the water and have a decent meal.
  • Where to stay: There are a host of holiday houses in Guilderton that can be found through various of searches through Airbnb and Stayz. The popular spot to stay is at the Guilderton Caravan Park where you can pitch a tent or rent a cabin with the river and ocean within an earshot.

Heading to Guilderton? Check Out TripAdvisor for reviews.

Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay in the South West of Western Australia.


The stingrays will quickly grab your attention in this quiet little beach by the bay, that is quite simply a hidden gem. Popular for day trips, a quick pit stop or camping in the nearby park, Hamelin Bay is a secluded part of the South West that will get you excited at first glance.

Hamelin Bay, Western Australia


  • Where is it: Hamelin Bay is situated in the South West region and a good three-hour drive Perth. Smack bang in the middle of the popular tourist towns in Margaret River and Augusta, The Bay is a popular place to set up camp and explore the surrounding area.
  • Best Bit: When the stingrays come to shore, it’s the best time to hit water, as these unique creatures of the sea brush by your ankles. The Rays are usually out in Summer and there is a good chance they will be out and about to mingle with you.
  • What to do: Hamelin Bay is for those who seek a laidback experience with camping, hiking, swimming and fishing the major choices. It doesn’t mean you can’t get into the car and visit tourist town of Margaret River, a few wineries and the Leeuwin Lighthouse in the south, near Augusta, the South West is a region calling out to you.
  • Where to stay: Hamelin Bay Holiday Park is situated right near the bay and is the main choice of accommodation in the area. You can pitch a tent, book a chalet or stay in style in a beachside cottage, from there the rest is up to you.

Heading to Hamelin Bay? Check out TripAdvisor for reviews.


Denmark, Western Australia

Denmark in Western Australia

Denmark is not a secret to those who live in Western Australia, although sometimes the locals wish it to be. Too bad, because this beauty is too good to ignore because this vibrant town is booming with outdoor attractions, wineries and breweries, a gorgeous coastline along the Southern Ocean and a lively town centre you will simply adore.

Denmark, Western Australia

A stunning view in Denmark.


  • Where is it: Quite a drive from Perth, five hours South to be exact, it is a windy and bendy road that will take you to the Southern end of Western Australia. The exhausting trip to Denmark will be worth it upon arrival because it is quite beautiful.
  • Best Bit: Take a small drive out to Lights Beach, off Lights road, and see a stunning part of the Southern Ocean, with boutique beaches, walking trails and large rocks to climb aboard for that special picture. Please tread carefully in this area and make sure the conditions are calm. When in doubt, just admire from above.
  • What to do: With a bustling town centre and number outdoor activities on hand, you have the best of both worlds in Denmark. You can shop for antiques in town or enjoy a coffee at a café. But the lure of the outdoors will be the winner with a range of activities on hand. Great for families is the Denmark Thrills, where you can test out your fear of heights amongst other family-fun adventures.
  • Where to stay: There are a range of options to stay in Denmark, with a pick of motels, retreats, cottages and holiday parks to suit any budget. The pick of the lot is The Big 4 Ocean Beach Holiday Park, a ten-minute drive from town and a short walk from the Inlet and Ocean.

Heading to Denmark? Check out TripAdvisor for reviews.

Some links in this article may contain affiliate links, therefore if you click on it and make a purchase, I could receive a little income. Don’t worry though, it will not come at further expense for the customer. Happy travels. 

Western Australian Summer

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Hotels V Camping: Who is Your Winner?

Hotels V Camping: Who is Your Winner?

Hotels V camping, I hear you now, is this “really” a debate? One is possibly a luxury stay by the swimming pool with a cocktail. The other is packing the ute, setting up a tent and roughing it out of a bush while relaxing under the stars and listening to sounds of nature hovering nearby.

No contest, right?

Well, it all depends on who you ask. Some are passionate hotel travellers who couldn’t think of anything worse than getting their hands dirty and sleeping with the snakes. Vice versa, there are the real rednecks of the world, who love nothing more than roughing it in the sticks, pitching the tent and giving their 4WD a workout.

As for me, the author, I do both, so why don’t we go over the pros and cons of each option, then decide a winner in the battle of hotels v camping.


Are you electing to stay in a hotel? Find the ideal hotel at TripAdvisor!


hotels v camping

Hotels v Camping: Who is your winner.


Hotels V Camping: Who is Your Winner?





  • Affordability: Camping costs next to nothing; in some areas, it’s free. But even if you are camping in style in a powered site at a Holiday Park, you will be saving a heap of cash.
  • Family time: Nothing reunites a busy family more than a camping trip. It excites the kids as they play on the sticks, swim in the river and roast marshmallows by a fire. It is family bonding better than ever.
  • An adventure: A camping trip is an adventure as you explore the beautiful surroundings around you, get lost in the wilderness and discover new skills you never knew existed.
  • Take in nature: The beauty of being outdoors amongst the untouched nature and stunning surroundings.
  • Convenient: A camping trip can be decided on a whim. Load up the car and head out for a quick weekend getaway.



Kayaking is a treat during a camp.



  • Sleeping: A good night’s sleep can be hard on the rock-hard dirt floor. Especially without a decent mattress to support you. This issue can somewhat be solved if you purchase a decentcamp bed or mattress.
  • Cooking: No room service out in the sticks; you will need to do it all yourselves, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Washing up: After cooking comes the washing up. Always an arduous task when camping but an unavoidable chore.
  • Showering: If you’re camping in a holiday park, you’ll have the luxury of a communal shower, which is a bonus. At some camping sites, you will need to bathe in the river. If you are camping by the river, of course, but in some cases, you need to really “rough it.” Or purchase a portable shower and toilet from a camping store.
  • Hot and sweaty: Camping is usually most popular during the summer. With no air-conditioner, no fans, keeping cool is only possible by swimming in the fresh rivers or beaches.
  • Mosquitoes: Mozzies, bugs and flies. Probably the biggest downfall of camping. Expect to spend some time with those pests, and don’t forget your repellent.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos in Australia remains a beautiful sight for tourists.




  • Luxury: Hotels can be luxury, depending on where you stay. Sit back and relax in style; you are on holiday; click on the TripAdvisor link to find your perfect hotel or resort.
  • Fine Dining: No cooking is required in your hotel room. Dine out in the hotel’s restaurants or many restaurants near your hotel. Oh, and room service can be an option too.
  • Cocktails: Cocktails are popular, especially in a resort stay.
  • Swimming pools: And where better to drink your cocktails than by a swimming pool as you sunbake on the layout and dip in the pool in-between.
  • No cleaning up: Let the friendly staff clean up your beds and makeup room while you go out and enjoy the surrounds of the area where you are staying.
  • Comfortable beds: Most times, sleeping in a hotel is convenient. The chances are you will have a much better sleep in the comfort of your hotel room without squatting those mozzies away.


Mai Samui

Beautiful resorts like Mai Samui are an excellent choice.



  • Expensive: Hotels can be costly, and so are excellent dining and drinking cocktails by the pool. Be prepared to break the bank account.
  • Sorry, there aren’t too many negatives to staying in a hotel. Unless you find a horror stay, that is what TripAdvisor is for, so you can review your potential hotels.


Comfort of a bed make hotels popular.

The comfort of a bed makes hotels popular.


And the winner is:

Camping is great, don’t doubt it. And I will continue to sleep in the great outdoors for time o come. Not only because it is affordable exercise, but it’s also great for kids and a great way to give them valuable outside time away from their fancy toys.

However, I would choose a hotel stay in pure luxury every day of the week and twice on Sundays. You can’t beat the comforts of a bed inside the four walls, with a private bathroom, room service and swimming pool below as you drink your cocktails.

So, your Fair Dinkum Traveller winner on this occasion is hotels. And by a bit of a margin. But that is just my choice, and options are always divided.


What is your preferred choice for Hotels V Camping? Tell me in the comments below.


Who is your winner?

Who is your winner? Hotels or camping.




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