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Camping is a great way to unwind and get away from it all, with family, with friends, or on a solo adventure. Wherever you going there are always a few things you forget, or could do better. So here is a little reminder to get the most out of your camping experience, and ensure you’re there to relax and enjoy yourself, and that you can get the most out of your experience.


most out of CampingBeing prepared, always pays off. Source.


Charging your phone and other devices

Charging your phone can be difficult when camping, and if you’re truly out in the wilderness this might not even be an option. Having a portable phone charger can save you in a medical crisis, or enable you to keep up with what’s going on back home. A handy device to have when heading off on your adventure.



You forget about the importance of having various sources of light until you’re out in nature in the dead of night. You need it for cooking, reading, and maybe even a headlight if you’re still hiking in the dark. Lamps, matches, torches, batteries all need to be stocked up on before you travel. Buying these kind of things at an online camping shop means you don’t have to carry all your camping equipment around the shops, and saves you a bit of time.


Camping in Guilderton, Western Australia.


Hygiene Products

Can you ever have enough toilet roll when camping? If you have enough, it’s guaranteed that one of your travel partners, or even someone at the campsite doesn’t have enough, so take lots! This goes for baby wipes as well. When water is limited and there’s no kitchen sink, they can be a hygienic and convenient way to keep yourself, and your possessions, nice and clean.


Read Up on Poisonous Plants

You can never have too much information about poisonous plants and animals when living in nature for a while. Even bring a guidebook with you to distinguish between the plants, as there are many false friends out there! Having said that, remember to pack the fully stocked first aid kit too.



Store food correctly and later on enjoy a good feed.


Store Food Correctly

If food isn’t stored correctly, the local wildlife will have a buffet. While you are supporting the survival of local animals, you have to save some for yourself! Keep lids of jars securely on, and there’s no harm in having containers with in container. A cool bag is great for keeping your food fresher for longer too. You’d be surprised what animals can chew through, so make sure what you take is durable.


The Day You Leave

So you think you’ve got everything, and you’re in the car ready to leave. Leaving early enough to get a good place to pitch your tent is always a handy idea, especially if you’re staying at campsite. Somewhere with shade, or on higher ground, are usually great places to pitch your tent. Camping is always a great experience, but one you really need to prepare for. Getting the right equipment and doing the right research, can your experience so much better.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos.
James Bond Island

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