Seoul is always buzzing with excitement with many things to do and places to go in South Korea’s busy capital city.

In the bustling city, there are exciting places that include a range of cultural and modern attractions that need to take your priority when visiting this rising Asian city, Seoul attractions from breathtaking Palaces to thrilling theme-parks that creates excitement for all ages.

There are many places to visit in Seoul that will excite any traveller looking for a great day out, but here I have listed eight places that I found were most satisfying through my many trips to the country, not excluding hundreds of other exciting attractions that should not be included in your Seoul itinerary.

In this article, I have come up with a list of eight amazing things to do which will help create a new experience and fun times for when you travel to Seoul in South Korea.


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South Korea

8 Incredible places to visit in Seoul include the Gyeongbokgung Palace.




8 Places to visit In Seoul that will Give you a Great Korean Experience


Gyeongbokgung Palace

Throughout your Seoul travel experience, you’ll come across many traditional attractions that will leave you mesmerised and in the northern parts of Seoul is one the most popular city attractions in Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Steeped with plenty history and tradition, Gyeongbokgung Palace dates back to 1395 when it first was constructed by King Taejo, while the Palace rebuilt a couple of times due to the Japanese invasion of Seoul centuries ago, the tradition of the Palace has never been forgotten and is on show everyone to see.

It is not only famous for its old palaces, but Gyeongbokgung is surrounded with luscious landscapes and gardens, as well as fantastic water features, that makes it the best three-dollars you’ll ever spend for such a great walk, that includes the stunning backdrop of Mt Bugak on show in the background.



the crowds gather to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.



N Seoul Tower

For the best 360 views of the city of Seoul, you need to go to the iconic N Seoul Tower. Located on the peak of Namsan Mountain, conveniently situated in the middle of Seoul, this grand tower will blow you away with the fabulous views of City and beyond, and if you are fortunate enough to go on a clear day, the views are perfect.

The N Seoul Tower offers more than great views, with entertainment available to the tourist and also there is a host of restaurants and cafes to grab a quick bite to eat or enjoy a hot cappuccino while admiring the surrounding views. In the meantime, the kids are also entertained with amusements available inside the tower for an of fun.


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N Seoul Tower

Go to great heights a the N Seoul Tower.



Jamsil Stadium – Baseball

Take me out to the ball game at Jamsil stadium, which is located in the southern parts of Seoul next to the Olympic Park and made famous as the major showpiece for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Once off the train, the buzz outside of the stadium is hectic with enthusiast fans eager to cheer their team to a victory, outside the baseball stadium there are also many markets selling affordable snacks for patrons t the game and merchandise stands open to the public to purchase your favourite team’s Korean baseball merchandise.

I know adding a sports stadium to the list of places to go in Seoul is strange, but the atmosphere inside the stadium is electric with everything that is happening in the stands being just as good as the baseball action going on in the middle, with the dancing cheerleaders and announcers rocking the crowd.

The baseball experience at Jamsil Stadium was so good that I had to do it twice which easy to do because during the season they play baseball six nights a week. There are no excuses for missing a match.


Jamsil Stadium

Jamsil Stadium, South Korea.



Everland Theme Park

A mega theme park just out of Seoul that has it all for any age. The Everland Theme Park is full of family fun entertainment that keeps you occupied for the whole day plus more if you wish to keep your time at the park going for a second day.

The attractions inside Everland is an amazing Safari tour with a good range of African wildlife, thrilling rides, eye-catching magic shows, dazzling and colourful street parades, and a fantastic tulip festival, displaying various colour of tulips that look splendid indeed. Please note the tulip festival is seasonal and only available during the spring months of March to May.

Be sure to head to Everland during your Seoul sightseeing trip because this epic theme-parks rivals any around the world and there is always an event going on, but be warned, just like any theme park around the world, be prepared to be patient as the waiting times can be quite excessive.


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Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is a fun day trip not far from Seoul.



Myeong-Dong Shopping Hub

Seoul is well known for its shopping, and the best place to spend your hard-earned is in the city centre with many classy malls, street shopping underground malls available to the consumer. Myeong-Dong is street shopping at its best with a carnival-like atmosphere on the streets that is buzzing with locals and tourist wherever you go.

After a full days shopping, treat yourself to a delicious meal with various amounts of restaurants located in the area for a tasty Korean dinner that is available on all budgets. Myeong-Dong is the shopping hub of Seoul and will keep you coming back for more on during your trip.

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Myeong-Dong in Seoul.



Lotte World – Indoor Theme Park

It’s one of the fun things to do in Seoul, Lotte World, An Indoor Theme Park, how cool is that!

You’ll spend countless hours in Lotte World, and the kids will love it as you have a blast on the many rides situated inside Lotte World and enjoy the colour of the dazzling parades. You can also take ample pictures of the incredible infrastructure of the Theme Park, taste delicious carnival foods while wandering around and have an ice-skating session with plenty of trips and falls.

It’s all on offer for the young and old in Lotte World Theme Paks, and you can purchase your tickets through Klook to save heaps of money and to have plenty of fun.


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Get Traditional in Insadong

Insadong is another busy Pedestrian Thoroughfare in Seoul, where locals and tourists love to visit for a little more traditional day out. In this popular precinct, you’ll see many people, mainly locals dressed in the Korean dress called a “Hambok” and taking dazzling photos

It’s one of the favorite Seoul tourist spots, where you can walk down the alleyways and stumble upon glamorous restaurants which serve a delicious cuisine of Korean foods, go upstairs to a tea house and drink a glass of Korean tea that comes in many flavours, watch the famous street parades and enjoy shopping for Korean souvenirs and porcelains.


places to visit in Seoul.

Head to Insadong for delicious Korean tea.



Lotte World Tower

Completed in only 2017, Lotte World Tower stands at 155-metres in height, 123 levels and is currently the tallest building in South Korea. The building purposes are for office work, a luxury hotel, private residential apartments and a shopping mall, creating a busy few hours in your day during your Seoul trip.

Even from a distance, this stunning building will dazzle you in its appearance as it does look spectacular in its modern design. However, it’s on the Observation Deck from levels 117-123 that will capture your attention, especially when you get up top and witness the best views in Seoul. You may even get the tremors when you look down at the see-through glass and the enormous gap to ground zero.


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Places to visit in Seoul

Don’t look down; it gets scary at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

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