You may think the appeal of heading out to Thailand’s James Bond Island has a lot to do with the Bond 1974 movie, “The man with the Golden Gun,” and you’re probably right. Back then it was used to house Bond’s main antagonist, while Roger Moore used his bag of tricks to bring down the bad guy. Not to mention Britt Ekland, who looked quite sexy as Bond’s leading lady.

Fast forward into the 21st century and not a lot has changed about this stunning island, it still holds its unique appearance amongst other islands in Phang Nga Bay and beautiful women are still the catch of the eye with their modern-day swimwear.

The only obvious difference these days, is that James Bond Island is now bombarded with tourist out to get a glimpse of the showpiece and it is quite commercialised with boats and a row of markets to the rear of the beach. None the less it is still quite spectacular.

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James Bond Island

Just like the 1974 film, beautiful women are still making way to James Bond Island.


The real name is what?

James Bond Island is what it’s referred to these days to attract all the tourist who flock to Thailand, but it may hold some interest to you that the actual name is Ko Khao Phing Kan. The famous tall islet that receives most attention from travellers is known as Ko Tapu.


James Bond Island

I marvel at the James Bond Island, Or Ko Tapu which is the name of the Islet.

James Bond Island

The real name is Ko Khao Phing Kan.


  Getting to the Island

There is only one way to get to the island and naturally, that is by boat. Whether it is in style on a luxury speed boat or the less comfortable Longboats, you will find plenty of day tours around Phuket and major tourist towns in the Phang Nga Province that can give you the Bond Experience. Most cruises to the island depart from The Phuket Marina and is on average about a 90-minute trip. Alternative, if staying on mainland Thailand, there are other departure areas in Phang Nga Bay that will get you to the Island in quick time after a bus trip through the land. Ask the tour agencies on the streets of any town centre for more information on day tours to the island.


James Bond Island

Tourist boats make their way to shore.

James Bond Island

James Bond Island.


  What to do at James Bond Island

Time at James Bond Island is generally limited due to the hectic schedule of a day trip. Therefore, there is no time to waste once you step foot off the boat, here is a few things to do on the island.

  • Take lots of Photos: It is a photographer’s dream and there will be several photos and selfies taken from all sorts of angles and vantage points, especially those higher spots that contain the best views of the Ko Tapu Islet.
James Bond Island

Great photos shots can be found all over the island.


  • Relax in the Sun: Even with limited time, those who desire a sunbake will find opportunity to roll out the towel and enjoy a little shut eye in the Thai heat. Alternatively, for the responsible travellers, there is plenty of shade on the main island, for those who seek a little respite from the heat.
James Bond Island

Take respite in the shade from the Thai heat.


  • Shopping at the boutique markets: It won’t be cheap, but still the markets are neatly rowed along the rear of the beach and sell most of the same souvenirs that can be found on the mainland. It won’t hurt to have a browse, but save the buying for Phuket.
James Bond Island

The markets are alive and buzzing.


  • Have a swim in the Bay: Swimming is a popular option in the calm bay, especially for those who are keen to take the forty-metre swim to touch the famous islet. Otherwise, it is a cool change to have a splash in the water and take more photos of the stunning surrounds.
James Bond Island

Take a swim in the Bay.


It’s Bond – James Bond. You have seen it in the movie, now you can see the popular film setting. Book a trip when you are next in Thailand, enjoy the cruise, enjoy the other islands in the area and most of all, enjoy a great day out with family and friends in near perfect conditions.

James Bond Island

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James Bond Island

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