When creating your Siquijor Itinerary things need to be planned for a mystical destination filled with paradise, potions and waterfalls!


The Island of Fire is one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets! The exotic destination which is located in the Visayas region and is a quick boat ride away from Dumaguete.

Siquijor has much awe-inspiring nature: from tropical white-sand beaches, a coconut-tree lined coastline, fiery red sunsets, and incredible waterfalls, this Island is a must-visit for anyone who loves adventure or relaxation, peppered with some mysticism.

Why mysticism? Well, Siquijor has the reputation of being a land of enchantment, superstition, and witchcraft. Whether you believe it or not, is entirely up to you, but it’s been part of the local culture since ancient times, and it’s rather interesting to see bottles of potions sold in specific places around the Island.

Don’t let that bother you, why would it, many travellers from all over the globe have come to Siquijor Island to enjoy its beautiful beaches and a relaxing ambience.  


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Siquijor Itinerary

Siquijor Itinerary – A Getaway on the Mystic Island of Fire in the Philippines.


Siquijor Itinerary – Holidaying on the Boutique Island of Fire in the Philippines


How Long should you prepare for your Siquijor Trip?

How long should you stay when preparing your Siquijor Itinerary? The ideal minimum of time to spend on the Island is around two nights.

Firstly, you’ll be spending around three hours of travel time on a boat getting here from Dumaguete to Siquijor, plus the thirty-or-so minutes involved travelling from the port to the centre – so you’re going to want to make the most out of your time on the Island away from the actual Siquijor travel time.

Three days and two nights are enough for lounging around and seeing the waterfalls. If you want to be extra adventurous, you could spend a day exploring the entire Island on a motorbike and seeing the Siquijor tourist spots.

Siquijor is a rather large island, so if you want to see more of its remote beaches, then you’re better off staying five days with some time to relax in-between.

That gives you a broad range of choices when preparing your Siquijor Itinerary.  


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The best Siquijor Transportation

Depending on the sights you intend to see, there are a few transport options available to you.

Hiring a tricycle is recommended if you don’t want to drive your motorbike. Tricycles can comfortably fit up to 3 people, and the drivers themselves can take you on tours, meaning there is no need to hire the services of a professional tour company.

Alternatively, you can also rent your motorbike, which is what many travellers prefer. It gives you the flexibility of going where you want when you want on your Siquijor tour.

Petrol stops are commonly found on the side of the road for whenever you need to fill up the gas without wasting too much of your travel schedule.  



Get around to wonderful natural attractions in Siquijor.


Where to Stay in Siquijor

Siquijor’s accommodation options run the gamut. There’s something for everyone: whether you’re a backpacker, luxury traveller seeking a fabulous Siquijor Resort, or somewhere in between.

One thing to make note of while planning, Siquijor hotels get booked out pretty fast; it’s always recommended to make reservations for your stay well before your targeted arrival dates.

Here are some great Siquijor hotels and Resorts to check out for every budget.


Budget price Accommodation:

Tori’s Backpackers Paradise: A Comfortable budget hotel with the basics, it also has WIFI and a restaurant on site.

Lazy Lizard: For cheap hotels in Siquijor, you’ll love LAzy Lizard. The hotel has a bar, garden, lounge and WIFI.

Aloha Seaside: There are great facilities at Aloha’s with a restaurant, tour desk, room service, outdoor pool and WIFI.

Island Casitas Siquijor: A glamping experience with the basics, it has WIFI, bar and gardens.  


Mid-Range Accommodation:

Charisma Beach Resort: A beautiful Siquijor Resort with all the essentials you need with a resort including a well-maintained bar.

Fun-Ta-Sea Resort: Splendid beachfront accommodation, what more could you ask for from a two-star resort.

Oceanview Beach Resort: More affordable resorts in Siquijor with this one having all the essentials needed for time in Paradise.

Islandia Beach resort: A stunning resort with private beach, come for awesome water sport activities.

Bermuda Triangle Bungalows: Luxury Bungalows that has a lovely terrace, gardens and satellite TV.  


High-End Accommodation:

White Villas: A superb three-star resort with a swimming pool, tour office and WIFI.

Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort: A stunning coastal resort that has all the features needed for a holiday in the tropics.

Infinity Heights Resort: An affordable beach resort in Siquijor that has wonderful features including bar, swimming pool and breakfast.

Adayo Cove Resort: Anther two-star resort that will feel like much more with wonderful features for your time in Siquijor.  


Beachside Resorts in Siquijor

You’ll find many Beach-side Resorts in Siquijor.


What to See in Siquijor?

For first-time visitors in Siquijor, you’ll want to see the Island’s main attractions:

Century-Old Balete Tree: In Lazi, Siquijor is a majestic 400-year-old Balete tree, shrouded in mystery and superstition. Many locals believe that spirits reside in the tree, and it certainly has an enchanting feel to it. Next to the tree is a small man-made pond where you can relax for a few minutes as fish nibble on your feet.

Cambugahay Falls: Not too far from the Balete tree is the famous Cambugahay Falls, easily the most popular Siquijor Island tourist attractions. The falls aren’t as high as others you may have seen in the past, but its emerald-green waters and cascades guarantee a refreshing afternoon away from the heat of the sun.

Getting to Cambugahay Falls requires a short downward trek, but worth it. Both kids and adults can also come to swing from a rope tied onto a tree here, for a small fee.  


Siquijor waterfalls

Cambugahay Falls.


San Juan Beach: Most tourist activity in Siquijor is centred on San Juan’s beaches, a white-sand coastline of turquoise seas where hotels are found right next to each other.

It’s the most popular choice for basing oneself since it puts you at an excellent location for quickly accessing accommodations, restaurants, and bars within walking distance.

Paliton Beach: There are many beaches to choose from in Siquijor, though Paliton Beach located in San Juan is among the most idyllic. Framed by coconut trees while powdery white sand caresses your feet, Paliton Beach is nothing short of a paradise for many.

Lugnason Falls: Lugnason Falls may be smaller than its counterpart Cambugahay, but it’s equally stunning and worth a visit. It’s an excellent stop for cooling down after a morning or afternoon spent at a Siquijor beach, and it’s also free to visit.

Insider’s tip: If you enjoy browsing public markets in exotic lands, a visit to the Siquijor Public Market is a must! It’s just a few kilometres away from the port, so be sure to stop by or ask your tricycle driver to take you.

The Siquijor Public Market sells fresh uni which you can enjoy straight out of the bottle with some soy sauce and wasabi (bring your own). Another favourite item to buy here is seaweed, locally known as lato.

This local seaweed is also fondly called “the grapes of the sea” because it features little grape-like nodules that pop seawater into your mouth with each bite.

It’s certainly a taste of the sea; best enjoyed with some freshly sliced red onions and tomatoes.  





Siquijor tour Itinerary

A Siquijor tour Itinerary is not complete without a trip to the beach.


Where to Eat in Siquijor

With many foreign travellers and immigrants in Siquijor, you’re guaranteed an array of delicious international cuisines as well as local food.

It must be said that the Italian food on the Island is authentic, so if you want to enjoy a good pizza and pasta, head over to either Dolce Amore or Marco Polo.

For some healthy bites and vegan delights, great coffee, and brunch, Luca Loko is sure to please. They offer nutritious meals, including smoothie bowls, vegetarian meatballs, incredible squash gnocchi, and much more.

Baha Bar is far from a bar, though they do have an impressive wine and drink selection too. They specialize in traditional Filipino dishes created with a unique twist, and they also have a wide array of European and vegetarian dishes.

A visit to Siquijor wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local seafood. You might find that the best seafood you’ll have on the Island is from small, inconspicuous shacks by the sea.  


Siquijor travel

Fresh seafood anyone? Philippines style.


Enjoy the Siquijor Nightlife

When the sun goes down, the party starts in Siquijor. However, the nightlife here is much more laid back compared to other islands in the Philippines.

Monkey Business always has something fun going on, and it’s also a beautiful chilled-out place to hang out. Island Casitas is excellent for beachfront sunset lounging, and here the drinking often extends far into the night.

Other great places to go for nightlife on the Island include Sylvia’s on Saturday nights and Czar’s on Friday nights. If you prefer to concoct your own drinks and have a few at your hotel or beachfront area, a shop called Quicksilver offers a wide range of boozy supplies.  


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Siquijor Sunset

When the sun comes down, the Siquijor Nightlife begins.


Things to Keep in Mind on your Siquijor Tour

The best time to visit Siquijor is during the dry, summer months from November through May. You’ll have fewer chances of running into rainfall, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches during this period with ideal Siquijor weather to assist you in this time.

Major establishments accept credit cards, but you will need cash for paying for things such as tricycle and motorbike rentals, food in small restaurants, and the pharmacy.

There is an ATM located in Larena, but it’s far from reliable. Before you get to Siquijor, it’s best to bring cash along with you. There you have it, your Siquijor Itinerary! Everything you need to know for a fun-filled tropical getaway to the Island of fire.


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Siquijor tour Itinerary

Prepare yourself with an amazing Siquijor Island Itinerary.

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