A family rush doesn’t get much better than the thrills of a white-water rafting adventure along the Song Praek in the Phang Nga Province of Thailand.

It’s a thrilling White water rafting Thailand experience as you buckle up for the ride and let the experienced guides take charge at taming the shallow river.

It is a mixture of placid waters and terrifying rapids as you crash against the rocks, enjoy the thrills and bumps of rising over the rapids. From the moment is right, you take in the glorious views that surround the river as you opt for either the five or 7km trek downstream.


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white-water rafting

Enjoying the white water rafting in Phang Nga.


Getting to the White Water rafting – Phang Nga – Thailand

  A white-water rafting experience in Phang Nga is as easy as a day trip in the Southern Thai Province, with added benefits bound to be thrown in such as a terrifying zip-lining course, a buffet lunch which is usually at the rafting, and a visit to one of the waterfalls in the area.

You’re bound to have a full-on day.

Day trips to the rafting can be found at all tour agencies on the streets at most tourist towns in Phang Nga, such as Khao Lak and Phuket, which is only a short bus drive away.

All tour companies in the area will pick you up from the hotel.  


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rafting family experience

Be prepared to get wet in the raft.


Is White Water Rafting for kids Safe?

I would recommend the white water rafting age limit for kids to be of the age of eight and over to participate in the trek downstream.

While the rafting organisations in Thailand don’t have specific guidelines on age limits, you would still like your kids to have a basic understanding of the rules while participating in the raft.

It is natural to have doubts when planning a white-water rafting trip for the family, and while there will be a few thrills during the raft, it is relatively tame, and the kids of the appropriate age will get plenty of joy out of the adventure.

Keep in mind, that there are rafting groups available where the guides do all the work and they know the course like the back of their hand. So, don’t forget a little tipping money of around 50-100 baht for their services.  


white-water rafting

Kids of the appropriate age will have a ball.


What to Bring on your Rafting in Thailand

Below, is a list of things to bring with you on your white water rafting adventure. Please note: most places you visit have lockers for any valuables that need to be secured safely.

–  Wet weather gear
–  GoPro
– Waterproof camera
– Sunscreen
– Water shoes


rafting family experience

Bring only the essentials on your trip.


A Gallery of our adventure in Thailand

Below you will see a gallery and a short YouTube clip of our adventure down the river when staying in Khao Lak.

All pictures and videos were taken with a GoPro Hero because you don’t want to take any devices out there with you that is not 100% waterproof.


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