South Korean food is unique in may ways, with strong flavours, a dose of chilli’s and an abundancy of side dishes including the famous kimchi, A Korean meal will never leave you unsatisfied.
On my recent trip to South Korea, I had fortunate pleasure of trying many Korean Foods, either being home made style, restaurants, take away or a satisfying buffet, it was fair to say I was never left hungry. But best part about dining in Korea is that it seems to be a real entertainment, where family, work colleagues and friends gather with their Hite or Cass beer and gather around a table and eat  whole bunch of delicious dishes in front of them. Dinner time in Korea can last hours.
So what was my best dishes in Korea? Well in this segment of top 5 I’ll let you know.

Top 5 Korean Food

1. Shabu Shabu:

A Korean Style, Japanese known dish, this dish was my absolute favourite in Korea. At a stylish restaurant in down town Seoul, I tried my first Shabu-shabu dish and it didn’t let down one bit.

Thinly sliced beef and a mixture of seafood along with various vegetables, dipped into a pot of boiling vegetable stock with added spice , then dipped into a chilli paste sauce, the taste was nothing short of sensational.20160413_152528

2. Korean BBQ

The famous Korean BBQ, thinly cooked pork or beef, grilled on a flame in the middle of the table and into your mouths and while you are at it grill some garlic and onions and eat it eat fresh of the grill. Yummy.

But the best part is, it is a great meal to have with a cold beer.


3. Bulgogi

Marinated beef, grilled with onion, mushrooms and spring onion, along with selected side dishes. A fantastic meal to enjoy and one of the most popular amongst the Koreans people.



4. Sundae

Koreans love their blood sausages and the restaurant I ate in a side ally way in Gyeongbokgung was known to be the best in the area. At my first attempt it was delicious. In a packed out restaurant over lunch time that seemed to only serve one dish, we thought we would give it a try.

Sundae, don’t get it confused with ice cream, as I previously mentioned is a blood sausage but on this occasion we had it s a soup that came with rice and while I was nervous at my first attempt, I was glad I gave it a try as I was in Korea to try Korean.

One of Korea's favourite food, Sun-Dae

One of Korea’s favourite food, Sun-Dae

5. Galbi Tang

I love my soup and this Rib beef soup was no exception. As basic as it comes really. A beef soup and stock along with spring onion and served with rice. Plain but enjoyable nonetheless.