Every day thousands of commuters are spending hundreds of extra dollars on expensive airlines tickets months out from their flights when it is absolutely unnecessary. Sure there are occasions when you need to book last minute flight and it is pretty much hope for the best when it comes to getting a good deal ad the right price.

Only in February I booked an accommodation in Koh Samui, Thailand, a luxury hotel I was able to get on the cheap, then I looked at the flights, school holiday time in Australia, ouch, it was expensive. Everyday I was looking at flights, every single day, going through airlines websites, cheap flights, sky scanner, you name it, bloody expensive. Then only the other day Air Asia came to the party and while they don’t fly directly to Koh Samui, they got most me most of the way and I saved a whopping $1200 to get my me and wife to paradise for our ten year wedding anniversary and all because I played the patient card.

A few tips from personal experiences

  • Be Patient As I said earlier, if time is on your side, let the prices come to you, I assure you the right price eventually arrives as there are a lot of airline carriers out there and you will save a heap of money. That means more to sped on your travels.
  • Early Bird Sign up to email alerts of the various airlines, whether it is a superior airline like Singapore Airlines or budget airline in AirAsia, they all come out with their early bird specials and if you have booked time off work with months to spare, keep a look out for the specials. Depending on the Airline some early bird specials can go as far as 18 months but most up to a year.
  • Frequent Flyer Points For the everyday honest working person, points can seem to take years to accrue and in most instances this is true, but eventually they build up, that is if you haven’t gone spending your points on supermarket vouchers of course.


The few tips I have given are all from personal experiences and it has saved me money. You may have a few tips that I don’t kow about and if you do please feel free comment.

Cheers and Happy Travelling.

Fair Dinkum.