Another trip and a return to Thailand, wild Thailand to be exact, because on this occasion we weren’t exactly treated to sunshine and blue skies that you can expect with the popular tourist Country. This time from the moment our AirAsia flight landed at the Phuket International Airport it was nothing but grey skies and heavy rain.

If the wild Thailand weather wasn’t enough to deter matters, when things finally turned pleasant, I was struck with sickness and bed-ridden for over a day. Tortured luck I say. Then again, I just remind myself that worse things could happen in this world and getting sick is only a pain in the butt.

With the first few days affected by weather and another sick in bed, I was not about to let the situation get the best of me and the first trip to Khao Lak was not going to be ruined, so I soldiered on and made sure I got the most out of the unfortunate circumstances.


family Khao Lak

Family shot at the falls in Khao lak.



Highlights of Khao Lak Diaries – First Edition – Wild Thailand


Where I Stayed

A family trip to Thailand requires a fine family resort, and Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort delivered in spades. Large stylish rooms, hundreds of metres of swimming pools, kids club for the children, an adult only Rooftop Bar and seven dining options of Thai and Western Cuisines.

The resort had a little of everything for everyone, where the kids were spoilt with an array of activities and adults could enjoy luxury with a pampering of the highest of standards. All with a suitable location by the beach with plenty of entertainment happening nearby. Oh, and a two-bedroom hotel room made sure there was a little separation from the kids for cuddle time at night.

Heading to Khao Lak? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels.


Mai Khao Lak Resort

Mai Khao Lak Resort.

Mai Khao Lak Resort

The water slides of Mai Khao Lak.



A little about Khao Lak

Khao Lak is around 90-minutes north of the Island of Phuket, and a lot quieter than its popular neighbour. Khao Lak is known for its wonderful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, a vibrant town centre, relaxed locals and luxury beachside resorts.

If you want a little quiet time in paradise, that is easily assessible, yet still offers everything that makes Thailand great, then give Khao Lak every consideration, because paradise really awaits you, especially if visit during the right time of the year, which is between November and May.


Khao lak beach

Looking good on a Khao Lak beach.


Discovering Beach Towns

Heading out to the beach from the resort, either left or right, it was a surprise to stumble upon a couple of beautifully crafted beach towns, at least that’s what I call them. Anyway, they were simply a delight.

Assessable by foot, these towns are right on the beaches edge, with the Andaman Sea only metres away. The beach towns contains all that you would expect from a small tourist village, restaurants, massage centres, tour agencies, markets stalls and even a currency exchange bank with decent rates. The best bit is the price of food and drinks, you pay about half than at the resort.


Khao Lak Beach town

Khao Lak Beach town.

Khao Lak

A dodgy bridge inbetween a Khao Lak beach town.



White Water Rafting


A fantastic family adventure in the village of Song Prack,  just outside of Khao Lak. This white-water rafting experience is as safe as it gets when it comes to navigating the river with kids (no one in my raft fell out, so that was a positive straight up). A single raft sits four with two guides at either end doing all work, that means you can experience the thrills of the low-grade raft without paddling an oar.

Amongst an adventure with turns, collisions and thrills, sit back and enjoy the ride amongst pleasant scenery and even enjoy a dip in fresh river. After the white-water adventure, there was even a decent Thai buffet lunch, which is included in the package.

Check out some white-water rafting activities in Khao Lak.

Wild thailand

Enjoying the scenery of Wild Thailand.

Wild Thailand

White-water rafting




Sa Nang Waterfall in Phang Nga

It wasn’t what you call a stunning waterfall that reaches any great heights, but a waterfall amongst a Thai jungle is still a refreshing way to spend an afternoon away from the heat.

The Sa Nang waterfall has a refreshing jungle walk amongst the flowing stream of water that is a pleasant sound to the ears, and if you can bare the cold water, it is also a pleasant swim.

Sa Nang Water fall

Sa Nang Waterfall.

Wild thailand

Time for a splash.




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Khao Lak

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