Australia really is a beautiful country, from north to south and from east to west. But, it is the west coast of the Down Under land that is getting precedence here. And for good reason too! Western Australia has everything you could possibly need and want in a travelling experience. To see just what it offers to budding nomads like yourself, and what you should do whilst there, make sure to read on.


Go West

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Go boat cruising

Australian waters are some of the best waters our world has to offer. And the western shore of Australia acts as the gateway for some of the very best Aussie waters, as well as the boat cruises that swim upon them. You could take the Swan River cruise, you could take a boat trip out to Rottnest Island or you could live it up on a Perth party boat. No matter what you appreciate when it comes to cruising on the water, whether it be to relax, whether it be to go on a day adventure or whether it be to party, Western Australia has your covered.



Go Cruising along the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.


Go road trippin’

But, those of who get seasick easily need not worry, you can fully enjoy a Western Australia trip on four wheels (or two) too. Yes, this side of Australia is perfect for road tripping, and it is so because it allows you to see everything that the whole country has to offer. You can travel alongside and even on its famed white sandy beaches and you can travel to a place known as Elephant Rocks and take a dip in the water there, just to name a few of the things that you can do. So, get yourself to Perth, hire yourself a car, and set off on the road trip you’ve always wanted to experience!


Busselton jetty

Go Road Trippin’ to iconic location such as Busselton Jetty.


Go and sample the local delicacies

No travelling experience, no matter how far you go and where you go in the world, would be complete without indulging in the local delicacies of the place in which you visit. So, on your trip to Western Australia, make sure to do just that! Make sure you make use of the nine sensational wine regions that Western Australia has to offer, if wine is your thing, and get tasting and drinking (within reason). And if you find yourself in Northbridge, WA, make sure to  head to Corica pastries and try a world famous apple strudel. By doing so, you might just find yourself a new favourite wine to drink and pastry to eat when back home, wherever home may be for you.

Western Australia really is the place to be for budding nomads out there that are looking for their next big adventure, especially if they want this adventure to be Down Under. But, don’t just limit yourself to visiting to and travelling around Western Australia; no, why don’t you travel around the whole country? And before you do, make sure to check out this true explorer’s guide to Australia.


Perth city

Perth city

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