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There are some destinations that seem to simply have it all. All the sights, all the thrills, all the culture, packed into one place, all while keeping its own identity.

From Singapore to Sydney, they’re the “must-go” destinations that can attract people from all over for a wide range of reasons. With this article, we’re going to look at why it’s time to start counting Peru amongst that lofty list of destinations.


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Peruvian Expedition

Peruvian Expedition Picture  


If you ask anyone what stands about Peru, they’ll run out of air explaining all its oddities and wonders. But before they do, they’re definitely going to mention the food. If you’re a foodie, then this country is going to make you prove it.

There’s roasted guinea pig, raw fish in lime, and grilled heart, so you do need to be a brave eater. But what’s more surprising is how delicious it all is. If you’re looking for a nightcap, then you can’t skip Pisco Sour, the country’s national drink.


History buffs

Naturally, if you’re visiting Peru, Machu Picchu is going to be on the itinerary because it would be ridiculous to leave it off. But if you want to delve even deeper into history, there’s another spot worth exploring.

Chan Chan, near the sleepy town of Huanchaco, are some of the oldest ruins in South America, built by the Chimor over a thousand years ago. With ancient carvings still embedded in the walls, the foundation of this city is crumbling due to erosion, which means this might be one of your only chances to see it.


Peruvian Expedition

Picture of Peru’s Machu Picchu


When you visit Machu Picchu (because of course you will) make sure that you take the scenic route. There are plenty of Inca Trail tours that can take you across the whole four-day hiking spectacular if you have the fortitude for it. It’s incredibly rewarding, too.

There are steep mountainside trails offering a gorgeous view of the river valley, secretive springs nestled amongst the trees and, of course, lots of Inca ruins. A good tour guide can explain as much as we know about these mysterious towns, huts, and temples, but a lot of it is still unknown, which only adds to the allure.


Beach boys and beach girls

As a country on the Pacific coast in some of the best weather (when it’s not pouring) it only makes sense that Peru is going to have some fantastic beaches. The aforementioned Huanchaco offers not only a day-trip to Chan Chan but one of the world’s five International Surfing Reserves.

If you like exploring the sea in style, however, then the capital city, Lima, offers visitors the opportunity to paraglide over Miraflores, the most popular escape from the city. If you’re more of a partygoer, Menorca beach in Piura features the best of the country’s nightlife.


There really is something for just about everyone in Peru, and we haven’t even mentioned the festivals like Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, or the chance to spot the wild condors of Colca. Every time you visit, there’s something new to love about Peru.


Peruvian Expedition

The greatout doors of Peru. picture from Pexels

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