Simply put, Singapore is one of the most organised countries you’ll ever visit during your adventures around the world.

It starts at Singapore’s major airport, which is a breeze to get through, and onwards to the city area which is a tourist dream with many attractions to marvel.

The strict organisation of this fabulous country continues right through with their fine transportation system that makes getting around Singapore as easy as taking a train, bus or car.

Visitors to the Island country of Southeast Asia will love the fact that it’s simple to get to any part of island at all hours of the clock. Even if it’s your first trip to Singapore, you’ll easily adapt to their public transportation and handle the confusing Singapore MRT train system.

For now, it’s time to make a travellers life easier for those visiting the tourist region for the first time, or perhaps need a rehash, by giving you basic advice of getting around Singapore.

Perhaps, you’ll have your preference of using Singapore transport system, and you’ll find the most convenient way of how to travel around Singapore.


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The Marina and Sands SkyPark in Singapore.

Public transport SG will find you many wonderful attractions like this stunner at the Marina Bay SkyPark.


Getting Around Singapore

The first thing to remember when you travel in Singapore, is that google maps is your best friend, everyone will have it downloaded on their smartphone and it needs to be utilised to your advantage when in an unfamiliar location.

Google maps will help you find the best way to get from here to there with a variety of means, whether it’s taking the bus, walking to a nearby location or driving to your destination.

It’s hands down the google maps App and the most convenient travel app with their online and offline versions.

Let’s get into it and find your best on how to get around in singapore.


Upon arrival in Singapore purchase a 4G Sim Card at Changi Airport!


The Singapore Flyer

Perhaps not getting around, but going round and round is kind of a viable yet expensive piece of Singapore transportation.


1. Singapore MRT System is the most Economical way Around

The first thing you’ll want to do upon arrival in Singapore is head to the nearest 7/11 store and purchase yourself a Singapore MRT pass.

Once you have your card, you can top up the Singapore MRT Fare funds using the ticketing machines at all train stations, and with your newly purchased MRT card, Singapore is easy to get around by catching a train or bus to many areas of the island.

The MRT system will seem daunting at first, with many different train lines to get your head around, while you try to work out when to change trains to another rail line.

It won’t take too long to get into the swing of things, and once you do, you’ll find that the MRT transport system is the easiest, most convenient and cheapest way by far of getting around in Singapore.

Positives of the Singapore MRT Pass:

  • The MRT fare is cheap, even the longest trips by train won’t cost over two dollars.
  • Trains run all the time, so if you narrowly miss a train while rushing down the escalator in embarrassing attempts to beat the door, take comfort that the next one is only a few minutes away.
  • The trains stop at several locations, so getting to your desired destination is a breeze.
  • There is a adequate Singapore Airport transport to the door of Changi Airport, so getting to and from the Singapore airport, or vice versa, is no issue at all.


Negatives of the Singapore MRT Pass:

  • Not many to tell you the truth, but let’s be picky for conversation sake. For the average tourist the MRT Transport System can seem a little confusing with different lines running in all different directions. The chances of getting lost or getting off at the wrong station in your early days are probably 100%.
  • The trains are packed, especially during peak times. Be prepared to stand and be huddled close to other commuters while aboard the train. There is usually no respite also, unless you are heading out of the city-centre to locations further away.


A safe entrance onto a Singapore MRT with safety barriers.


2. Catching the Singapore Bus

Using the same MRT card that is used for the train, using a bus in Singapore is another cheap option of navigating the city. If the train doesn’t run to your intended location, the bus certainly will and generally take you right to the entrance of your intended attraction.

Positives of using the Singapore Bus Service:

  • On the streets of Singapore, the buses rule. It assist you perfectly in getting the locations the train can’t get to, especially if it seems a little too far to walk.
  • The Singapore bus routes go to all the popular destinations, so get on the correct bus route, go upstairs of the double-decker bus and admire the view of the big city buildings while travelling to your destination.


Negatives of using the Singapore Bus Service:

  • There are many Singapore bus routes, so it’s important to do your research using the google maps App, which will tell you the bus number you need to catch before hopping aboard. You don’t want to be heading in the wrong direction and wasting valuable holiday time.
  • While the buses run quite frequent, it is not as frequent as the trains, so you many need to be a little more patient while waiting for the next SG bus to arrive.



3. Walking Around Singapore is the best way to view the City

One of the best walking cities in the world and anyone who loves to explore a city at a steady pace with their own two feet may prefer this option.

With many exciting things to see in Singapore travel experience, the walking option is recommended, especially if you want to take a photo or two of the city and capture the city at its best.

If you are heading to your next attraction and it’s a nearby distance, take a stroll instead of going underground and catching the train.

While the train is convenient, you miss a few hidden gems when you travel around Singapore in a dark tunnel. So, stay above board and don’t miss a beating second of what Singapore has to offer.

Positives of walking around Singapore:

  • Singapore is a great walking city and there will be many photo opportunities when having a stroll in the city.
  • A great way to lose those precious calories, especially if you are eating a lot of great food while holidaying in Singapore.
  • It’s great to keep fit.


Negatives of walking around Singapore:

  • Being a hot and humid climate, walking will not be a smart option for everybody. Know your personal limits and how far you need to travel before exercising the option of taking a long walk. Keep hydrated.
  • It naturally takes longer to get from point A to point B than using the Singapore bus service or the MRT system.


China town, Singapore.

Walk the city and find a few hidden gems instead of taking local transport in Singapore.


4. Take the Grab Share (Formerly Uber)

Everyone loves ride sharing and Grab, the Uber of Southeast Asia, is a great way from point A to point B during your Singapore travel and it has convenient paying options.

It’s cheaper than a taxi and a quick way to get to your next destination, especially, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of catching a crowded train.

The best way to go about is to Download the Grab App, register your details – including a credit card, and order your Grab ride with a few swipes on your smart phone, the driver will be at your current location as soon as possible.

Positives of using Grab:

  • Payments are pre-determined when you order your Grab ride through the App, so you can’t be cheated, and neither can the driver.
  • Cheaper than a taxi.


Negatives of using Grab:

  • Grab drivers may cancel on you without notice.
  • Can wait several minutes for an Grab driver to reach your destination due to traffic in the area.
  • You’ll need internet access to order your Grab ride, so being in WIFI access or having a SIM card is paramount.
  • Can be difficult to contact your driver, especially if can not make calls on your phone due to no valid SIM card in the area.



5. Hail a Taxi – They are everywhere

Probably the quickest Singapore City transport option to get to your next destination, because taxis are everywhere.

However, it won’t be the cheapest method, even though Singapore do have quite cheap rates for a taxi ride when comparing it to a country like Australia. In Australia, we’d always recommend using the likes of to simply hire a car, as it will work out cheaper.

It’s important to note when catching a taxi, there are several surcharges in the Singapore, for instance, travelling during peak hours, at night, or catching a Singapore taxi fare from airport to city.

The cheapest time to catch a taxi is during the middle part of the day.

If you’re getting around Singapore, it’s recommend to use a taxi as a last resort, because there are a many better options available. Keep in mind, catching a train is the pittance of the price for one taxi ride.

Positives of getting a taxi in Singapore:

  • Taxis are everywhere, so it’s handy when you are in a hurry and need to get to your destination quickly.
  • Taxi drivers in Singapore will more than likely speak adequate English, so it’s great when you need to explain a few instructions.


Negatives of getting a taxi in Singapore:

  • An expensive way of getting around Singapore.
  • Not a big problem in Singapore today, because it is well organised to stop this from happening, although very few taxi drivers may take advantage of the vulnerable tourist by taking the long route to mount up the bill. On the other hand, some are very informative to the tourist.


Other means of travelling Around Singapore

Other means of transport in Singapore usually centre around the popular tourist location in Sentosa Island, which features Universal Studios, popular beaches and other tourist attractions.

Further means of transport to Sentosa Island, is from Vivo City shopping mall and the options are either walking along the boardwalk to the island, catching a monorail, or reaching great heights by using the cable cars.

That’s it in a nutshell, the best means of getting around Singapore.

It isn’t a daunting prospect at all with so many options available for the tourist, no matter how new you are to the country. All you need to do now is get to Singapore and begin exploring a fascinating country.


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Getting around Singapore

Another unique way to get around the city.

Enjoy you Singapore City Tour with Get Your Guide!

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