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The journey from South Australia’s city of Adelaide to Western Australia’s Perth isn’t a short one by any stretch of the imagination, and you’ll need a whole lot of patience and coffee for the gruelling trip ahead. 

Although, if you have the time for the gruelling Southern Mailand adventure, taking a road trip is well worth it to see all the incredible places along the way, even if you have to go above and beyond to reach a few of these destinations. 


Perth city

Thinking about taking the long haul of an Adelaide to Perth trip, here are 5 Must-See Attractions Along the Way to reach Perth’s city.


Adelaide to Perth trip, here are 5 Must-See Attractions Along the Way!

Inside this article, we’ll discuss five must-see attractions along Australia’s south coast while travelling from Adelaide to Perth.  


Flinders Ranges 

Right out of Adelaide, the first place you must stop and explore is undoubtedly Flinders Ranges. With the impressive rugged views, flourishing wildlife, and deep Aboriginal history, there’s something to impress every type of traveller. 

The remains of a massive mountain range, known as Wilpena Pound, can be explored by land or air and down the road from Wilpena Pound, you can explore Sacred Canyon, a stunning gorge covered in Aboriginal engravings.

Alternatively, you can spend the night in one of Rawnsley Park Station’s Eco-Villas, located just south of the Pound, making it the perfect base for exploring the Ranges at a leisurely pace. 


Esperance Stonehenge 

For a unique experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, stop by the town of Esperance’s very own Stonehenge. As a full-size replica of the original Stonehenge in Salisbury in England, Esperance’s Stonehenge stands as it would have looked almost four thousand years ago.  

All 137 stones were quarried just 1 km away from the site in 2011, making it a truly local attraction. If you happen to be there during the Summer or Winter Solstice, you’re in for a treat. At sunset in winter and sunrise in summer, the henge puts on a show by aligning perfectly with the sun shining through the altar stone.  


Torndirrup National Park

Along the Rainbow Coast lies the stunning beaches and rocky outcrops of Torndirrup National Park (known as Torgadirrup to the Aboriginal people of this area). One of the most popular walks in this area will take you to The Blowholes. If the swell is high, water will be pushed into a crevice within the granite rocks, creating a loud, impressive sound. 

The Gap is another popular destination; you can venture out onto a platform that allows you to hang over an ocean cliff and look down at the tumultuous sea below at this superb destination. 


Valley of the Giants

Though impressive, much of the journey between Adelaide and Perth – especially Nullarbor Plain – is rugged, rocky, and deserted. As you get closer to Perth, you’ll find yourself in a lush green forest full of towering Karri and Red Tingle trees, known as the Valley of the Giants. 

For those without a fear of heights, the Tree Top Walk is not to be missed. Here, you’ll get to climb 40 meters up into the tree canopy and enjoy the majestic view as you walk along the steel bridge trail. A huge bonus is that this trail is wheelchair accessible. If you’re more comfortable with your feet planted firmly on the ground, there’s a forest floor trail as well. 


Margaret River

As you near Perth, make sure you stop at the Margaret River wine region to explore one of the many fabulous vineyards and enjoy a food and wine tasting. I mean, there are hundreds of vineyards to visit.

Another way to pass the time away in Margaret River is to visit the impressive limestone caves. Lake Cave is one of the four major caves in the Region and has a permanent lake with crystal clear reflections that should not be missed. Mammoth, Jewel, and Ngilgi caves are incredible and well with a visit along the way.  


Margaret River, South West

Prevelly Beach just outside Margaret River, Australia.


Arriving in Perth

After almost 30 hours of driving, you’ve made it to Perth, the long haul complete. After a long time on the road, perhaps the first thing is to stop for a drink at a waterfront bar and put in a few beers overlooking the picturesque Swan River.

From there, after you have had time to relax, you can make plans to see Penguin Island and stop by one of the many impressive museums before heading on to your next adventure in the Perth Region. There is plenty to see and get excited about.


Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert, a couple of hours north of Perth.

James Bond Island

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