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Take a look at these beautiful affordable beaches in Cebu. It would be best if you didn’t miss these beaches in the popular Philippines destination.

Cebu is a popular choice for travellers seeking abundant tropical travel experiences while holidaying in the Philippines and seeking the best beaches of Cebu

The city centre can get hectic with traffic, but several excellent Cebu beaches around the island promise an exciting day out. Or, if staying longer, enjoy relaxation at one of the cheap beach resorts in cebu available to the tourist.

It’s an area well-known for being one of the best destinations in the Philippines (and Asia) for diving, but there are ample opportunities for snorkelling and relaxing.

While in Cebu, be prepared to indulge in some of the freshest, most delicious seafood because Cebu is known for its beaches just as much as the local cuisine, and you’ll find fresh seafood in all the beach destinations.

No one does pork better than the Cebuanos – so don’t leave without trying lechon or roast suckling pick hailed by Anthony Bourdain as the best pig in the world while you rest and do the best things to do on Cebu Island.


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affordable beaches in cebu

These are the affordable beaches of Cebu that you shouldn’t miss.



These are the affordable beaches in Cebu that you shouldn’t miss.



Only minutes away from the city centre is Mactan beach, which is one of the best beaches in Cebu City and is separated from the main island by two bridges. Mactan’s coast also has many resorts, from five-star accommodations to smaller dive resorts, when you feel like staying a little longer.

Mactan beach is accessible from the city via a taxi or Uber, and if you aren’t booked at one of the beachfront hotels, you may enjoy the private beaches of a resort by paying a small entrance fee since there are no public beaches nearby.


beaches in Cebu

Mactan beach in Cebu, Philippines.



Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is home to some of Cebu’s most beautiful white sand beaches and clear azure waters. The island, which spans 51 square miles, has several beaches but is the most popular choice for travellers in Santa Fe.

If you had to choose one island in Cebu to visit, make it Bantayan Island – you wouldn’t regret it as it is one of the best beaches in Cebu! The vibe is laid back, and you’ll rarely see droves of tourists except during Easter.

It’s perfect for a romantic or soul-searching holiday where most of your time will be spent lazing around the beach or reading a book.

There are no luxurious hotels on Bantayan island; most are in the budget and mid-range category, so it’s highly recommended for price-conscious travellers.

There is also the option of taking a day trip to Virgin island. A 30-minute outrigger boat rides away from Bantayan island, whose postcard-picture beaches will blow you away.


affordable beaches in Cebu

Relax at Bantayan Island.




Malapascua is an island in Cebu famous in the international diving community for the thresher shark dives in Monad Shoal. Divers from all over the world come to Malapasuca to experience this once in a lifetime event.

Gato Island is another popular dive spot known for the white tip sharks and an incredible underground tunnel. However, Malapascua also has much more to offer, even if you don’t dive.


Cebu sunset

Sunsets will be your favourite memory in Cebu.


Next, on your list of affordable beaches in Cebu, we head to Bounty Beach. A gorgeous white-sand beach with turquoise waters and bountiful coconut trees lining the shore.

Bounty Beach has several resorts to choose from and small bars and restaurants that are perfect for enjoying an ice-cold San Miguel beer while taking in the views.

Lighthouse Beach in Malapascua is excellent for snorkelling; the main attraction here is the shallow Japanese wrecks featuring the remains of a ship that has turned into an artificial reef.

Kalanggaman Island is worthy of a day trip from Malapascua; just 2 hours away by boat is a stunning, bright white sandbar where there’s nothing else but a patch of coconut trees.

Many consider Kalanggaman Island to be one of the most beautiful in all of the Philippines, but due to the complete absence of any tourist accommodations or facilities, make sure to bring your food and spend a day relishing the sea and sun.


beaches in Cebu

Enjoy fresh seafood in Cebu.




Moalboal is another excellent choice for divers and travellers who enjoy the occasional snorkel. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across an elusive sea turtle, but the marine life in Moalboal is too good that it would be a big mistake not to go on at least one snorkelling trip.

From colourful corals to fish of all sizes, you’ll be captivated by what you’ll find underwater.

The two main areas of Moalboal are White Beach and Panagsama Beach. White Beach is quiet and relaxing; there is no nightlife, but the beaches and sunsets are spectacular.

White Beach is a good option if you’re looking for a tropical paradise to disconnect and get away from it all.

On the other hand, Panagsama Beach is a little busier, dotted with several dive shops, bars, restaurants, and small resorts. Enjoy a cocktail at Panagsama while watching the sun go down from one of the many beachfront bars.

However, one of the most exciting attractions in Panagsama Beach is the famed sardine run, where millions of tiny sardines form a big cluster.

You don’t need to dive to experience the sardine run and the best part is that it’s not too far from the shore, so snorkelling will do.


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five beaches in Cebu

Relax in the crisp white beaches with gorgeous palms.



Camotes Islands

The Camotes Islands are four islands: Ponson, Poro, Pacjian, and Tulang. Considered a little more off-the-beaten-track, the Camotes Islands are pristine but require some effort to get around.

These islands are well-loved among travellers for their unspoiled beauty, sparkling blue waters, and beautiful white sand.

The quiet shorelines invite you to sunbathe and enjoy some R&R with a cold beer. Among these four islands, their many beaches to see; some of the most beautiful is the Bakhaw Beach and Santiago Bay.

If you’re visiting Pacjian, take an afternoon trip to see the tranquil emerald waters of Lake Danao, a 700-hectare body of water whose romantic ambience makes it a favourite destination for lovers.

That’s a wrap of some of the beaches near Cebu City; all you need to do now is book a luxury holiday and spend time in Paradise.


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five beaches in Cebu

Enjoy the peaceful blue waters in Cebu.

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