The amazing Ang Thong National Marine Park of Koh Samui is heaven on earth and waiting for you to explore the beauty that lies in the Gulf of Thailand.

In your travels, you often come across beauty so wonderful you can not put into words. The sort of beauty that can only be provided through the natural wonders of the earth that lie in front of you, where witnessing such gorgeous landscapes makes you grateful to be alive, especially in the modern times of what can be described in as harsh realities of life, but also providing an extraordinarily beautiful world.

The Ang Thong Marine Park in Thailand is 42 picturesque islands grouped together in the Gulf of Thailand, a tourist location where the scenery is breathtaking, the nature & the surrounds is mesmerising and the experience inside Ang Thong is simply an unforgettable experience as you get the opportunity to cruise, hike, kayak and fall in love with the breathtaking Ang Thong National Park.


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Ang Thong National Marine Park

The beautiful Angthong! Have you been there?


Getting to Ang Thong National Marine Park

From the Island of Koh Samui, there are many tours available to get to Ang Thong, whether it is a slow cruise where you get the opportunity to take things slow and appreciate all around you or a luxury speed boat that gets you where you need to go much quicker and in style. For all types of cruises, there is a range of group tours or private tours available to the tourist and at a range of affordable prices to suit various budgets.

When I travelled to the gorgeous Marine Park, I went on an Island Tours with an old long boat. The slow boat wasn’t much too look at, but it was one of the cheapest tours going around that went for about $70 for the day. The tour included a full day of sightseeing, a tough hike to amazing views, kayaking between islands, snorkelling n the shallow waters at the creatures of the sea and a decent buffet feed at lunchtime.

A side note, avoid booking any tours through your resort, you’ll almost pay double, book a tour through a variety of travel agency that is situated on the streets of Chewang. 


Ang thong marine National Park

Cruising to Ang Thong.


When To Travel to Angthong Marine Park

Tours to the National Park are available all year but try not to ruin the experience by going on a wet or cloudy day where the conditions of the ocean will provide a rough day and on occasions the amazing Ang Thong views just won’t be the same and can provide the ultimate romantic escape when travelling in Asia.

Make sure that you plan for the trip as close to the day as possible by checking the weather forecasts for that particular day and book your awesome Samui tour for a sunny day. You won’t regret it doing it with patience and tours are not usually sold out even if you only book a day before your planned trip.


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sun smart

Who wouldn’t be happy with a view like this?


What to do inside the Ang Thong National Park

Whenever you choose to take an Ang Thong National Marine Park Tour, there is a range of things to do in a days tour during any day, crazy fun activities in the great outdoors of Thailand are from the following:


  • Hiking: It may not be the longest of hikes but it can still be quite demanding, especially when you climb to the peak of the Wua Ta-Lab Island to capture the best view of Ang Thong. It starts off easy but the further you ascend the steeper it gets before too long it begins to get tougher on your foot as you cling your way to the top. It#s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who can’t physically make it, there are other lookout areas during the trail.
  • Kayaking: An incredible picturesque Kayak, and one of the best kayaking experiences I have been on. Sitting on your kayak with your lover upfront in the Gulf of Thailand and surrounded by beautiful islands, is one of the best things you#ll do during your Samui holiday. Kayak tour varies from tour companies but ultimately you are going from one island to another and finishing on the beautiful white beaches of Ang Thong. It is simply stunning.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: Depending on the tour company you choose from, scuba diving could be an option for you if you are into that kind of thing, you will find that all tours offer snorkelling at no extra charge. it may not be extreme snorkelling, but having a look at the coral below the waters with the small fishing dodging and weaving their way around while you swim will create further excitement during your Mu Ko Ang Thong day tour.


Now all you have to do is get to amazing Ang Thong Koh Samui yourself and see for yourself why it is truly one of the world’s most beautiful Marine National Parks to visit in your lifetime. It promises to be an adventurous and scenic trip.


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Kayaking Angthong

Kayaking in the Ang Thong Marine National Park is a thing of beauty.

Hiking Angthog

Hiking in Angthong Marine National Park. to great scenic views.

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