I used to cringe at the idea of a money belt wrapped around my waist. Buckling the trend of the fashion society and seemingly looking out of place.

How wrong I was, or shallow I had been!

A travel money belt is becoming an essential part of modern-day travel, where you are susceptible to petty crime in an unfamiliar and crowded environment.

While many countries are safe to visit, with the friendliest people, you’ll ever meet. There are still thugs out there who resort to a life of crime and leave you hanging high and dry.

The hidden money belt is essential for carrying around your valuable items of cash, credit cards, and passports. After all, it’s best advised not be susceptible to thieves.

Now let’s go travel shopping at Amazon and have you all prepared for the next adventure with the best travel money belt in the market.


best travel money belt

Keep Secure On Your Adventure Abroad With The Best travel money belt. 



The advantageous of purchasing the best travel money belt

It’s only occurred to me lately that how advantageous the waist wallet is, the pesky thieves their work cut out to get your hidden valuables.

Therefore, don’t think you’re a victim of the fashion police with the hidden wallet around your waist. It’s never a bad idea to look after valuable, which is essential to you.

Let’s take a look at a few positives of the best travel money belt:

Fits conveniently around your waist: The money belt fits comfortably around your waist and is easily accessible to get your cash when wanting to purchase a product. All belts purchased have an adjustable strap, meaning, one size fits all.

Keep your cash and cards safe: The money and cards are safe when locked inside a travel money pouch. Meaning you can run around the unfamiliar destination with a secure mind.

If you purchase the right belt with sufficient storage room, it’ll mean, your more valuable items of phones and passports are safe too.

RFID Protected: The scammers are out there and can strike at any time. There is no need to purchase a belt without the RFID protection and most in the market will have it.

It’s another of those security checks you don’t need to worry about when roaming the world.


Purchasing the best travel money belt on the Amazon Market

It’s worth to note that any product purchase by clicking on the clicks below through the Amazon Affiliate Program, may earn me a few dollars from a purchase you make. It won’t however, come at any further cost to you, the consumer. You can read more at the disclaimer.


Slim Minimalist Design Money Belt

It’s a simple design but useful.

The Slim Money Belt has the functional capacity and ample room to fit your cash, credit cards, passports and other essential documents. Even the larger items of a smartphone or power bank.

The Slim Money Belt will keep all the belongings safe from those pesky thieves and has an RFID Blocking card to keep the credit cards safe from scammers.

You can purchase the Slim Minimalist Design Money Belt from Amazon with this link!

Australian customers click here!

travel money belt

Venture 4 Money Belt


Premium Travel Money Belt

The Premium Travel Money Belt has two zipping closure pockets to ensure your valuables are safe on the road.

Capacity is also not an issue, with enough space to store expensive items of phones, passports, and of course, your cash.

The travel money wallet is also comfortable, water-resistant and RFID protected.

You can purchase the Premium Travel Money Belt at Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!

Premium Travel Money Belt

Premium Travel Money Belt.


Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket

A money belt of a different variety, because this belt wallet appears to be a standard belt for your trousers, however with a difference.

While the travel security belt won’t protect your more important items of phones and passports, it has a safety stash within the strap to secure your cash. It’s also made of premium quality and will last for many adventures.

You can purchase the Travel Security Belt from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers Click here!

Travel Security Belt

Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket.


ARSSILEE Travel Money Belt

The Arssilee money belt is multifunctional for travel and exercise with holes in the compartment to listen to music through the headphones while moving about.

The money belt has enough capacity to carry your smartphones, cash, passports and even an extra pocket to secure a water bottle — crazy right.

It’s the ideal for when you’re always on the move for various reasons, and you need to keep those small items stored away.

Purchase your ARSSILEE travel money belt from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers Click here!

Best Travel Money Belt

ARSSILEE Travel Money Belt



Tarriss Money Belt for Travel

Protect everything important with the Tarriss Money belt and travel with comfort and peace of mind.

The Tarriss is RFID protected to keep the secure items of your passports and credit cards scan free. The waist straps are comfortable and adjustable to fit any size and is worn in a variety of ways, including around your waist or across the body.

You can purchase the TARRISS Money Belt from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!

 Money Belt for Travel

Tarriss Money Belt for Travel.

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Keep secure on the road when travelling with your family.


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