When you think of Macau, you think of the Vegas of Asia.

A highly-vibrant destination where you go to spend money with the high hopes that you’ll be coming home with a fortune, yet most hopefuls who visit Macau, rarely achieve that feat in what is a devil’s game.

There is more to life in the high-octane destination of Asia than chancing your luck at the roulette table.

In fact, you could easily enjoy a Macau day trip, only spending money on food or accommodation, and visiting a whole range of attractions that can provide you with a list of free things to do in Macau.

They are attractions that’ll keep you on your feet all day, even at times a little bedazzled by a few of Macau shows you’ll witness on the streets or in the casinos, because Macau is a vibrant destination that entertains their guest all around the clock.

Now, with all these things to do in Macau for free, let’s not waste another minute of your time and get you enjoying your stay while spending as little money as possible.


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things to do in Macau

Free things to do in Macau include enjoying the beautiful structures of the Casinos.


Free Things to do in Macau



Wander through the Casinos on Macau – It’s not only about Gambling.

Casinos are meant to be about spending big and traditionally that is the case.

However, like most significant casinos around the world and they lure the tourists through the front doors by offering free dazzling entertainment.

you know it, you become foolish enough to go and spend your hard-earned money on gambling, hotel rooms and fancy restaurants. The experience is no different during your Macau travel experience.

For example, at Wynn Macau, you can capture a variety of shows every half-hour at the Rotunda, the Dragon of Fortune is especially a dazzling five-minute event.

From there, you’ll have the chance to go outside and witness a fountain show at the Performance lake which is better seen under the Macau lights at night.

At Venetian Macau, you’ll love to wander through the Shoppes at Venetian. Naturally it’s expensive, but to take in the atmosphere of the Venetian area is amazing while enjoying the sights of little Italy, and watching Gondola rides flow through the water with Italian Opera Singer at full voice. There are also a few street style entertainments happening in the Venetian at various times of the day.

It is only scratching at the barrel on what is on offer inside Macau Casinos, because there are so many to see, with each Casino offering their style of entertainment to take full opportunity of the phenomenon, which is Macao tourism.

Top 5 Casinos in Macau

  • Venetian Macau
  • Galaxy Macau
  • Wynn Macau
  • Wynn Palace
  • MGM Cotai


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Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

Macau Activities are better under the Night Lights

Macau is spectacular under the night lights, and you can be mesmerised by walking the streets at dark and seeing the buildings, the hotel and lavish Casinos all lit up at night.

Free entertainment is available when out and about, whether you’re taking in the atmosphere on the streets, before checking out a few freebies shows in the Casinos.


Macau activities

Macau looks even better at night.



Explore the crowded atmosphere at Ruins of St Pauls

Macau famous landmarks include the ever-popular Ruins of St Pauls, you know, the famous church that is now half standing due to a big fire caused by a typhoon back in the year of 1835.

While tragic back in the day. What remains of St Pauls, established in the 17th Century, can only be described as a tourist phenomenon. Every year millions of travellers make their way to one of the popular Macau tourist sites to have a glimpse of the church from afar or up close after.

After ascending the steps to the church and the wave of tourists in the way, you can discover a large number of facts about the church. It’s disaster and history timeline upon entering the through the entrance the Ruins of St Pauls.


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Free things to do in Macau

The crowds make their way to the Ruins of St Paul.

Go Hopping between Cathedrals and Churches

To find a famous Church in Macau may not come to the forefront of your mind during your Macau Itinerary. However, you don’t need to have a religious mind to appreciate the beautiful architectural designs of the buildings, because there are plenty and they look sensational on the inside and out.

Throughout the hidden streets of Macau, there will be many Cathedrals and churches to find, whether you’re meaning to or not.

There is the Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady, the St Dominic’s Church, the Macau Diocese, the Igreja De Santo Agostinho and naturally, The Ruins of St Pauls, to the only name a few of many religious sites in Macau.

Top 5 Churches and Cathedrals to see in Macau:

  • St Dominic’s Church
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady
  • The Ruins of St Pauls
  • Macau Diocese
  • St Laurence Church


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Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady

Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady.


Enjoy Macau Sightseeing walking the streets

Get out those walking shoes and explore the city the way you are meant to because it’s guaranteed that you’ll come across something beautiful or something hidden throughout your Macau trip.

Without any prior planning, you may come across the famous Margaret’s Café e Nata. A bakery where tourists will queue up for miles to have a bite of their famous egg tart.

You’ll wander down to Jerky Street, where you guessed, beef jerky is on sale wherever you look with plenty of free samples handed out.

There is a little walking strip dedicated to delicious Asian soups. The lines are long, but it’s worth it to have a fulfilling bowl of soup in your hand, and you’re devouring all the flavours.

It never stops in Macau. You have bakeries in all corners of the city, retail outlets for the latest clothing designs, coffee shops and historic buildings. You’ll also stumble upon a few famous Macau tourist spots like the famous Fisherman’s Wharf’s neatly located along the Harbourfront.


Macau guide

Walk the crowded streets of Macau.


Take in the Macau Sights at A-Ma Temple

A temple to the Chinese Sea Goddess, the A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest temples in Macau that dates back to the 15th Century and is still an active place of worship among the locals or tourists who venture to the Sao Lourenco situated temple.

The A-ma temple is a variety of structures that ascends a slope, meaning there will be a few steps to navigate along the way as you wander through the maze of A-Ma temple.

It’s fantastic to look down over the temple from above and admire the sculptures and artwork on display. You can even admire the Inner Harbour towards Mainland China from a high vantage point. It certainly is one of the must-see places to visit in Macau during your time in the City.


A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple in Macau.

Take in a little bit of Portugal with Macau Historic Sites

It’s a well-known fact that Macau once had been colonised by Portugal before it was handed back over to China in December 1999. With that, there is a strong Portuguese architectural presence throughout the city with many historical places in Macau.

You can wander through the heart of the city and take in the sites of Senado Square, a vibrant area that consists of a paved town square with European style buildings.

Travellers love checking out the tourist places of Senate Square (another name), purchasing a few cherished items in the market stalls or the retail outlets situated along the pedestrian thoroughfare.

Historical Places in Macau continues far and wide. You have the Taipa Old market that sells your usual arts, craft and cherished souvenir items.

There are the Guia Lighthouse and Monte Fort which dates back to the 17th Century. With tourist eager for a photoshoot of iconic Macau sites, and you can capture one of East Asia’s first theatres, the Dom Pedro V Theatre.

However, during your Macau tour, you’ll find many Historic Sites in Macau while walking the busy streets. Make sure your camera is fully charged because you don’t want to miss the perfect picture while ut and about.

A selective list of Macau Historic Sites to check out:

  • Ruins of St Paul
  • Guia Fortress
  • Monte Fortress
  • Senado Square
  • Taipa Old Market
  • Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • Holy House of Mercy


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Senado Square

Senado Square.



Ride for free on the Macau Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses are everywhere in Macau. That is because most hotels and casinos offer a free shuttle bus service between the Macau Ferry Terminal, shopping malls and other Macau tourist attractions. Hotel chains may have an association with major Casinos in Macau, whether it’s in Macau proper or Cotai Island for the use of their shuttle bus also.

The best part about these services is, you don’t need to be a guest at their hotel to ride the bus. You can stand in any queue, get on the bus upon arrival and take a journey to your next attraction without paying a cent.

Therefore, you can ignore the taxis stands or the overcrowded public buses and move freely through the tourist destination. Whether you’re taking a shuttle bus from Venetian Macau to Senado Square or back to the Ferry terminal on your way to Hong Kong.

It’s just another of those complimentary perks of the many free things to do in Macau.

While the lure will always be to the fascinating Casinos, remember, there are many other places to visit in Macau that don’t require you to spend any money.


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Macau Itinerary

Free entertainment is alive on the streets of Macau.



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