Incredible and Fun Things to do in Lantau Island – Hong Kong

Incredible and Fun Things to do in Lantau Island – Hong Kong

When you’re looking at adding fun activities to your hecic Hong Kong Itinerary, Lantau Island instantly comes to mind as a magnificent tourist spot in the East Asia Destination.

Lantau Island is beautifully set up as one of the best tourist islands in Asia. A superb setting where new and old attractions come together and bring a wave of tourist from all over the world.

There’s plenty to get excited about too with a range of things to do in Lantau Island, including a magnificent theme park, a giant buddha and the mesmerising views from inside a cable car.

For that very reason, one day on the famous Island of Hong Kong is never enough, nor possible, which you’ll understand further into the article.

Therefore, get out your map of Lantau Island HK, because there’s a schedule in your itinerary needs’ attention, and whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!


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Lantau Island attractions

Experience culture and religion on Lantau Island – Hong Kong.



Things to do in Lantau Island

Lantau Island attractions are a big winner for Hong Kong Tourism, with significant tourist places situated on the Island.

While other big attractions in Victoria Peak and Tsim Sha Tsui catch your desires, the lure of Lantau is a real, whether you’re going alone or travelling in a group.

The places to visit in Lantau Island Hong Kong add up.



things to do in Lantau Island

Incredible and Fun Things to do in Lantau Island – Hong Kong.



Getting to Lantau Island

The most convenient way of getting to Lantau Island is via the primary MTR system in Hong Kong on the Orange Tung Chung Line.

To stop at Disneyland, you get off at Sunny Bay MTR and take the Disneyland Express train to the Main Gates where a fun day awaits.

To go further into Lantau Island to the Ngong Ping Cable Cars, you travel to the last to stop at Tung Chung MTR and the cable cars are nearby.

The other way to Lantau Island includes going by either car, bus, taxi or Uber and crossing the bridge from Hong Kong to Lantau Island.


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Lantau Island Disneyland

The happiest place on earth! Many describe it that way, and Disneyland on Lantau Island fits the bill perfectly.

Disneyland provides a fun outing for families and other travellers, seeking an epic day trip in Hong Kong’s biggest drawcard.

The energy starts once you exit the Disney express train and enter through the main gates. What awaits is a Main Village of souvenirs stores, restaurants, cafés and fun parades are taking shape throughout the busy day.

Once you’ve caught up with the hype in the Village on Main Street, a world of various themes awaits with Adventure Land, Toy Story Land and Tomorrow Land, a few of the star attractions to visit.

The fun never stops with dizzying rides within the themes, and throughout the day you’ll queue for incredible shows, including the magnificent Lion King performance and the Mickey and the Wondrous Book musical.

In the evening, Disneyland’s appeal grows in the dark as the lights kick in to create a new atmosphere of stunning effects.

Incredible street parades take place with the We Love Mickey Projection Show, a fantastic cartoon sequence shown from the buildings, with Mickey and Minnie appearing on stage.

The evening events cap off the one day in Disneyland Lantau Island to perfection.


A lot of times one day is never enough, and a second return might be on the cards. To save money, you can always buy affordable tickets through Klook and scan the E-tickets at the gate for entry.


Hong kong Disneyland

The train goes by at Hong Kong Disneyland.



Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Island Cable Cars

One of the best views in Hong Kong will come courtesy of your Ngong Ping 360 Cable Cars experience.

It’s advised to make the best of the views and scenery by visiting on a clear day. The views from the sky are breathtaking throughout the trip as you ascend over the highlands and into the Ngong Ping Village.

Along the way, you’ll soar above the Hong Kong Airport and see the planes arriving or departing. You’ll witness magnificent views of the harbour below and the approaching mountains upon your ascent.

When you get over the hump, the Tian Tan Buddha reveals itself and looks spectacular as you descend into the Ngong Ping Village.

The ideal way to ride on the Cable Cars is to purchase your tickets online through Klook, where you’ll find the cheapest Ngong Ping 360 price. You’ll even find a separate queue for Klook Users, which is generally quicker.

On the queues, there’s quite a waiting period, and patience is of virtue. It’s best advised to arrive early and to make the most of your day on the Ngong Pin Village side.



Hong Kong trip

A Hong Kong family trip to Ngong Ping includes a ride on the cable cars.



Ngong Ping Village

The Ngong Ping Village is the first place you see upon getting off the cable cars. A vibrant tourist strip with travellers browsing the shops and taking in the atmosphere.

Things to do in Ngong Ping include a variety of activities, entertainment, cafes, restaurants, and retail outlets situated throughout pedestrian thoroughfare.

You’ll also capture fantastic photo opportunity moment while exploring the Ngong Ping Village with a range of festivities happening anytime throughout the year.

The best view from the Village takes place when the Tian Tan Buddha appears for the first time from ground zero, and from that moment, it never leaves your sight.

The Lantau Buddha looks sensational in the mountain backdrop and the lure to arrive Tian Tan is intense, as you continue towards its presence upon departing the Village.


Ngong Ping Village

The Tian Tan Buddha, as seen from Ngong Ping Village.


Tai O Fishing Village Lantau Island

A short drive from Ngong Ping Village is the oldest fishing village of Hong Kong, Tai O Village.

The Tai O Fishing Village is one of the most popular Hong Kong attractions and is best explored by boat as you roam through the waters of the traditional Village and see the folk who live and work at Tai O.

It’s a mesmerising journey which is best taken during the sunset hours, for when dusk approaches you can see more brilliant Lantau Island views.


You can partake in an exciting kayaking Tai O Lantau Island tour with Klook and see the very best of the famous Fishing Village.


Tai O fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village.


Po Lin Monastery

The Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery sits opposite of each other and is a famous Buddhist attraction founded by three Chinese Monks in 1908, and originally named, The Big Hut.

The Monastery changed to its current name of Po Lin in 1924, and it’s fascinating to walk through the magnificent structure and marvel at the beautiful architectural design and sculptures of the Buddhist attraction.

Many local and tourist love to come to Po Lin for prayer time and to light a candle.



Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery.



Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island stands high and mighty at the top of 268-steps. Which appears a whole lot more from the bottom as you look up to begin your ascent.

A short history, completed in 1993, the gigantic Buddha statue was made in dedication to harmonise relationships between man and nature. It’s also one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world.

Tian Tan is free to ascend the steps to the top and discover more stunning views of the Lantau area. It includes a close-up shot of the shadowing Buddha and other sculptures during your stroll around the Buddha.

However, to appreciate the Tian Tan Experience, you can go inside the exhibition halls, for a dining experience and view more art and sculptures for a small Tian tan Buddha admission fee.



lantau island HK

Tian Tan Buddha.



Hiking in Lantau island

Hiking in Hong Kong is a common trend with many adventurous trails to enjoy and take in the magnificent sights while exploring.

Lantau Island HK is no exception as a popular hiking area for those who wish to spend a few hours on their feet and enjoy the scenery around the Island.

The significant trails for hiking Lantau Island include the Lantau Trail, Olympic trail, Sunset Peak Trail and the Ngong Ping 360 trail when you choose to go on foot rather than on the cable cars.

The distance of hikes varies from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on how keen you really are to get about the Island.

For further information, you can check out more great trails of Lantau with this link!



Other attractions in Lantau Island Hong Kong

The excitement never ends on Lantau with more fascinating and cultural things to enjoy while keeping active in the outdoors.

There is the Wisdom Path which is a series of wooden columns dedicated to the verses of Heart Sultra and sits at the foot of Lantau Peak.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a small hike on the Eastern side of Tai O and witness amazing panoramic views from the Lion Hill, Elephant Hill and Tiger Hill.

The Lantau activities add up, the only question is, how long to spend on the famous Hong Kong Island?


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Lantau Island Hong Kong

Get ready to explore Lantau Island.

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Hong Kong Day Trips which are Simply Eventful and Unforgettable

Hong Kong Day Trips which are Simply Eventful and Unforgettable

Hong Kong is the gift that keeps on giving to travellers.

It may be an East Asian Destination small inland space compared to its neighbour in China, but it’s big in terms of fascinating Hong Kong attractions that’ll delight any tourist to the region.

Hong Kong day trips are a common theme because once you leave your hotel room after a fulfilling breakfast, you won’t be back to your room until dark after exploring a specific area throughout the eventful day.

Choices were plenty with my family trip to the famous Region, Mainland China and the fabulous Shenzhen City on one side, and the unbelievable Macau a ferry trip away, day tours from Hong Kong were eventful, yet exciting.

However, you don’t always need a passport to enjoy the best Hong Kong Day Trips with Lantau Island, Tsim Sha Shui or a hike at Lion Rock to keep the local adventures rolling.

Therefore, why don’t you take out your notepad and pen and get ready for upcoming Hong Kong trip.


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Hong Kong Day trips

Enjoying the very best of the Hong Kong Day Trips.


The best Hong Kong Day Trips which are Eventful and Unforgettable


An active day at Disneyland

I have only been to one Disneyland in my life and let me tell you this. If the other Disney’s are as good as the Hong Kong edition, then I have been missing out in a big way.

You have to forget the price for a moment because you’re not going to visit Hong Kong all the time, and once you enter through the gates of Disneyland, you are in for an epic day out that will last well until the sun has come down.

A fun adventure is a sure thing while you explore different worlds in Disneyland such as Adventure Land, Toy Story Land and Tomorrow Land, to name a few of the various themed lands available.

While out & about enjoying the sights of the glamorous theme park and experiencing the many dizzying rides, you’ll also get side-tracked by Live shows throughout the day, with Festival of the Lion King and the “We Love Mickey” projection show, a must-see event.

You’ll love the atmosphere along Main Street, where it’s a carnival all day long and into the night, with plenty of parades and live events taking place. It’s the central location where you’ll find the best Disneyland souvenirs and buy a bite to eat for lunch, although there are many specialty restaurants located through the park.

If you are seeking the cheapest tickets to Disneyland, you can’t beat Klook, which provide fantastic one-day passes and meal vouchers. You’ll save plenty of money purchasing through this method, especially if buying multiple tickets.


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Hong Kong Disneyland Review

We are walking along Main Street in Disneyland Hong Kong.

Take in the glitz and the glamour of Macau

I would recommend more than a day in Macau to fully utilise the destination’s tourist places which consist of many casinos, heritage buildings, cathedrals and lively street thoroughfares.

However, when the time doesn’t suffice with your crowded Hong Kong Itinerary, a Macau Day trip will be more than enough to get around the glitzy city, and there are ample opportunities to get a lot out of one day trip to Macau from Hong Kong.

A great way to see the best of Macau is via the Hop-on Hop-off bus service which will take you to all the best attractions which include Venetian Macau and the Gondola rides, Galaxy Macau, The Ruins of St Paul, The Fisherman’s Wharf and The Macau tower to mention only a few.

Because, with this intended purpose, you’re only spending one day in Macau, you’ll want to stay until dark and check out the great nightlife of the vibrant area as the casinos take centre stage with gambling, live shows and an epic night out of drinking and fine dining.

Don’t fear about the missing the last ferry, the last cruise back to Hong Kong will depart Macau Ferry terminal at midnight, and if all else fails, the first-morning boat will leave at 7 am, meaning, you could turn it into an all-night bender.


Best things to do in Macau

  • Wynn Macau
  • Venetian Macau
  • The Ruins of St Pauls
  • The Cathedral of Nativity of our Lady
  • The A-Ma Temple




Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

A Ferry trip to Cheung Chau

The picturesque Cheung Chau Island is the one the best attractions to visit during your Hong Kong trip.

Especially, when you have had enough of the busy city area and want to head to the perfect island that offers culture, excellent seafood feast and a tiny bit of tropical life with stunning beaches and seaside bars.

Cheung Chau is around 50-minute Hong Kong Island by Ferry, meaning it makes the perfect Hong Kong one day tour, where you can enjoy several hours to see plenty of the main tourist places during your day trip.

Once on the active island, you can wander through the township with stacks of marketplaces for souvenir buying, and you’ll also find many cafés, including McDonald’s, where you can rest up with a hot or cold drink of your choice.

For all the seafood lovers out there, I am sure there is many, in Cheung Chau, there are many seafood restaurants that comes with great views and makes the perfect opportunity to drink cold beer, enjoy a good feed and take in the atmosphere around you.

Other things to do in Cheung Chau include fun in the sun at Tung Wan Beach, viewing hidden temples that appear at random, witness the Mini Great Wall, be genuinely mesmerised by extraordinary coastal views and check out the best lookout points on the island that oversee Cheung Chau.  

Best places to see at Cheung Chau

  • Mini Great Wall
  • Tung Wan Beach
  • Pak Tai Temple
  • Cheung Po Tsai Temple
  • North Lookout Pavilion



Go on a Cheung Chau Island Discovery tour with Klook!



Cheung Chau Island

A day trip to Cheung Chau Island.

Cross the border to Shenzhen City – China

If you’re going on a Shenzhen day trip from Hong Kong, be sure to follow the steps of obtaining a China Visa with this helpful article, or you could end up like me and in a world of confusion wasting valuable Shenzhen City time.

All ended well eventually to get our Visas, and we made our way across the border for our Shenzhen day trip. Although for a smoother path, you must catch the Hong Kong train to the Lok Ma Chau MTR, which is the main border gate with a Chinese Visa office to Mainland China.

For our day in Shenzhen, it was quite limited, but we appreciated the affordable cost of everything in the city, from fantastic dining prices to transportation by train around the city. It is that much cheaper than Hong Kong.

For your time in Shenzhen, a few places to consider visiting is the Ping Am Financial Centre, the fourth tallest building in the World, and a magnificent Observatory Deck, which sits at 562-metres in height.

Other things to do in your Shenzhen trip is to visit the Splendid China Folk Village, Overseas Chinese Town and Lianhuashan Park, amongst many more vibrant attractions.

Things to do in Shenzhen

  • The window of the World (ice skate & Ski Resort)
  • China Folk Village
  • Ping Am Financial Centre
  • Mai Po Marshes




Ping An Financial centre

Ping An Financial Centre in Shenzhen.


Stay Central and explore Hong Kong Island

Sometimes the best day trips during your holiday are those you don’t have to travel too far to reach, even closer, if you are in fact, staying on Hong Kong Island.

A lot of your time on Hong Kong Island will take place at Victoria Peak, a famous tourist area where you can catch the Victoria Peak tram to the popular tourist destination and capture the best views over the stunning Victoria Harbour.

To continue your presence at Victoria Peak, you make your way to the Peak Tower for shopping, dining, amusements and an Observation Sky Terrance with excellent 360 views of Hong Kong. You can also keep fit at the Peak with many walking trails to take in more of outdoor fun in Hong Kong

Away from the Peak, at Hong Kong Island you’ll be able to wander many luxurious Shopping Malls with top-class dining, enjoy horse racing at Happy Valley and have a splashing fun day at Ocean World. You can wander along the Promenade to catch a glimpse of Tsim Sha Tsui on the other side of the Harbour, and capture the dazzling Symphony of Lights show which takes place at 8 pm every evening.

After the light show, you may want to go to one of the rooftop bars in Hong Kong, and enjoy a few drinks with sensational views over the city.


Things to do on Hong Kong Island

  • Victoria Peak
  • Happy Valley Racecourse
  • Ocean Park
  • Causeway Bay
  • Stanley Market
  • Golden Bauhinia Square




Hong Kong family trip

The Symphony of Lights show.

Enjoy the adventure and culture of Lantau Island

Yes, Disneyland is on Lantau Island, but it’s not feasible to explore the other parts of Lantau Island and visit Mickey Mouse and friends at Disneyland on the same day.

Therefore, I recommend that you catch a train to the island a second time and check out the rest of the stuff going on at Lantau.

The best way to continue your Hong Kong Tour on Lantau Island is to catch a train MTR Tung Chung Station, that is the home of the Ngong Ping Cable Cars, where you can have an excellent cable ride over Lantau and witness more incredible Hong Kong views.

The best way to purchase the tickets for the cable cars is to buy through Klook; it means you’ll not standing in lines longer than is necessary, because the wait to get on the cable cars can take a while.

Once you admire the views from the Cable Car and arrive on the other side at Ngong Ping Village, another world awaits you with a fascinating cultural Village, where you can eat a variety of local foods and purchase a few Ngong Ping souvenirs.

Once you are past the Village area, it’s time to check out the giant Tian Tan Buddha that has caught your attention early during your time at Ngong Ping. The Tian Tan Buddha sits on top of 268 steps, and the views up top are quite incredible as you look over the Village and the Po Lin Monastery below.


Things to do on Lantau Island

  • Ngong Ping Cable Cars
  • Ngong Ping Village
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Lantau Trail (hiking)
  • Po Lin Monastery


Enjoy a Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and Lantau Tour with Klook!


Ngong Ping Village

The Tian Tan Buddha, as seen from Ngong Ping Village.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Review for Families – The Happiest Place on Earth

Hong Kong Disneyland Review for Families – The Happiest Place on Earth

The happiest place on earth, it may sound cliché, yet I can’t help but ponder that feeling when thinking back on my first visit to Disneyland of any kind around the world. For this occasion, on a busy family trip to Hong Kong, the smile wouldn’t leave our faces at any time during a day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Perhaps, I have shown my cards a little early; it’s quite clear that my Hong Kong Disneyland Review will be of a positive response. Primarily due to the fact, I found the day to be everything I had hoped it would be when taking my family of four the famous theme park. It was a special day out with the family, and it provided plenty of laughs, thrills, screams, excitement and plenty of positive energy for all.

Let’s delve into the Hong Kong Disney Review and cover them all the best bits of the famous amusement park. Included in the review will be the best advice for purchasing tickets, the best bits inside Disneyland HK and the entertainment factor of keeping the family on edge throughout the whole day into the colourful evening.


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Hong Kong Disneyland Review

We are walking along Main Street in Disneyland Hong Kong.



An Overview of the Hong Kong Disneyland Review



Purchasing Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets through Klook

In the lead up to the trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I researched the cheapest fares, and without a shadow doubt, Klook provided the cheapest Disneyland HK tickets. Whether you’re chasing a one-day or the two-day pass.

To Purchase Hong Kong Disneyland tickets through Klook is very convenient and easy too. Once you have bought the tickets online, the tickets are added to your Klook smartphone App or email inbox, and therefore, you scan the E-ticket at the gate upon entry.

If you have purchased a pass with the veal vouchers included (highly recommended), once inside Disneyland, go to the very left of the entrance gates and the meal vouchers tickets will be presented to you upon scanning your E-ticket. If any problems, the staff at Hong Kong Disneyland and the happy team will be able to assist you.


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Hong Kong Disneyland

Get ready for a fun day out in Hong Kong at Disneyland.



Spending the day at Hong Kong Disneyland

If it’s only one day you plan on spending at Disney, make the very most of the day by squeezing every possible minute of that day and getting full family enjoyment.

Arrive early at the opening time of 10 am, get yourself settled-in quickly by grabbing a map and other information, and prepare yourself to stay at Disney HK until dark. When the sun goes down is the time the dazzling Disney lights come on, and further street parades are happening along Main Street.

Once you arrive back at your hotel to end the exhaustive day, you’ll soon be asleep upon your head hitting the pillow. However, the time of your Hong Kong Disneyland trip will be more than worth it when you think back about the positive memories which will come from the eventful day at the happiest place earth.


Hong kong Disneyland

The train goes by at Hong Kong Disneyland.



The best way to Navigate the Hong Kong Disneyland Map

To navigate the Hong Kong Disney map and to make the best of your precious time in a single day, where to start will not simple as you’ll soon see when entering through the Disney gates.

For me upon getting through the chaotic action along Main Street, I started left at Adventureland and kept going around the park to different fabulous themes like Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land and continuing in a clockwise direction until I reached Tomorrow Land which will lead you to Main Street.

Throughout the day, it’s essential to check the session times for the live shows that are happening at various times throughout the day and plan your day accordingly around the fantastic performances.


Disney HK

Try and not get lost when visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong.



The Main Highlight of Disneyland Hong Kong

Festival of the Lion King: Every time you visit a major attraction, amongst all the things you see and do, there is that one event that sticks out on top of the others. On this occasion, it was the spectacular Lion King performance, which left the fondest of memories.

The Festival of the Lion King takes place in the Adventureland segment of Disneyland and is situated close by to the rear of Main Street. The show consists of everything which is included in the original movie, yet it’s a much-condensed version, with the performers acting, singing and dancing to the famous story throughout the impressive 30-minute performance.

If you’re anything like me, you won’t help but get stuck into the famous Lion King tunes such as, I can’t wait to be king, The Circle of Life, can you feel the Love tonight, and my ultimate favourite, Hakuna Matata.

Perhaps, The Festival of the Lion King was my favourite for sentimental reasons, the show brought back childhood memories, but it was much more than a trip back in time, the whole show had you entertained from start to finish, with a  classic relived in front of your very eyes.


Disney Hong Kong

The Festival of the Lion King.



The Best Bits of a day at Disney Hong Kong

Main Street: It’s essential to leave a great first impression in life, and that’s precisely what Disneyland does along the lively Main Street.

It’s the entertainment hub where the street parades take place; souvenirs can be purchased in retail shops, snacks are bought and the location where you can meet a few of the famous Disney’s characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Naturally, the Atmosphere along Main Street is always electric, there are so many people situated in the area, and long queues are guaranteed when waiting for a Starbucks Coffee or a bite to eat; however, you’ll be waiting with a smile.


Disneyland Hong Kong

Main Street Disneyland.


Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars: The look on my son’s face said it all when on the excellent Big Grizzly ride, a dizzying experience that had you making loops, going fast forwards and going at speeds in a crazy backwards direction.

It’s a thrilling Hong Kong Disneyland ride and worth the wait in line to get the lungs all worked up for a few screams of terror.


Grizzly Gulch ride

Going at speeds on the Grizzly Gulch ride.



“We Love Mickey” Projection Show: The “We Love Mickey” show takes place at night, otherwise it wouldn’t work, and it truly lights up the night sky. The Disney event starts with a projection show off the buildings in Main Street, with dazzling cartoon effects.

The Projection Show concludes with Mickey and Minnie Mouse making a grand entrance at the beginning of Main Street on a high stage, with lots of waving kissing to the cheering audience below.


“We Love Mickey” Projection Show:

“We Love Mickey” Projection Show.



Take Flight with Ironman: With two Marvel fans at my side, going on the 4D Take Flight with Ironman ride was simply a not a choice, it was compulsory.

We picked up out Starkvision Glasses at the entrance, before settling into our seats and buckling ourselves in for a 10-minute adventure ride to save the world. Throughout the shaky Marvel ride, we had the chance, along with Iron Man, to save the world from mass destruction. Well, the boys loved it.


Mickey and the Wondrous Book: If you enjoy all those Disney songs, then you’ll love the “Mickey and the Wondrous Book, performance.”

The show is a series of songs from many famous Disney movies, including Frozen, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and many other hits you’ll get to sing along to during the 30-minute performance.


Mickey and the Wondrous Book

Frozen time with Mickey and the Wondrous Book.


Tarzan’s Treehouse: I Love the outdoors, and that’s why I loved taking the Tarzan Raft across the water and exploring the Tarzan Treehouse, also getting a birds-eye view of the surrounding area in Disneyland HK.

Once in the treehouse, after disembarking the raft, you can climb through different obstacles, explore the wonders of the treehouse, listen to the sounds of the jungle and admire the scenery that is on show inside Tarzan’s Treehouse.


Hong Kong Disney

A raft ride over to Tarzan’s Tree-house.


Fairy tale Forest: Again, it’s nature at its finest, and this time you’re wandering through a magical garden forest where you will stumble upon different Disney themes such as Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Tinkerbell.


Fairy Tale Magical Garden

Wandering through the Fairy Tale Magical Garden.



Hong Kong Disneyland Food Experience

Dining options are aplenty at the Hong Kong Disneyland with many different and fun restaurants located throughout the Theme Park. You can eat at the Starline Diner, enjoy the beautiful views at Riverside Café, or get Festive at the Clopins Festival of Foods, to only mention a few of the restaurants available.

Our meals were included in the package we had bought through Klook, which covered both lunch and dinner, including a popcorn snack to pick up through our adventures in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Purchasing the meal vouchers through Klook will save you plenty of money, instead of buying the meals separately at Disneyland, and the best thing about the meal vouchers is they are valid at most restaurants inside the Theme Park.


Click here to Purchase your Disney Pass and Meal Vouchers through Klook!


Hong Kong Disneyland review

Snacking on the run at Disneyland.



A Conclusion to the Hong Kong Disneyland Review

The happiest place on earth, you bet you it is, at least the Hong Version. We spent over ten-hours exploring the gigantic theme park, and while we were buggered after the day, we left with fond memories and plenty of smiles to go with it.

Remember, if you want to purchase a cheaper ticket, check out Klook for sensational Hong Kong Disneyland Prices. For now, you can check out the gallery below for more pictures of our day out.


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 Disneyland Hong Kong rides

Fun Disneyland Hong Kong rides will be the biggest hit for families.

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When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

If you only had time enough in your busy schedule to spend one day in Macau, what would you do in those precious hours?

Would you rush over to as many Macau attractions as possible and take a glance at each unique attraction.

Alternatively, would you elect to see a handful of must-see attractions during your Macau day trip and further appreciate the best of what Macau has to offer during your limited time.

There is no right or wrong answer when making the decisions for your Macau trip and whoever tells you there is, have not got their facts right. For Macau tourism is full of epic attractions, lively Casinos and a vibrant pedestrian thoroughfare that are available to all the tourists who venture into the busy East Asia destination.

From someone who has spent a little time in Macau, let’s discuss the best of both worlds for travellers who need to make a choice. For when you only have a single day in Macau, let your Fair Dinkum Traveller help you to work out the right travel path that may suit each traveller’s requirements.


Maybe you are seeking a little longer than a day in this vibrant destination, Find a good Macau hotel on!


things to do in Macau

When you have one day in Macau – What do you do?


When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

Let’s discuss your Macau Itinerary and make the most of your limited time in the busy Asian destination. 


Why would you only spend one day in Macau?

Macau in one day, why would you? I would recommend at least three-days, but time can be of the essence, and you may well just be tempted to tick Macau off the travel bucket list. Therefore, a day trip may be the only viable option for you this time around.

Generally, a Macau day trip will come about because you are holidaying in Hong Kong or a neighbouring city in Mainland China and you are looking to catch the Macau ferry and check out the sights of the neighbour across the ditch.

The great news is, when coming to tour Macau from Hong Kong, the first ferry will depart from Hong Kong Island at 7 am, and the last boat will leave Macau just before midnight, which makes it easy to squeeze in a lot of events during the day of Macau sightseeing and capture the stunning nightlife during your one day tour in Macau.


Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Catch the Hong Kong to Macau ferry for your day trip.



Have a Macau Bus tour with the Hop on Hop off Bus

Hop on hop off bus tours is a great way to see many cities around the world and on this occasion. It’s even more helpful, especially when you only have one day to get it right during your Macau travel adventure.

The Macau sightseeing bus can take you to 16-different locations including the significant glamorous casinos, the Macau tower, A-Ma Temple and St Ruins De Paul to name only a few of fantastic Macau attractions.

If you are interested in the Open Top Bus Tour, you can find the cheapest tickets with Klook and have your ticket at the ready on your smartphone and begin enjoying the fantastic Macau City Tour during your day trip.


one day in Macau

Get excited when you visit Macau attractions.



Making the most of the Popular Macau Attractions

If you were to narrow it down to the five or six attractions you need to visit and spend a little extra time at, it had me thinking what would be ideal to recommend when visiting the favourite Macau tourist spots. It’s not an easy feat with so many excellent places to visit, but I did my best.

Before I do carry on, you need to remember that free shuttle buses are the way around the area, with most casinos, hotels, shopping malls and other noteworthy attractions having their shuttle bus going to and from destinations. You don’t even have to be staying at a particular hotel to use their bus services; you get on the bus and head on over without charge.

More than likely you’ll start at the Macau Ferry Terminal and head over to attractions like Venetian Macau or Fisherman’s Wharf, from there, you’ll be able to interconnect with most Macau tourist attractions.

Major Macau Attractions to visit:

Fisherman’s Wharf: Fisherman’s Wharf is the closest attraction to the Macau Ferry terminal and is a waterfront location of entertainment, fine-dining restaurants, retail outlets for a little shopping and hotels.

Macau City: The main Macau city area is full of life, vibrancy and pedestrian thoroughfares where you can explore astonishing heritage buildings such as Senado Square, see the stunning architectural designs of the churches and Cathedrals, wander down the beef jerky lane for free samples and catch the ever-popular The Ruins of St Paul.

A-Ma Temple: The A-Ma temple is an impressive Chinese Buddhist temple of unique design, with beautiful religious relics, astonishing structures and a calm atmosphere in amongst a jam-packed city.

A pick of Glitzy Casinos: It’s hard to narrow it down to one casino because there are so many out there that you could have your very own Macau casino tour in the process. To narrow it down a little further, Casinos that need to be on the list, that is not all about gambling, is Venetian Macau with the romantic Gondola rides and the Galaxy Macau which is a theme park within a casino. Both of those Casinos are in the Taipa area of Macau at it will be easy to visit both on your day trip.

The House of Dancing Water: When you have one day in Macau, the House of Dancing Water is a must-see performance show that will blow your mind a way. It’s a circus-like performance of adversity, love and friendship. In the meantime, you’ll be mesmerised by the layout, the all-around acting and the acrobatics are a standout throughout the 85-minute performance. If you are keen on seeing the House of Dancing Water, you can buy your tickets through Klook.


The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water.


What’s your Choice?

The choice is yours and yours only to make, there are plenty of options to make the most of your one day in Macau and plenty of hours to do it in where you’ll be able to create incredible memories of your time in Macau.

How would you spend your day? Or have you already had a Macau day trip? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below of how you have fully utilised your single day in Macau.


Check out this helpful guide of beautiful attractions to visit in Macau!


Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

Check out the best of Macau with these great tours!

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Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited

Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited

The East Asia adventures continued from Hong Kong, this time, visiting one of the unique destinations I have ever been to in my life, Macau.

With only three days in this vibrant destination with the family, the schedule was hectic visiting several Macau tourist attractions.

Macau tourism is literally in your face from the moment you get off the Macau ferry, with neatly dressed women in their high shorts handing out flyers to the casinos they represent.

It’s at that moment; you realise Macau is a real adult destination with gambling, a vibrant nightlife and mesmerising Macau shows that are a hit with the public. That being said, Macau is certainly suitable enough for families too.

However, the nightlife and casinos are just a small part of what Macau attractions represent. Plenty is going on with old Portuguese Heritage Buildings, the busy city streets which endlessly leads you to the best Macao attractions.

When it came to finding out what to do in Macau in 3 days, our family entertainment never ended. By the time the trip concluded, it’s fair to say we were exhausted hopping from one place to another.

If you only have a few days in your Macau travel schedule yourself, follow this similar itinerary, because I can assure you that it’ll work for you and there are plenty of things to do in Macau that won’t cost you a dime.

Let’s check it out; Fai Dinkum Traveller’s very own special edition of Macau Diaries.


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macau tourist attractions

Go with the crowd and visit the mesmerising Macau tourist attractions.


Macau & Hong Kong Diaries: The Top Macau Tourist Attractions we Visited



How to Get to Macau from Hong Kong

Catching the Hong Kong to Macau Ferry is the best way to travel between the two destinations, and it’ll only take about an hour of sailing through the waters to arrive at your destination, whichever way you are going.

I have written an in-depth article of the Hong Kong Macau Ferry system, which you can read with this link.

In a nutshell, there are two ferry companies TurboJet, and Cotai Water Jet. Each ferry departs or arrives at the Hong Kong- Macau Ferry Terminal and travels between the two main Ferry terminals in Macau.

All ferries run regularly throughout the day, so don’t have to worry about missing out on a ride, with the first ferry usually departing either terminal at 7 am and the last boat of the day leaving just before midnight.

The cost of a ferry can vary depending on class, but tickets usually go from HKD$160 for an adult.


Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

The Hong Kong Macau ferry will get you between the two destinations.



The Macau Hotel we Regrettably Stayed in

Luckily, we only stayed in Macau for two nights, because the disgusting cigarette smell in our non-smoking room at the Emperor Hotel was deplorable, that the huge money we spent for this particular Macau Hotel would have had us going crazy.

The hotel had all the fundamentals to be brilliant, and for some tourist, it would be the case. The hotel had big and clean rooms, and there were complimentary snacks in the mini-bar fridge.

The hotel served a substantial buffet breakfast, had a free shuttle service to the Macau Ferry Terminal, and a central location, with proximity to the Macau Casinos and other Macau best attractions.

What was the problem?

The problem and this is a big problem. When you pay AUD$314 a night for a non-smoking room, you expect the odour not to wreak of that horrible stench which was constant throughout our stay.

Upon complaining about the strong smoking odour in the family room to staff, they insisted the room is smoke-free, although it’s located on a smoking floor, and the smell tends to get through the vents.

Call me crazy, but that seems to defeat the whole bloody purpose of a non-smoking room if the smoke can filter through from other rooms, not to mention the cigarette butts in the ashtray provided near the elevator.

Unfortunately, there was not much else to do but to put up with the stench. As I said, we spent two nights in Macau, and we didn’t spend a heck of a lot of time in our hotel room.

If you are looking for great hotel rooms in Macau that is hopefully a perfect fit for you, check out for great rates.


Macau hotel

The Emperor Hotel – Macau.



Macau International Parade

How fortunate we were to arrive in Macau on the very same day that Macau International Parade was happening.

An annual event in December that celebrates Macau’s handover back to China from the Portuguese, and aren’t the streets humming on this festive day.

It started at the St Ruins De Paul and ran through the busy streets of Macau, bypassing many Macau attractions in the process.

The streets were lined up deep with proud locals and curious tourist, to capture the festivities of the day, as various organisations showed off their skills and danced through the street providing fantastic entertainment and colour to the dazzled onlookers.

By accident, we got to witness the event, and by golly, it was fascinating to see the happy people participating in the parade or passing by and capturing the festivities of a proud nation. It kicked off our Macau trip in excellent style.


Macau Itinerary

Free entertainment is alive on the streets of Macau.



The Ruins of St Pauls – A Famous Macau Attraction

The Ruins of St Pauls is one of the top 10 macao tourist attractions and is undoubtedly one of the hottest Macau tourist spots to see during your visit.

I’m sure in your research, you’ve read about the famous church which was almost wiped out during a typhoon in the year of 1835, leaving a half-standing church you see today.

What remained a tragedy back then is now a tourist goldmine, because what is now standing of the Ruins of St Pauls, and gathers millions of tourists every year.

Keen travellers march their way through the busy streets to view the ruins and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the half-standing church.

From the moment you climb the steps of the church to the top and by-passing many other visiting tourists.

You can wander through St Pauls and discover historical facts about the church. Read about the horrific disaster and even take a few selfie photos in amongst the crowd of tourist, because everyone else is doing the same thing, so why not you too.


Macau trip

Away from the crowds – Inside the church that is the Ruins of St Pauls.

Walking the streets of Macau

In the main Macau City area, things liven up with tourist attractions popping up all over the place, while having the chance to be your very own Macau Tour Guide.

I found it fascinating to walk the streets and discover an area dedicated to delicious Asian soups, another strip dedicated to Beef Jerky with free tasting samples and finding good bakeries shops located through the city. The famous Margaret’s Café e Nata made the delicious egg tart, and the waiting lines could be quite excessive.

It’s through the city walks you’ll find churches, the Ruins of St Paul, Historic Macao attractions and other tourist places along the way by random. It’ll never hurt to get your hands-on a Macau Map to assist you in your travels.


Macau city

The streets get a little crowded in Macau.


Wander through the Historic Senado Square

The Historic area of Macau tourist spots continues to liven up on the busy streets with Senado Square. Once again, you’ll need to put up with the crowds, but that’s life during your Macau City Tour.

It’s a real Portuguese flavour to Senado Square, offering plenty of photo-taking opportunities of the Heritage buildings which make up the famous Square.

Inside you’ll be able to do shopping at a variety of retail outlets or market stalls, enjoy a delicious cappuccino at a nearby café’ or sit down for a delicious meal in a top restaurant.

The atmosphere is through the roof at Senado Square, so take your time to enjoy it and take everything in slowly; it’ll only make you appreciate it more.




Senado Square

Senado Square.

The Churches of Macau – There are Plenty

I could tell you about every church or cathedral I attended in Macau, but I’ll either bore you or require a separate blog post as my memory begins to test me.

Catholic Churches are common in Macau, and quite often you are stumbling upon them by accident while making your way around the city or even the backstreets.

A few notable churches we saw during our Macau trip, taking away the obvious of The Ruins of St Paul, is the Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady, Macau Diocese and the St Domini’s Church.

However, enjoy a self-tour at your will and see what you find when discovering unique things to do in Macau.


Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady

Cathedral of the Nativity Of Our Lady.


The A-Ma Temple

The picturesque A-Ma Temple is one of the Oldest temples in Macau, dating back to the 15th Century and many people come to the temple for further Macau sightseeing and to worship if that is what their beliefs happen to be.

The A-ma temple ascends a slope of steps showcasing various structures along the way such as buildings, artwork and religious relics that are seen throughout your brief journey in the famous temple.

You’ll also come across great views from a higher vantage point that overlooks the Inner Harbour towards Mainland China.


A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple in Macau.

Wynn Macau – Casino

I visited Wynn Macau on a couple of occasions, mainly because this mega-casino was situated so close to our hotel.

It’s also an elegant Macau casino that offers entertainment, classy restaurants, expensive retail shopping and a range of café’s/bars for a quiet drink.

Of course, it had the regular gambling areas in the games room of slot machines and roulette tables, but I chose not to participate.

My favourite part at Wynn Macau was at the Rotunda. An area located at one of the entrances, with a quick five-minute show appearing every half hour, of either The Tree of Prosperity or the amazing Dragon of Fortune.

Another show would look outside the main lobby area of Wynn with the Performance Lake, a fountain show that appears every 15-minutes and is even better during the night.


Wynn Macau

The Dragon of Fortune ignites the guest at Wynn Macau Casino.


Venetian Macau – Casino

For the remainder of the Macau trip, before returning to Hong Kong by ferry, we spent several hours in the Taipa area of Macau with attractions such as Galaxy Macau, The Wynn Palace, The Parisian and many other fabulous tourist locations.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit all the Macau places, but we did make our way to Venetian Macau.

You know the one, the casino known for its fabulous Shoppes at Venetian, an indoor city which gives you a taste of little Italy, and the ever-popular Gondola ride with the sounds of Italian opera singing.


Venetian Macau

The gondola ride at Venetian Macau.

The House of Dancing Water Performance – Must See Macau Show

While browsing through the Klook travel App at a few of the tourist attractions in Macau. I stumbled upon the House of Dancing Water, a dazzling performance which had incredible reviews.

While this particular Macau show is not cheap, especially for a family of four, we went about booking the tickets through Klook and saved a few dollars in the process.

I’m glad we saw the performance because the whole event was mesmerising from start to finish and it had the entire audience hooked from the get-go.

The House of Dancing Water is what you would call a circus act, but with a great story of love, friendship and perseverance.

In the gripping story with a duration of around 85-minutes, there are fantastic dance sequences, acrobatics from great heights, and even a motorbike spectacle which dazzled everyone in the audience.

The most amazing part of this performance is how the main stage keeps turning from a pool of water to a stable platform in the blink of an eye.

Everything about the Water Dance was five stars, from the epic love story, the amazing choreography, the transformation of the stage and the sublime individual performances from the actors and dancers involved in the show.

Yes, five-stars and to anyone visiting Macau, make sure you are getting a ticket to the hottest show in town. You won’t regret it.


What we unfortunately missed in our Macau Trip

Three days in Macau is obviously not enough, nor is it enough in most destinations around the world.

Therefore we missed a few Macau attractions in the process. Like a few of the mentioned Macau Casinos in Taipa, The Macau Tower which we saw from a distance and the famous Fisherman’s Wharf.

They’re the breaks when travel is for a short time. However, didn’t stop us having a trip of a lifetime with many positive experiences in the process, and a few setbacks along the way (curse that hotel).

Macau is a unique Asian destination I have ever visited, and at the end of the day, I’m glad I chucked it on the bucket list.


The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water.

Enjoy a full day in Macau with these Awesome day tours!

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Hong Kong Day Trips which are Simply Eventful and Unforgettable

Cheung Chau Island – Escape the Big City Smoke of Hong Kong

Cheung Chau Island is a refreshing change of pace on your Hong Kong holiday from the moment you depart the big city smoke by ferry and set sail to an island attraction that offers something different, is a little more aged and provides a slice of paradise in the ever-popular East Asia destination.

It’s evident from the moment you step off the ferry, and you’re in a different part of Hong Kong that instantly grabs your attention with the magnificent harbour views stacked with anchored commercial boats.

There are rows and rows of pedal bikes lined up along the fenced area and a unique township which is certainly as far from modern you can get, with each building in Cheung Chau seeming like they need a little brush over with paint.

It’s those points exactly that get you excited about spending the day or a few days in Cheung Chau Island, and not to mention, your chance to hit the beach for your fun in the sun and to get in some much-needed holiday tan while relaxing on the sands of a Hong Kong Beach.

In saying that, what makes this island so fascinating for tourists all around the world? Let’s find out shall we, in this in-depth guide to Hong Kong’s favourite boutique holiday destination, Cheung Chau Island.


Find a few Cheung Chau Hotel options at!


Cheung Chau Island

Mesmerising views take over Cheung Chau Island.



Cheung Chau Island – Escape the Big City Smoke of Hong Kong



Getting to Cheung Chau Island

At the end of the day, unless you are travelling by private boat, there is only one way to get to the island, and that is to catch a ferry to Cheung Chau from Central Pier No.5 on Hong Kong Island. Which ferry you decide to pick is entirely up to you.

There are two primary choices of options with the Cheung Chau ferry and for both options, you can scan your Hong Kong Octopus Card to board the ferry. You can also pay for a ferry ticket at the booth if you don’t have the public transport card and it will only cost you a little bit more.

  • Firstly, you can catch the slow ferry, which takes approximately takes 55-60 minutes from Central to Cheung Chau. The cost using your Octopus Card is from HK$13.20, which is deducted from your balance.
  • The second option is to catch the fast ferry to Cheung Chau, again from Central Ferry Pier 5. It’ll cost you from $25.80 on the Octopus Card and will take approximately 35-40 minutes to get to the island.

From a personal point of view, who used both the fast ferry to Cheung Chau and the slow Ferry back to Central, take the slow ferry, it’ll only cost you 15-minutes more on time and save you almost 50% in fees, the money saved all add up when travelling with a group of people.

You can check out the Cheung Chau Ferry Timetable with this link.


cheung chau ferry

Arrive at Cheung Chau by ferry.



Cheung Chau Hotel Options

Cheung Chau Island hotel options are very far and few between, mainly because the island is more common for day trips rather than lengthy stays. There are still your suitable options, if you do decide you want to stay a night or two on the island to escape the big city.

While you won’t find your luxury hotels or strikingly beautiful resorts at Cheung Chau, there are, however, a couple of charming boutique hotels and B&B’s which will do the job nicely for a tourist seeking accommodation.

You can check out the Warwick Hotel Cheung Chau for prices on if you do decide to have a night stay on the island. It’s the most famous hotel on Cheung Chau.


warwick hotel cheung chau island

The Warwick Hotel Cheung Chau Island.



The Non-motorized Island

That’s right when you tour around Cheung Chau; you won’t find any cars, motorbikes or motorised golf buggies driving about recklessly, the island is entirely non-motorized. Pretty cool, hey. That means your only way around the island is to use your own two feet, by either walking or to pedalling a push bike.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be dodging traffic, because there are plenty of pedestrians roaming about and push bikes making their way around the narrow streets.

If you wish, you can hire your bike or even pedal tuk-tuks at various bike-hire outlets from as low as HK$10; the price depends on how long you’ll utilise the bikes. You’ll initially need to pay a fully-refundable security deposit.

From a personal point of view, I preferred to get around Cheung Chau Hong Kong by walking. The paths are unpredictable, people are everywhere, and it’s a little safer because it always seems like there is a significant stack waiting to happen, and I prefer it wasn’t me involved.


Cheung Chau Hong Kong

Pedal bikes appear all over the island.


A Cheung Chau Seafood street at the mercy of your taste buds

A Cheung Chau seafood restaurant experience is not one to miss when visiting the tourist island. From the outset, the restaurants are surrounding you as you depart the ferry and you’ll be forced a menu in your face from some random stranger, whether you want lunch or not.

The restaurants are lined up in a wave of numbers that overlook the beautiful harbour area of Treasure Bay, as you look out towards the row of boats anchored in the bay and towards other islands further out that provides the ultimate picturesque scenery from your seat.

It’s a beautiful setting, while you eat outside under the shade, dining into fresh fish, crabs, oysters, mussels and any other seafood delights you can think of, because the menu is plentiful, and the prices are quite moderate. Of course, your seafood meal goes down perfectly with a bottle of local ice-cold beer.

If you don’t want to eat seafood, or it’s not to your fancy, naturally, there are other restaurants around of either Western and Asian cuisines. Cheung Chau even has a fast food favourite, a McDonald’s restaurant, situated right at the ferry terminal, making it the first thing you see when entering the island from the terminal.


Cheung Chau seafood

delicious seafood is a treat in paradise.



Wander through the vibrant Township

The township at Treasure Bay is unique. At the forefront, there are plenty of shops to browse through such as supermarkets, souvenirs stores, clothing outlets and a range of other merchandise stores you’ll no doubt stumble upon.

Of course, you’ll also wander past café’s, restaurants, ice-cream shops and fresh produce if you want a healthy snack on the run. I won’t forget my wife purchasing all those mandarins.

In your journey through the township, you’ll discover hidden temples, which are nothing extravagant, but you may want to have a peek at a temple, take a photo and kneel for prayer if that is your kind thing.

The further you go through the township, the more you get into where the locals live their everyday lives with old towering apartments, a for more selective shops mainly of groceries and many alley-ways, where you’ll surely get lost while making your way back to the busy area of the township.


Cheung Chau

Wander the township of Cheung Chau.



Cheung Chau Tourist Attractions are Aplenty

When you’re going on your own Cheung Chau Island tour, you’ll discover there are many attractions to see when roaming about. How many you see, depends how much time you have available on the island, because it’s not as small as you think (that’s when the bike may come in handy).

On the West side, where the Cheung Chau ferry comes in, is where most of the action is happening, and I have already spent a fair amount of time discussing that area, with its market stalls, seafood restaurants and cafés.

The further you broaden your horizons, the more secluding you’ll find it. There’ll be breathtaking lookout areas over the bay, such as the Reclining Rock in the southwest corner, the Human Head rock in the Southeast corner and the North Lookout Pavilion, which will give you splendid views over the whole island.

Other attractions to note on your Cheung Chau tour, will be the Cheung Chau Park, Cheung Po Tsai Cave, The Pak Tai temple Cheung Chau and there is even a Mini Great Wall, just in case you have never seen the real one in mainland China and this is the closest you’ll get to the Wall in sometime.

Cheung Chau tourist attraction of note:

  • Mini Great Wall
  • Cheung Chau Sports Centre
  • Tin Hau Temple
  • North lookout Pavilion
  • Cheung Chau Rock carvings
  • Pak Tai Temple playground


Cheung Chau Island

The Mini Great Wall Appears in the distance.



Cheung Chau Beach Options Galore for the tourist who needs to take a dip

Were you starting to think I had forgotten to mention the Cheung Chau beach options? No, I hadn’t forgotten, but the gorgeous beaches of the island deserved their segment because quite simply, they are pristine and beautiful.

When you start to leave the busy township area, you’ll discover a few great beaches situated along the east coast of the island where you can have a dip, assuming you’re visiting on a hot day of course.

Most tourists make their way to the famous Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach; it’s a major hotspot with calm waters to have a swim and cool off. It’s also the closest beach to the ferry terminal, being approximately a 10-15-minute walk.

The Beaches of Cheung Chau Island:

  • Tung Wan Beach
  • Tung Wan Tsai Beach (Coral Beach)
  • Kwun Yam Wan Beach


Cheung Chau Beach

Admire the views from a Cheung Chau Beach.



An Ideal Day Trip to Cheung Chau needs to be on your Hong Kong Itinerary

A Hong Kong Itinerary needs to have Cheung Chau Island on the list of things to do because quite literally, it is one the best and fulfilling day trips you can have on your holiday in the popular East Asia destination.

Pack your bags, bring some swimwear and a beach towel, and don’t forget your Hong Kong dollars to purchase a souvenir and a delicious lunch in one of the many seafood restaurants available to you, because Cheung Chau day trip promises to be an unforgettable day.


Cheung Chau Island

A day trip to Cheung Chau Island.

Enjoy other Hong Kong Day Trips with Get Your Guide!

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