Travel is a breeze through the open waters, and the process is simple for any traveller when you’re going between Hong Kong to Macau by ferry and back again.

It’s ideal transportation for a quick getaway for either sightseeing, gambling in casinos or to even check out what it’s like on the other side because of a simple case of curiosity.

I can personally vouge about the ferry experience between the two destinations, using the services of Turbojet during my travels in Hong Kong and Macau.

It was quick, easy and even affordable when choosing this form of transportation in the open waters of the two popular Asian destinations.

The overall trip comes with little fuss, including through the custom gates where it is often as simple as scanning your passport through the gates and onwards to continue your adventures.

Sit back, the seats are comfortable on these cruise ferries, and enjoy the seas of travelling between Hong Kong and Macau by Ferry. 

I promise you the trip is mainly hassled free, but I can’t guarantee you that you won’t get a little seasick as the seas get a little rough. Don’t worry the Macau ferry trip is usually over in around an hour.


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Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Travelling between Hong Kong to Macau by ferry.




The Ease of Going From Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry and Back Again



Main Ferry terminals in Hong Kong and Macau

There are the four main ferry terminals to travel from between Hong Kong and Macau, which one you depart or arrive at may depend on where you are headed to in either destination.

Not that it matters too much in Macau as it doesn’t take a great deal of time to get around the unique and vibrant destination.

In Hong Kong, you have the two main ports; the major one is the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal situated in Sheung Wan on the Hong Kong Island, not far from the accessible Central Piers.

The other terminal is the China Ferry Terminal, which departs in the other Hong Kong hotspot of Kowloon.

In Macau, there is the Macau Outer Harbour, which is located to the famous city streets, popular attractions, cathedrals and casinos.

The other terminal is the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is located to nearby popular attractions including Venetian Macau, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams Shopping Mall and the Hotel Parisian.

Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong to Macau Ferry

  • Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan)
  • China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon)


Ferry Terminal in Macau to Hong Kong Ferry

  • Macau Outer Harbour (North part of Macau)
  • Taipa Ferry Terminal (South Part of Macau)


Jetturbo hk

Get comfortable on Jetturbo HK.


Cruise companies between Hong Kong and Macau

Two major cruise companies operate between Hong Kong and Macau.

First, there is the TurboJet, the red-coloured ferry cruises that run from ports between Hong Kong and Macau. The TurboJet operates from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal to Macau Outer Harbour from 0700 -2359 and runs every 15-minutes in both directions.

There is also a least frequently operated cruise from TurboJet that operates between Kowloon/Hong Kong Macau Ferry terminal to Taipa Macau.

You can check the Hong Kong Macau ferry timetable for a full schedule.


The blue-coloured Cotai WaterJet is the other cruise company that runs between all ports in Hong Kong and Macau. The Cotai runs mainly from the Hong Kong Macau Terminal to the Taipa Terminal in Macau at a frequency of every 15-minutes between 7 am to 1 am daily.

You can check out Cotai timetables and schedules at their main website.



Hong Kong Macau Ferry ticket price

The ticket prices remain steady between the two cruise companies, with different pricing available for weekdays, weekends and night sailing.

Prices through the website usually start at HKD$171 and extend for depending on the time of cruise or class you elect to travel with to your destination. You can find fantastic ticket prices through Klook, which is usually cheaper.

Extra allowances are starting from HKD$25 for large luggage pieces which you pay upon entering the gates for your cruise on the day.


To find a real bargain for cruise prices, you can book through the travel agency app, Klook. With Klook you can save several dollars, and the process is hassle free from booking to boarding. It’s what I used for my travels between Hong and Macau, and I saved a few dollars each time.

You can check out Klook for further booking details, but tickets are always limited so plan.


How long travel between Hong Kong and Macau?

No matter which port you travel between, you’ll find the actual cruising times go from around 1-hour to one hour and fifteen minutes. Allow extra time for preparing your pre-bought ticket at the counter and immigration checkpoints on either side of the cruise.

If you find you get to the terminal early, the cruise company usually allows you to travel on earlier cruise departures, depending on availability.

With cruises often running every 15-minutes they are not traditionally sold out, so there is a strong likelihood you can leave early and avoid unnecessary waiting times at the terminal.


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hong kong macau

Departing Hong Kong by Ferry.


Getting through Customs at entry points is a swift process

Getting through Immigration points at either Hong or Macau is a pain-free process with queueing times taking no longer than 15-minutes, but it can vary depending on how packed the ferry/ferries are. Below is the process for each direction.

Hong Kong to Macau

  • Get a ticket in Hong Kong
  • Scan Passport at Hong Kong Immigration Point
  • Get seat allocation and board ferry
  • Disembark ferry in Macau
  • Passport check at Immigration point in Macau
  • Continue your adventure

Macau to Hong

  • Get a ticket in Macau
  • Show Passport at Immigration point in Macau
  • Get seat allocation and board ferry
  • Disembark ferry in Hong Kong
  • Fill in Hong Kong Arrival card before queuing if a foreigner (only takes a minute)
  • Passport check at Immigration Point in Hong Kong
  • Continue your adventure


Catching a Shuttle bus upon arrival in Macau

When arriving in Macau, do your best to avoid catching a taxi, most hotels in Macau have free shuttle bus services operating around the clock, which can save you some handy dollars.

There are no checks when entering a shuttle bus, so if you know of another hotel/casino nearby to your hotel, get on that bus and walk the rest of the way instead of hanging around and waiting. You won’t get caught out.

Shuttle buses are a great way to get around Macau for free for the duration of your trip, with many of the complimentary buses going to and from many casinos in the area at no cost (remember casino’s want you to spend the money gambling).

You can hop on and go Casino hopping during your stay, even if you have no desire to gamble and only want to check out the stunning shows that take place in the major casinos such as Venetian Macao, Wynn Macau and Galaxy Macau to name a few.


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Venetian macau

Venetian Macau.


Finding your way upon returning or first entry into Hong Kong

When arriving in Hong Kong from the Hong Kong Macao Ferry Terminal, the best way to go to your next Hong Kong destination is by train. From the main terminal, you can catch a train at the Sheung Wan MTR and transfer to Central on the next stopover with several MTR lines available to you at Central or Hong Kong MTR.

If you need to transfer to the Hong Kong Airport express train from Sheung Wan, you can catch a train to Central MTR, walk to the nearby Hong Station MTR and get on the Airport Express Train from that location, follow the signs to get there.

Using your Octopus Card, the fare to the Airport from Hong Kong MTR cost HKD$110. It won’t let you on if you don’t have the right amount of credit, but the Information office at the Hong Kong Station can help you top up either by cash or credit card as needed. Children using the kids Octopus Card travel free and remember all Octopus Cards are refundable at the information office at the Hong Kong International Airport.

There you have it, a handy guide when travelling from Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry and back again. It is hassle-free and appropriately cost. Your biggest worry may be whether you get seasick or not.


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Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Night lights.

Hong Kong ferry

Hong Kong Macau ferry
James Bond Island

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