If you only had time enough in your busy schedule to spend one day in Macau, what would you do in those precious hours?

Would you rush over to as many Macau attractions as possible and take a glance at each unique attraction.

Alternatively, would you elect to see a handful of must-see attractions during your Macau day trip and further appreciate the best of what Macau has to offer during your limited time.

There is no right or wrong answer when making the decisions for your Macau trip and whoever tells you there is, have not got their facts right. For Macau tourism is full of epic attractions, lively Casinos and a vibrant pedestrian thoroughfare that are available to all the tourists who venture into the busy East Asia destination.

From someone who has spent a little time in Macau, let’s discuss the best of both worlds for travellers who need to make a choice. For when you only have a single day in Macau, let your Fair Dinkum Traveller help you to work out the right travel path that may suit each traveller’s requirements.


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things to do in Macau

When you have one day in Macau – What do you do?


When You Only Have – One Day in Macau – What Do You Do?

Let’s discuss your Macau Itinerary and make the most of your limited time in the busy Asian destination. 


Why would you only spend one day in Macau?

Macau in one day, why would you? I would recommend at least three-days, but time can be of the essence, and you may well just be tempted to tick Macau off the travel bucket list. Therefore, a day trip may be the only viable option for you this time around.

Generally, a Macau day trip will come about because you are holidaying in Hong Kong or a neighbouring city in Mainland China and you are looking to catch the Macau ferry and check out the sights of the neighbour across the ditch.

The great news is, when coming to tour Macau from Hong Kong, the first ferry will depart from Hong Kong Island at 7 am, and the last boat will leave Macau just before midnight, which makes it easy to squeeze in a lot of events during the day of Macau sightseeing and capture the stunning nightlife during your one day tour in Macau.





Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry

Catch the Hong Kong to Macau ferry for your day trip.



Have a Macau Bus tour with the Hop on Hop off Bus

Hop on hop off bus tours is a great way to see many cities around the world and on this occasion. It’s even more helpful, especially when you only have one day to get it right during your Macau travel adventure.

The Macau sightseeing bus can take you to 16-different locations including the significant glamorous casinos, the Macau tower, A-Ma Temple and St Ruins De Paul to name only a few of fantastic Macau attractions.

If you are interested in the Open Top Bus Tour, you can find the cheapest tickets with Klook and have your ticket at the ready on your smartphone and begin enjoying the fantastic Macau City Tour during your day trip.




one day in Macau

Get excited when you visit Macau attractions.



Making the most of the Popular Macau Attractions

If you were to narrow it down to the five or six attractions you need to visit and spend a little extra time at, it had me thinking what would be ideal to recommend when visiting the favourite Macau tourist spots. It’s not an easy feat with so many excellent places to visit, but I did my best.

Before I do carry on, you need to remember that free shuttle buses are the way around the area, with most casinos, hotels, shopping malls and other noteworthy attractions having their shuttle bus going to and from destinations. You don’t even have to be staying at a particular hotel to use their bus services; you get on the bus and head on over without charge.

More than likely you’ll start at the Macau Ferry Terminal and head over to attractions like Venetian Macau or Fisherman’s Wharf, from there, you’ll be able to interconnect with most Macau tourist attractions.

Major Macau Attractions to visit:

Fisherman’s Wharf: Fisherman’s Wharf is the closest attraction to the Macau Ferry terminal and is a waterfront location of entertainment, fine-dining restaurants, retail outlets for a little shopping and hotels.

Macau City: The main Macau city area is full of life, vibrancy and pedestrian thoroughfares where you can explore astonishing heritage buildings such as Senado Square, see the stunning architectural designs of the churches and Cathedrals, wander down the beef jerky lane for free samples and catch the ever-popular The Ruins of St Paul.

A-Ma Temple: The A-Ma temple is an impressive Chinese Buddhist temple of unique design, with beautiful religious relics, astonishing structures and a calm atmosphere in amongst a jam-packed city.

A pick of Glitzy Casinos: It’s hard to narrow it down to one casino because there are so many out there that you could have your very own Macau casino tour in the process. To narrow it down a little further, Casinos that need to be on the list, that is not all about gambling, is Venetian Macau with the romantic Gondola rides and the Galaxy Macau which is a theme park within a casino. Both of those Casinos are in the Taipa area of Macau at it will be easy to visit both on your day trip.

The House of Dancing Water: When you have one day in Macau, the House of Dancing Water is a must-see performance show that will blow your mind a way. It’s a circus-like performance of adversity, love and friendship. In the meantime, you’ll be mesmerised by the layout, the all-around acting and the acrobatics are a standout throughout the 85-minute performance. If you are keen on seeing the House of Dancing Water, you can buy your tickets through Klook.




The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water.


What’s your Choice?

The choice is yours and yours only to make, there are plenty of options to make the most of your one day in Macau and plenty of hours to do it in where you’ll be able to create incredible memories of your time in Macau.

How would you spend your day? Or have you already had a Macau day trip? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below of how you have fully utilised your single day in Macau.


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Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

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