The happiest place on earth, it may sound cliché, yet I can’t help but ponder that feeling when thinking back on my first visit to Disneyland of any kind around the world. For this occasion, on a busy family trip to Hong Kong, the smile wouldn’t leave our faces at any time during a day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Perhaps, I have shown my cards a little early; it’s quite clear that my Hong Kong Disneyland Review will be of a positive response. Primarily due to the fact, I found the day to be everything I had hoped it would be when taking my family of four the famous theme park. It was a special day out with the family, and it provided plenty of laughs, thrills, screams, excitement and plenty of positive energy for all.

Let’s delve into the Hong Kong Disney Review and cover them all the best bits of the famous amusement park. Included in the review will be the best advice for purchasing tickets, the best bits inside Disneyland HK and the entertainment factor of keeping the family on edge throughout the whole day into the colourful evening.


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Hong Kong Disneyland Review

We are walking along Main Street in Disneyland Hong Kong.



An Overview of the Hong Kong Disneyland Review



Purchasing Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets through Klook

In the lead up to the trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I researched the cheapest fares, and without a shadow doubt, Klook provided the cheapest Disneyland HK tickets. Whether you’re chasing a one-day or the two-day pass.

To Purchase Hong Kong Disneyland tickets through Klook is very convenient and easy too. Once you have bought the tickets online, the tickets are added to your Klook smartphone App or email inbox, and therefore, you scan the E-ticket at the gate upon entry.

If you have purchased a pass with the veal vouchers included (highly recommended), once inside Disneyland, go to the very left of the entrance gates and the meal vouchers tickets will be presented to you upon scanning your E-ticket. If any problems, the staff at Hong Kong Disneyland and the happy team will be able to assist you.


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Hong Kong Disneyland

Get ready for a fun day out in Hong Kong at Disneyland.



Spending the day at Hong Kong Disneyland

If it’s only one day you plan on spending at Disney, make the very most of the day by squeezing every possible minute of that day and getting full family enjoyment.

Arrive early at the opening time of 10 am, get yourself settled-in quickly by grabbing a map and other information, and prepare yourself to stay at Disney HK until dark. When the sun goes down is the time the dazzling Disney lights come on, and further street parades are happening along Main Street.

Once you arrive back at your hotel to end the exhaustive day, you’ll soon be asleep upon your head hitting the pillow. However, the time of your Hong Kong Disneyland trip will be more than worth it when you think back about the positive memories which will come from the eventful day at the happiest place earth.


Hong kong Disneyland

The train goes by at Hong Kong Disneyland.



The best way to Navigate the Hong Kong Disneyland Map

To navigate the Hong Kong Disney map and to make the best of your precious time in a single day, where to start will not simple as you’ll soon see when entering through the Disney gates.

For me upon getting through the chaotic action along Main Street, I started left at Adventureland and kept going around the park to different fabulous themes like Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land and continuing in a clockwise direction until I reached Tomorrow Land which will lead you to Main Street.

Throughout the day, it’s essential to check the session times for the live shows that are happening at various times throughout the day and plan your day accordingly around the fantastic performances.


Disney HK

Try and not get lost when visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong.



The Main Highlight of Disneyland Hong Kong

Festival of the Lion King: Every time you visit a major attraction, amongst all the things you see and do, there is that one event that sticks out on top of the others. On this occasion, it was the spectacular Lion King performance, which left the fondest of memories.

The Festival of the Lion King takes place in the Adventureland segment of Disneyland and is situated close by to the rear of Main Street. The show consists of everything which is included in the original movie, yet it’s a much-condensed version, with the performers acting, singing and dancing to the famous story throughout the impressive 30-minute performance.

If you’re anything like me, you won’t help but get stuck into the famous Lion King tunes such as, I can’t wait to be king, The Circle of Life, can you feel the Love tonight, and my ultimate favourite, Hakuna Matata.

Perhaps, The Festival of the Lion King was my favourite for sentimental reasons, the show brought back childhood memories, but it was much more than a trip back in time, the whole show had you entertained from start to finish, with a  classic relived in front of your very eyes.


Disney Hong Kong

The Festival of the Lion King.



The Best Bits of a day at Disney Hong Kong

Main Street: It’s essential to leave a great first impression in life, and that’s precisely what Disneyland does along the lively Main Street.

It’s the entertainment hub where the street parades take place; souvenirs can be purchased in retail shops, snacks are bought and the location where you can meet a few of the famous Disney’s characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Naturally, the Atmosphere along Main Street is always electric, there are so many people situated in the area, and long queues are guaranteed when waiting for a Starbucks Coffee or a bite to eat; however, you’ll be waiting with a smile.


Disneyland Hong Kong

Main Street Disneyland.


Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars: The look on my son’s face said it all when on the excellent Big Grizzly ride, a dizzying experience that had you making loops, going fast forwards and going at speeds in a crazy backwards direction.

It’s a thrilling Hong Kong Disneyland ride and worth the wait in line to get the lungs all worked up for a few screams of terror.


Grizzly Gulch ride

Going at speeds on the Grizzly Gulch ride.



“We Love Mickey” Projection Show: The “We Love Mickey” show takes place at night, otherwise it wouldn’t work, and it truly lights up the night sky. The Disney event starts with a projection show off the buildings in Main Street, with dazzling cartoon effects.

The Projection Show concludes with Mickey and Minnie Mouse making a grand entrance at the beginning of Main Street on a high stage, with lots of waving kissing to the cheering audience below.


“We Love Mickey” Projection Show:

“We Love Mickey” Projection Show.



Take Flight with Ironman: With two Marvel fans at my side, going on the 4D Take Flight with Ironman ride was simply a not a choice, it was compulsory.

We picked up out Starkvision Glasses at the entrance, before settling into our seats and buckling ourselves in for a 10-minute adventure ride to save the world. Throughout the shaky Marvel ride, we had the chance, along with Iron Man, to save the world from mass destruction. Well, the boys loved it.


Mickey and the Wondrous Book: If you enjoy all those Disney songs, then you’ll love the “Mickey and the Wondrous Book, performance.”

The show is a series of songs from many famous Disney movies, including Frozen, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and many other hits you’ll get to sing along to during the 30-minute performance.


Mickey and the Wondrous Book

Frozen time with Mickey and the Wondrous Book.


Tarzan’s Treehouse: I Love the outdoors, and that’s why I loved taking the Tarzan Raft across the water and exploring the Tarzan Treehouse, also getting a birds-eye view of the surrounding area in Disneyland HK.

Once in the treehouse, after disembarking the raft, you can climb through different obstacles, explore the wonders of the treehouse, listen to the sounds of the jungle and admire the scenery that is on show inside Tarzan’s Treehouse.


Hong Kong Disney

A raft ride over to Tarzan’s Tree-house.


Fairy tale Forest: Again, it’s nature at its finest, and this time you’re wandering through a magical garden forest where you will stumble upon different Disney themes such as Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Tinkerbell.


Fairy Tale Magical Garden

Wandering through the Fairy Tale Magical Garden.



Hong Kong Disneyland Food Experience

Dining options are aplenty at the Hong Kong Disneyland with many different and fun restaurants located throughout the Theme Park. You can eat at the Starline Diner, enjoy the beautiful views at Riverside Café, or get Festive at the Clopins Festival of Foods, to only mention a few of the restaurants available.

Our meals were included in the package we had bought through Klook, which covered both lunch and dinner, including a popcorn snack to pick up through our adventures in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Purchasing the meal vouchers through Klook will save you plenty of money, instead of buying the meals separately at Disneyland, and the best thing about the meal vouchers is they are valid at most restaurants inside the Theme Park.


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Hong Kong Disneyland review

Snacking on the run at Disneyland.



A Conclusion to the Hong Kong Disneyland Review

The happiest place on earth, you bet you it is, at least the Hong Version. We spent over ten-hours exploring the gigantic theme park, and while we were buggered after the day, we left with fond memories and plenty of smiles to go with it.

Remember, if you want to purchase a cheaper ticket, check out Klook for sensational Hong Kong Disneyland Prices. For now, you can check out the gallery below for more pictures of our day out.


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 Disneyland Hong Kong rides

Fun Disneyland Hong Kong rides will be the biggest hit for families.
James Bond Island

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