Hong Kong is the gift that keeps on giving to travellers.

It may be an East Asian Destination small inland space compared to its neighbour in China, but it’s big in terms of fascinating Hong Kong attractions that’ll delight any tourist to the region.

Hong Kong day trips are a common theme because once you leave your hotel room after a fulfilling breakfast, you won’t be back to your room until dark after exploring a specific area throughout the eventful day.

Choices were plenty with my family trip to the famous Region, Mainland China and the fabulous Shenzhen City on one side, and the unbelievable Macau a ferry trip away, day tours from Hong Kong were eventful, yet exciting.

However, you don’t always need a passport to enjoy the best Hong Kong Day Trips with Lantau Island, Tsim Sha Shui or a hike at Lion Rock to keep the local adventures rolling.

Therefore, why don’t you take out your notepad and pen and get ready for upcoming Hong Kong trip.


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Hong Kong Day trips

Enjoying the very best of the Hong Kong Day Trips.


The best Hong Kong Day Trips which are Eventful and Unforgettable


An active day at Disneyland

I have only been to one Disneyland in my life and let me tell you this. If the other Disney’s are as good as the Hong Kong edition, then I have been missing out in a big way.

You have to forget the price for a moment because you’re not going to visit Hong Kong all the time, and once you enter through the gates of Disneyland, you are in for an epic day out that will last well until the sun has come down.

A fun adventure is a sure thing while you explore different worlds in Disneyland such as Adventure Land, Toy Story Land and Tomorrow Land, to name a few of the various themed lands available.

While out & about enjoying the sights of the glamorous theme park and experiencing the many dizzying rides, you’ll also get side-tracked by Live shows throughout the day, with Festival of the Lion King and the “We Love Mickey” projection show, a must-see event.

You’ll love the atmosphere along Main Street, where it’s a carnival all day long and into the night, with plenty of parades and live events taking place. It’s the central location where you’ll find the best Disneyland souvenirs and buy a bite to eat for lunch, although there are many specialty restaurants located through the park.

If you are seeking the cheapest tickets to Disneyland, you can’t beat Klook, which provide fantastic one-day passes and meal vouchers. You’ll save plenty of money purchasing through this method, especially if buying multiple tickets.


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Hong Kong Disneyland Review

We are walking along Main Street in Disneyland Hong Kong.

Take in the glitz and the glamour of Macau

I would recommend more than a day in Macau to fully utilise the destination’s tourist places which consist of many casinos, heritage buildings, cathedrals and lively street thoroughfares.

However, when the time doesn’t suffice with your crowded Hong Kong Itinerary, a Macau Day trip will be more than enough to get around the glitzy city, and there are ample opportunities to get a lot out of one day trip to Macau from Hong Kong.

A great way to see the best of Macau is via the Hop-on Hop-off bus service which will take you to all the best attractions which include Venetian Macau and the Gondola rides, Galaxy Macau, The Ruins of St Paul, The Fisherman’s Wharf and The Macau tower to mention only a few.

Because, with this intended purpose, you’re only spending one day in Macau, you’ll want to stay until dark and check out the great nightlife of the vibrant area as the casinos take centre stage with gambling, live shows and an epic night out of drinking and fine dining.

Don’t fear about the missing the last ferry, the last cruise back to Hong Kong will depart Macau Ferry terminal at midnight, and if all else fails, the first-morning boat will leave at 7 am, meaning, you could turn it into an all-night bender.


Best things to do in Macau

  • Wynn Macau
  • Venetian Macau
  • The Ruins of St Pauls
  • The Cathedral of Nativity of our Lady
  • The A-Ma Temple




Macau tourism

Watch Gondolas flow through the water at Venetian Macau.

A Ferry trip to Cheung Chau

The picturesque Cheung Chau Island is the one the best attractions to visit during your Hong Kong trip.

Especially, when you have had enough of the busy city area and want to head to the perfect island that offers culture, excellent seafood feast and a tiny bit of tropical life with stunning beaches and seaside bars.

Cheung Chau is around 50-minute Hong Kong Island by Ferry, meaning it makes the perfect Hong Kong one day tour, where you can enjoy several hours to see plenty of the main tourist places during your day trip.

Once on the active island, you can wander through the township with stacks of marketplaces for souvenir buying, and you’ll also find many cafés, including McDonald’s, where you can rest up with a hot or cold drink of your choice.

For all the seafood lovers out there, I am sure there is many, in Cheung Chau, there are many seafood restaurants that comes with great views and makes the perfect opportunity to drink cold beer, enjoy a good feed and take in the atmosphere around you.

Other things to do in Cheung Chau include fun in the sun at Tung Wan Beach, viewing hidden temples that appear at random, witness the Mini Great Wall, be genuinely mesmerised by extraordinary coastal views and check out the best lookout points on the island that oversee Cheung Chau.  

Best places to see at Cheung Chau

  • Mini Great Wall
  • Tung Wan Beach
  • Pak Tai Temple
  • Cheung Po Tsai Temple
  • North Lookout Pavilion



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Cheung Chau Island

A day trip to Cheung Chau Island.

Cross the border to Shenzhen City – China

If you’re going on a Shenzhen day trip from Hong Kong, be sure to follow the steps of obtaining a China Visa with this helpful article, or you could end up like me and in a world of confusion wasting valuable Shenzhen City time.

All ended well eventually to get our Visas, and we made our way across the border for our Shenzhen day trip. Although for a smoother path, you must catch the Hong Kong train to the Lok Ma Chau MTR, which is the main border gate with a Chinese Visa office to Mainland China.

For our day in Shenzhen, it was quite limited, but we appreciated the affordable cost of everything in the city, from fantastic dining prices to transportation by train around the city. It is that much cheaper than Hong Kong.

For your time in Shenzhen, a few places to consider visiting is the Ping Am Financial Centre, the fourth tallest building in the World, and a magnificent Observatory Deck, which sits at 562-metres in height.

Other things to do in your Shenzhen trip is to visit the Splendid China Folk Village, Overseas Chinese Town and Lianhuashan Park, amongst many more vibrant attractions.

Things to do in Shenzhen

  • The window of the World (ice skate & Ski Resort)
  • China Folk Village
  • Ping Am Financial Centre
  • Mai Po Marshes




Ping An Financial centre

Ping An Financial Centre in Shenzhen.


Stay Central and explore Hong Kong Island

Sometimes the best day trips during your holiday are those you don’t have to travel too far to reach, even closer, if you are in fact, staying on Hong Kong Island.

A lot of your time on Hong Kong Island will take place at Victoria Peak, a famous tourist area where you can catch the Victoria Peak tram to the popular tourist destination and capture the best views over the stunning Victoria Harbour.

To continue your presence at Victoria Peak, you make your way to the Peak Tower for shopping, dining, amusements and an Observation Sky Terrance with excellent 360 views of Hong Kong. You can also keep fit at the Peak with many walking trails to take in more of outdoor fun in Hong Kong

Away from the Peak, at Hong Kong Island you’ll be able to wander many luxurious Shopping Malls with top-class dining, enjoy horse racing at Happy Valley and have a splashing fun day at Ocean World. You can wander along the Promenade to catch a glimpse of Tsim Sha Tsui on the other side of the Harbour, and capture the dazzling Symphony of Lights show which takes place at 8 pm every evening.

After the light show, you may want to go to one of the rooftop bars in Hong Kong, and enjoy a few drinks with sensational views over the city.


Things to do on Hong Kong Island

  • Victoria Peak
  • Happy Valley Racecourse
  • Ocean Park
  • Causeway Bay
  • Stanley Market
  • Golden Bauhinia Square





Hong Kong family trip

The Symphony of Lights show.

Enjoy the adventure and culture of Lantau Island

Yes, Disneyland is on Lantau Island, but it’s not feasible to explore the other parts of Lantau Island and visit Mickey Mouse and friends at Disneyland on the same day.

Therefore, I recommend that you catch a train to the island a second time and check out the rest of the stuff going on at Lantau.

The best way to continue your Hong Kong Tour on Lantau Island is to catch a train MTR Tung Chung Station, that is the home of the Ngong Ping Cable Cars, where you can have an excellent cable ride over Lantau and witness more incredible Hong Kong views.

The best way to purchase the tickets for the cable cars is to buy through Klook; it means you’ll not standing in lines longer than is necessary, because the wait to get on the cable cars can take a while.

Once you admire the views from the Cable Car and arrive on the other side at Ngong Ping Village, another world awaits you with a fascinating cultural Village, where you can eat a variety of local foods and purchase a few Ngong Ping souvenirs.

Once you are past the Village area, it’s time to check out the giant Tian Tan Buddha that has caught your attention early during your time at Ngong Ping. The Tian Tan Buddha sits on top of 268 steps, and the views up top are quite incredible as you look over the Village and the Po Lin Monastery below.


Things to do on Lantau Island

  • Ngong Ping Cable Cars
  • Ngong Ping Village
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Lantau Trail (hiking)
  • Po Lin Monastery


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Ngong Ping Village

The Tian Tan Buddha, as seen from Ngong Ping Village.


James Bond Island

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