It was my own personal paradise in Kathmandu, a sanctuary if you dare to call it. For when desiring a need to escape the busy streets in the chaotic city, the Garden of Dreams was indeed a dream garden for anyone who wanted a little rest and relaxation away from the hustling streets of Thamel.

The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu provides the perfect opportunity to see fresh green grass, colourful landscaped gardens, a quiet café setting and stunning articulated buildings, where such a vividly beautiful combination is otherwise not seen elsewhere in Kathmandu.

Keeping all that in mind, what is the big fuss about this stunning attraction, that has me wanting to pick up a good novel and have read in the lush surrounds of this Kathmandu garden? Well I’ll tell you, but you may be temped to head to the Garden of Dreams on your visit to Nepal to check it out for yourself, as you should.

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Garden of Dreams Kathmandu

Enjoy the peace and serenity of the Garden of Dreams Kathmandu.


Enjoy the Peace and Serenity of the Garden of Dreams – Kathmandu


The Origins of the Gardens of Dreams Kathmandu

Was it made to give a little tranquillity to the people of Kathmandu? Or to produce stunning nature in a crowded city? I am sure it had a little to do with both reasons, for that I can’t be too sure.

I can tell you, this dream garden Kathmandu was built in 1920 by landscape designer Kishore Narshinge for private use only, with the gardens being much bigger in its original time than its current dimensions today. It was known to be one of the most modern designed gardens of its time in that generation. However, the Gardens saw many years of neglect and was only recently restored in the year of 2007 for it’s current use today, being a public garden in the heart of Kathmandu.

dream garden kathmandu

Enter into a dream garden.


Where is the Garden of Dreams Nepal?

You don’t need to go to far from the busy tourist area of Kathmandu city to find one of the best Nepalese Gardens in the country, the gardens are tucked away in the central part of the city and is only a five-minute walk from Thamel.

Once you head east out of Thamel by foot, onto the main street of Trivedi Sadak, you’ll wander past the taxi stands, by the high-end Trekking gear retail outlets and you’ll see a large concrete stone fence on the left that surrounds the actual gardens. In no time, you’ll see the entrance gates to the Garden of Dreams and in an instant, you are away from traffic noise and in a world of paradise.


garden of dreams

Take the path for a gentle stroll.


The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu Entrance Fee

I don’t want to come across as these gardens are the best I have seen, it’s not. There are many more splendid gardens in the world that would leave the Garden of Dreams in its wake.

However, for only 200-rupees, which is around two-dollars, you can enter through the gates of the Garden of Dreams for as long as you want in that particular day and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, where it is hard to find elsewhere in the city.


Nepalese garden

It won’t cost much to enjoy a few hours in this Nepalese garden.


Chill with food and Drinks in the Kaiser Café

One thing is for sure, you’ll find cheaper food, drinks, tea and coffee in another area of Kathmandu particularly Thamel, but on the other hand, you will struggle to find a more private, laidback and natural setting to enjoy a peaceful lunch than at this delightful restaurant that packs a solid Kaiser Café menu.

Without a slice of hesitation, I’m not afraid to spend an extra dollar for a cappuccino or a few more on good food, if it means I can sit back, relax in quiet and admire the garden atmosphere, while enjoying a hot drink with a book in hand or talking to a loved one stationed next to you at the boutique Kaiser café.


Kaiser Cafe Kathmandu

Enjoy a delicious coffee at Kaiser Cafe Kathmandu.


The Love Garden

Since I travelled to Nepal on my lonesome, I couldn’t enjoy the magic of the gardens with my wife by my side, hence the romance was missing in my part. However, I have no doubt that this makes for the perfect romantic setting for anyone travelling into Kathmandu and I only had to look on at other couples who were enjoying each other’s company in Garden of Dreams.

With the Pavilions, ponds, pergolas and the ideal café for the prefect date, it’s easy to see why couples are spending countless hours in the serenity of the Gardens and it could even make for a nice proposal area, if anyone out there is making wedding plans in the future. I’ll leave that up to you to decide on that one.

I don’t want solo travellers to feel left out in the cold however, I know I didn’t, there are plenty of individuals roaming the Garden on their lonesome and taking time out of their busy schedule to enjoy a little thinking time or to simply read a book in relaxing surrounds and the ideal climate of Kathmandu.


Garden of dreams kathmandu

The ideal romantic setting.


What to do inside the Amazing Nepali Gardens

It’s a garden attraction, so when it comes to what to do inside the Garden of Dreams Kathmandu, it’s quite limited and basic. It really is up there with the best of Kathmandu in terms of attractions. You can take dazzling photos of the well-designed Pavilions/pergolas situated inside the main attraction, admire the gardens at heights from a viewing area up the stair-case or enjoy the picturesque ponds while having a stroll.

You can spend countless hours doing work on your laptop and catching up on business, or enjoy a conversation with a loved one, friend or complete stranger you just met. It really is up to you on how you spend your time in the popular Kathmandu garden, but one thing is a certainty, after one visit, you’ll be back for further resting and relaxation, just like your Fair Dinkum Traveller.


Garden of dreams kathmandu

Take a book and enjoy a few hours of reading in the Garden of dreams.


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