The Visually Stunning Three-Day Chisapani Nagarkot Trek in Nepal

The Visually Stunning Three-Day Chisapani Nagarkot Trek in Nepal

I couldn’t have painted the picture better in my imagination if I tried, the magic of mountains in Nepal are irresistible, so much so, that during a three-day Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the breathtaking scenery that stood there before me.

I didn’t have time to go on a long hike to the Everest Base Camp or other long adventurous trips. Instead, I chose a smaller path, that was by no means simple, yet satisfying, nonetheless.

The Nagarkot hike I had partaken it, was perfect for what I had been seeking when looking for one of the best treks in Nepal. It’s also an excellent option for tourists who desire hiking places in Kathmandu, yet still, want to explore the wilderness and get away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city.

Let’s uncover one of the best short treks I’ve had the pleasure to complete during my travel experiences. An adventure that allowed me to see the best of Nepal, meet the beautiful locals, endure the pain of a hike and feel the satisfaction of completing a fantastic adventure.

This is my incredible journey of the visually stunning Chisapani Nagarkot Trek in Nepal, and who knows, perhaps it’ll inspire to endure a similar hike.


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Tours in Nepal

A Chisapani Sunrise is a highlight of The Visually Stunning Chisapani Nagarkot Trek.





Nepal Adventures – The Visually Stunning Chisapani Nagarkot Trek



A Trekking Experience with the Nepal Hiking Team

The Chisapani trek was by no means a sponsored trip; I booked my short trek in Nepal through Tour Radar, who worked closely with one of the best hiking teams in the country, The Nepal Hiking Team.

Their reputation within Nepal is very positive with fantastic reviews, and they do treks of all kind, including the longer hikes to the Everest Base Camp and Nepal short treks such as the three-day Chisapani to Nagarkot trek.

The whole experience with the Nepal Hiking Team was professional from start to finish; they took care of my bigger luggage while I was away and dropped it off at my next hotel before I even arrived back.

The Tour guide did a phenomenal job for the duration of the tour; it’s those conversations we shared during the trek which is something I will always remember fondly. Of course, there is the Porter, what a warrior, he carried all that extra luggage so I could enjoy my experience even further. The work ethic of all Porter’s in Nepal is genuinely inspiring.


Nepal trekking tour

All smiles on the Nepal trekking tour with an amazing guide.



The Fitness levels required for the Chisapani Nagarkot Hike

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic for the three-day hike, but basic fitness is necessary to get through the journey.

What I mean by basic fitness, is your ability to be able to hike for around eight-hours in a single day, for over two days, with the third and final day requiring around a four-hour hike.

During the hike, you will come across many uphill encounters that will feel heavy on your thighs as you ascend the mountains, particularly on the first day and sporadically over the next two days.

Another important note to keep in mind is the Kathmandu altitude, if you’re not used to it like me, it can leave you short of breath and hard at breathing, but slow and steady will get you through no problems.


Preparation for the 3-day hike

It’s essential to minimise your backpack during the Chisapani Nagarkot trek, whether you’re carrying it, or the Porter is taking care of the pack.

Generally, over the three days, you can wear the same clothes, although a change of clothing is recommended, especially during your one night in Nagarkot where luxury is waiting for you.

Other than that, make sure you wear long clothes, good hiking shoes, apply sunscreen, drink water, bring a camera, wear a beanie if hiking during the cold season and personal belongings, including your passport, that will be needed for the trip.

For further information, you can always ask your tour provider pre-trip for what to pack for the hike, and they’ll help you out with a quick reply.



Get prepared for the hike because the goats are waiting for you.



Day 1 – Kathmandu to Chisapani

An early morning wake up was required at the Hotel Horizon in Kathmandu City, not too early, but I needed to check out of the room, eat a fulfilling breakfast and get ready for pick up at 8 am.

Without any delays, I met the boss of the Nepal Hiking Team at the entrance of the hotel on the streets of Thamel, by his side he had the guide and the porter for the hike, and we were driven to the starting point of the tour to begin the Chiapani Nagarkot trekking.


It Begins in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

There is a Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park entrance fee of 1000-Nepalese rupees when entering into the national park, although my park fees were already included in the tour price, and the guide took care of all documents at the booth. All I needed to do was to hand over my passport to the authorities.

From the outset, the Shivapuri trekking route started with an ascent up the mountains, it taught me a lesson of not going too hard too early and to walk at a steady pace. With the altitude, I found I was hard at breathing only a few minutes in and needed to slow my steps down a little. The breathing troubles wouldn’t last as I became accustomed to the conditions.


Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Entering into the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park


Throughout the early part, we wandered through many farms situated in the National Park, with the farm animals, mainly goats, seen regularly through the early stages trip. We had an early lunch, not too long into the hike at an old shabby tea house, feeding our empty stomach on the Nepalese dish Dal Bhat and a hit of much-appreciated coffee.

The early stages of the trek have been encouraging to say the least, out in nature with the sun beaming down, even though it was cold. Nepal is truly a beautiful country, especially when you escape the city life, and the scenery is only going to get better the further we advance into the Chisapani Trek.



Hiking to Chisapani in Nepal.



Greeted with snow through the Chisapani hike

I never expected to see snow, heck, the snow has never really been a part of my life living in the state of Western Australia. Therefore, how I grateful I was that the trekking area to Chisapani had heavy snowfall the previous night. It meant, a lot of the trail was covered in snow and not melting away anytime soon.

I was like a little kid experiencing something new; I had previously seen snow twice in my life, once as a kid and second time in Muju-Gun of South Korea. Walking through the forest, the snow became hard to avoid, I didn’t want to avoid it to be truthful, and with a gleaming smile, I kept moving forward embracing the new personal experience.

It also made the scenery appear even more beautiful, I have always thought the outdoors look better with snow, and it was hard to persuade otherwise with what I was seeing. Of course, I was lucky to have the snowfall during my hike, it may not be the same for other travellers participating in the trek, but they are the breaks in life.


Chisapani trek

The snow-covered ground on the way to Chisapani.



The incredible Himalayan Mountain views begin to appear

A glorious day in the Nepalese wilderness and heavy snowfall, what more could appear to make this day even more special?

The Himalayan Mountains, of course.

How breathtaking, overpowering were the mountains at first sight. Never in my life had I seen anything more mesmerising as my eyes became captivated to the mountain ranges which became endless.

The mountains of Nepal would follow me for the duration of the trip and hardly leave my sight. It follows you through the majority of the Chisapani Nagarkot trek. Often, falling on my backside through the tricky terrain while being distracted by such beauty.

No harm was done, I got up and dusted it off, the mountains were in my sight for three days only, and I didn’t want to waste the precious moment in my life.


Mountains in Nepal

The Himalayan Mountains begin to appear on the trek.



Staying the Night in a Chisapani Lodge

An Earthquake affected area from the devastations in 2015, the Chispani town in some parts is torn apart with half-demolished buildings that have yet to be bulldozed and look as if a few of those buildings are about to tumble over.

That’s the devastation side of things done with.

Chispani is the base of the first night of the tour and home to the million-dollar views with the Langtang Himalayan Ranges in full sight. The Dorje Lapka Hotel we stayed at certainly wasn’t anything luxurious, the rooms were cold with no heating, but there was a warm shower, a fulfilling feed for dinner and extra thick blankets for extra warmth.

However, from your hotel window, you could see the never-ending mountains ranges. In that case, what else mattered when I was travelling through Nepal alone, but to have a bed to sleep in at night and the mountains to wake up to in the morning.

Day one complete and what a positive experience it had been, as I eagerly awaited day two of the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek.


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An overview of the Chisapani Hotel and the surrounding earthquake affected buildings.

Day 2 – Hiking from Chisapani to Nagarkot

The hump day of the Nepal tour, and the most significant distance we needed to travel by foot in a single day for the trek.

In the second leg, we walked from Chisapani to Nagarkot, crossing through the forest, farms and villages along the way to the next destination and in the process, witnessing more beautiful scenery that occupies Nepal.


An Amazing Sunrise in Chisapani

They always say the Nagarkot sunrise is the best views to see during the trek if that is the case, I was looking forward the following morning because the Chispani version didn’t let me down.

The alarm had been set for 6 am on a cold morning in Nepal; I wasn’t going to miss this sunrise in Chisapani for anything. With the day somewhat clear upon waking up, I was greeted to the best sunrise I had ever seen, continually watching the morning sun make its way over the Himalayan Mountains.

For half an hour, I watched the magic over the horizon, starting from near darkness, onwards to the first morning light when the sun lifted over the mountains in the distance. The dawn experience was incredible, as I stood in the one spot and witnessed the landscape change in front of me.

With so much going wrong in the world, it was mesmerising to see the planet at its very best in an unfamiliar part of the world.


Nepal Sunrise

The morning sunrise in Chisapani.



The 20-kilometre Nagarkot Trek

After delicious apple pancakes for breakfast with coffee, the next leg of the Chispani Nagarkot Trek started early with a long day of hiking ahead.

For the early parts, the terrain was more comfortable to handle as we took the risk-free track through the forest for the first couple of hours with no real events taking place as we marched onwards and checked out the surrounding every so often.

A few hours into the hike, we stopped for lunch at a lovely restaurant that appeared situated in the middle of nowhere. The hidden restaurant had rather impressive facilities, with a glamorous dining area and guest rooms down below. I have fallen in love with Nepalese food during this trip, so I had the Dal Bhat once more, which as always, was an impressive dish.


Chisapani Nagarkot trek

The beautiful scenery and even better lunch.


The second half of the walk continued after an impressive lunch, with the forest path deserting us, and this time walking through villages, farm and mini townships.  It was fascinating to get a feel of how the Nepalese lived away from the city.

For an extended period, any uphill climbs had been rare, that is until we reached the final leg into Nagarkot township. It was the hardest uphill climb of the whole Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, with the thighs starting to feel heavy, while we continued upwards for what seemed like hours, but lasted around 45-60-minutes.

Into Nagarkot, you can tell you have found another beautiful part of the country, as you wander through a quiet township with many hotels lined together, most looking rather impressive and with Himalayan Views.

Our hotel seemed to be the last one in Nagarkot, continuing the delay to end the big day’s hike. However, the wait was worth it as we checked into the Hotel Himalayan Villa.


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Chisapani Nagarkot trek

A small village in the way to Nagarkot from Chisapani.


The incredible Hotel Himalayan villa

I loved this hotel; I really did, and you can read the full feature article of the Hotel Himalayan Villa with this link.

The Hotel Himalayan is only around 60-90 minutes from Kathmandu, so you could easily spend a night or two in Nagarkot, staying at either this excellent Villa or anyone other Nagarkot accommodation in the township.

The Hotel Himalayan Villa is a modern hotel with beautiful facilities. Its biggest drawcard is the Open Terrace that faces the Langtang Himalayan Mountains, the ideal spot to purchase an alcoholic beverage from the bar and enjoy your drink outside on the terrace with the incredible views in the distance.

The luxury and spacious rooms are impressive too. In my hotel room, was a king-size bed, cable television, air-conditioning/heating, a fully equipped bathroom and a private balcony to appreciate the mountains further.

For dinner, the hotel’s restaurant serves up a buffet with a great selection of casseroles, pasta, carvery, vegetables and dessert. Along with the guide, who joins me for dinner, we tuck into a few plates of the buffet food, before going in our own direction and resting up before the final hike in the morning.


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hotel Himalayan villa

The Hotel Himalaya Villa in Nagarkot.

Day 3 – The Conclusion to the Chispani to Nagarkot Trek

The great three-day hike concluded with a non-existent sunrise, a three-hour morning hike to the Changunarayan Temple, before returning to the chaotic scenes in Kathmandu CIty.


It wasn’t all perfect

I wish I had beautiful pictures to show you of a Nagarkot Sunrise. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, and the perfect photo couldn’t happen.

In the final morning of the Chisapani Nagarkot trek, I woke up hoping for a mesmerising sunrise. However, it wasn’t to happen with the surrounding area interrupted by thick cloud coverage blocking out any sunlight. Such is life.

On a clear day, I do not doubt that the morning views from the Nagarkot hotel would be incredible, as they were the afternoon before. I had been so lucky through this tour already. I wasn’t about to complain about the minor details that didn’t go as planned.


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Chisapani Nagarkot trek

Not the perfect sunrise, not too bad of a view anyway.



The Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike

A foggy day and still helicopters were crazy enough to fly in the skies with reduced visibility. It was madness even to the guide because Nepal has had its fair share of tragedy over the years.

With the noise in the skies, we continued along by foot on the ground wandering through more villages and farms towards our final destination in Changunarayan.

Not a long hike this morning, and much appreciated. While the Chisapni Nagarkot trek is short compared to other walks in Nepal, it was unusual for me to regularly on my feet for three days, and the body felt a few aches and pains during the final leg.


Nagarkot trek

A friendly goat makes an appearance.


The hike finished up in a small town called Changu, a boutique area village consisting of market stalls, coffee shops, restaurants, museums and the magnificent Changu Narayan Temple, which is said to be the oldest Hindu Temple in the Kathmandu Valley.

It was the ideal conclusion to the hike which gave plenty for the duration of the tour, and to finish standing inside an ancient temple, surrounded by the Changu village and the Champak Tree Forest, concludes the story of the three-day hike near Kathmandu perfectly.


Changunarayan Temple

The Temple concludes the three-day hike.



The End of an exciting adventure

The experience of the Chisapani Nagarkot trek was surreal, while you had to grind it during the day through stretches of the hike, especially uphill, there was indeed no boring bits associated with the journey.

How could there be with Nepalese culture and landscapes to keep you occupied, with the Himalayan Mountains, Stupa’s, temples, villages and farms to gaze at while roaming the country by day.

It’s the ideal hike for those who don’t want to be out on their feet for too long but still witness the best of Nepal. If you are touring the Kathmandu Valley area and wondering what to do, give the Nagarkot to Chisapani trek a consideration. You won’t regret it.


Changu Village

Changu Village

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An Honest Opinion of A Hectic Kathmandu Trip – Nepal

An Honest Opinion of A Hectic Kathmandu Trip – Nepal

The Nepal trip is now wrapped up, and now I am trying to get my head around my thoughts about this unique yet exciting city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Many experiences during the Kathmandu trip were primarily positive, with a couple of negatives; however, in this honest opinion, I delve into the positives and the negatives of a city that I’ll never forget.

I loved my Kathmandu, and I did; perhaps it’s love more reserved to a distant friend that you are happy to see from time to time, but the love is still there. I guess that’s my sincere feelings towards the Nepalese Capital City; glad to come back and delighted to see the future changes when I return.

One thing is for sure; I will return for a second Nepal tour will happen at some stage in the coming years because I would love to see those breathtaking mountains once again and further explore other areas of the country.

In my honest opinion, when discussing the positives and negatives of my Kathmandu trip in this article, I will go through what I enjoyed most and what I didn’t want so much. However, one thing is for sure, if anyone were to ask me whether they should travel to Nepal, especially the big chaotic city, I would give a resounding yes!


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Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

The positives and negatives from my perspective of my Kathmandu trip in 2019.




An Honest Review of A Hectic Kathmandu Trip in Nepal

Travelling to foreign countries can bring challenges, no doubt about that. Whatever the problems I’m confronted with, l always understand that I’m a guest in their country and that the local’s way of life needs to be RESPECTED.

I can’t stress the word enough. Respect!

Respect for their religion, care for their livelihood, respect for the food they eat and respect for the country’s laws. That is of most importance, no matter how I feel while travelling in a foreign country.


Kathmandu trip

Show respect in attractions like the Pashupatinath Temple.


The sadness of Kathmandu Nepal

Before I get into the pros & cons, it’s essential to know that if you have lived under a rock for the last few years, the Kathmandu Valley area was struck by a tragic earthquake in 2015, killing thousands of people.

Repairs and maintenance in a city like Kathmandu are slow, and rebuilding is taking its time. Many Kathmandu tourist attractions and structures are still being reconstructed, specifically the Durbar Squares of Patan and Kathmandu, where the quake hit hardest.

Don’t let it deter you or your travel plans to Nepal; every Kathmandu attractions still look fantastic, and you’ll even capture a positive experience wherever you visit.

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Swayambhunath Stupa

One out of three is not bad at Amideva Buddha Park, but construction is expected.


The Negative experiences of my Kathmandu Trip

Not everything is perfect, even in the world of travel. Let’s check out the negatives first of my own Kathmandu travel experience and move on from there. You’ll notice that the positives outweigh the negatives, but that’s life in the real world.


The Road conditions of Kathmandu City

Like many third world countries, road conditions and traffic laws have a fair way regarding Western Civilisation.

Many roads have bitumen, yet conditions are pretty weak, with potholes appearing without warning. You’ll also come across streets with no asphalt, and a dusty haze will cover the city, especially during the dry months.

Road works can happen at random locations; usually, there is minimal signage, and you’ll have to navigate away through on your terms. At times, some locals or workers may give instructions for road users to go through, and sometimes if possible, you may need to turn around and go an alternate way.

If you are on foot, generally walk by and hope the excavator digging the roads doesn’t lose control. I am not joking either, because there were many times I had walked through busy road works while wandering through the city to my next attraction.


The traffic in Kathmandu is chaotic.

The traffic is a nightmare, with many bikes, cars and buses all over the roads. It will get frustrating. When you first look at the distance in kilometres to a Kathmandu place you’re visiting, you’ll think that it’s not so bad and shouldn’t take too long. Until you get into the taxi and realise you have moved a hundred metres in five minutes.

You will think it may be better to walk, and with Kathmandu sights close by to Thamel, you may be right. However, in distant places such as Bhaktapur and, to a lesser degree Patan, a taxi or other modes of transportation is your only way there, and you’ll need to put with the chaotic traffic.


Kathmandu trip

The traffic is not always this laid back in the streets of Kathmandu.


Many approaches from locals while walking the streets of Thamel

One thing is for sure; the locals know the tourists are in Thamel, and many are out on the streets in an attempt to make money. It’s as simple as that.

During my travels in Kathmandu, I couldn’t walk 10-metres in Thamel without continually being approached to buy drugs, hike in the mountains, have a rickshaw ride, purchase a souvenir, buy this, buy that; it all got very annoying. Ultimately, the politeness went away, and you would not answer any request. Sometimes the locals followed you, but never for too long.

Even at the Tourist places in Kathmandu, you would often get approached; in this case, it is someone requesting to be your guide. I am the kind of traveller that likes to wander through attractions in quiet, I am not a fan of tours, and I prefer to read up on specific details.

In saying that, on one occasion, I did pay for a guide at the Kathmandu Durbar Square for a negotiated price. Everything was excellent. The guide walked me around and was very knowledgeable in the details of the temples and buildings. So, if you do want to pay for a tour guide, many will appear at the entrance, negotiate a price and enjoy the tour. If not, walk away.


Bouddha Stupa

Approaches from locals will happen when out and about.


Bartering in Kathmandu City

Bartering pisses me off wherever I go; I hate it and try to avoid it, whether in Nepal, Southeast Asia or another destination. It’s something I am not particularly eager to do to save a couple of dollars. Besides that, I don’t shop too often when I travel, albeit to buy a couple of souvenirs.

Bartering is a part of life when you visit Kathmandu, whether you’re purchasing a souvenir, hiking clothes, needing a taxi ride or paying for a guide at the Kathmandu tourist attractions.

Generally, the rule of thumb is to knock down the initial prices by around 50% and work from there. Remember, even if you’re no good at negotiating a fee, you’re not going to be left shorthanded too much, so don’t stress about it.


Kathmandu Durbar Square

Bartering is expected in the markets of Kathmandu.


The Many positives of my Kathmandu Trip

The Negative Nellies are over; it’s time to get stuck into the positives because there are many in Kathmandu.


The People of Nepal

I have spoken about bartering and getting approached on the streets, but as a whole, the people of Nepal are fantastic, genuine people, and I love to have a conversation with them. If you’re drinking at a bar, dining at a restaurant, going on a hike, or staying at a hotel, the locals are great to chat with, so open yourself up and get to know them.

Eventually, when a few of the familiar locals did approach you on the streets of Thamel, soon enough it would become daily chat sessions. They were great people trying to make a dollar in hard times, and that’s it. It meant it was always essential to remain polite.


Nepal trekking tour

All smiles mingled with the locals of Nepal.


The UNESCO Kathmandu attractions

I love the culture, tradition, and historical buildings; in Kathmandu, I was spoilt with choices of places to visit.

There are many fascinating sightseeing places in Kathmandu, with Temples, Stupas and Dubar Squares in many locations. Many people love to go to the top of Swayambhunath Stupa to capture a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

I found the Pashupatinath Temple the most fascinating, with live cremations happening over the Baghmati River. The crowds would make their way to the temple for worship every day.

However, the Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu Durbar Square show classed the city’s authentic historical and traditions with beautiful temples, structures, and relics located throughout the main attraction area. You could also wander through the narrow backstreets and enjoy shopping and dining experiences.


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travel to kathmandu

Travel to Kathmandu and witness culture and attractions at its very finest.


The Garden of Dreams

A quiet sanctuary in the busy city, The Garden of Dreams was my favourite place to visit in Kathmandu. In these dream gardens, the crowd was missing, nature was alive, and everything from the pavilions, water features and gardens was simply beautiful.

A lot of locals and foreigners make their way into the Gardens for its tranquillity; it’s merely a great place to sit on the park bench and read a book for a while or to have a quiet lunch in the café, even if you have to spend more money than you would usually.


dream garden kathmandu

Enter into the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu.


Visiting the mountains of Nepal

You don’t have to go too far to visit the mountains of Nepal or even see the Himalayas from a distance in Nagarkot. Many tours from Kathmandu will provide mountain bike riding, short treks, and even a sunrise tour over the mountains for an unforgettable Kathmandu sightseeing experience.

I will never forget my own experience when I did a 3-day Chisapani to Nagarkot trek, and the Himalayan mountains would follow for practically the duration of the hike. If there were little cloud coverage in the mornings, you would wake up to the most beautiful sunrise you could imagine.

If you want to be a little more luxurious, do less walking and spend a bit more money, you can organise a sightseeing flight tour and see Mount Everest from above in the comfort of an aeroplane. Much better than hiking for some people, and from all reports, the trip is safe.


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Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal will include amazing mountains.



Relaxing with free WIFI in a Café in Kathmandu

What tourist, while travelling, doesn’t like to go straight to a café, buy a delicious cappuccino, perhaps a sweet cake and sit back for an hour two and browse the internet. It’s a great chance to conduct some work and contact at home for an hour two. I know I do it during my spare time, and I don’t want to be holed up in a hotel room.

The coffee and food in Kathmandu café are cheap, and there are plenty of cafés, particularly in the area, to visit. After a big day doing some Kathmandu sightseeing, I would indulge myself with a caffeine boost and be busy on my phone or laptop for a while. The WIFI reception was pretty good too.


Momos and Dal Bhat

One of my favourite things in Nepal was to head the Helena’s Bar in Thamel, go straight to the top of the rooftop bar, buy a local beer, eat tasty momos and watch the sun go down over the valley. It was gorgeous.

The Momos are merely delicious, and on this occasion, I tried the Buffalo version, although you can also choose from vegetarian and chicken. Whatever your choice of momos, you will enjoy it, and there is no better atmosphere than at a rooftop bar.

Next is the most famous Nepalese dish, Dal Bhat, a traditional meal consisting of lentil soup, rice, curried dishes, a mixture of vegetables and meat if desired. The fulfilling dish is delicious, and you must give it a try while on holiday in Nepal.


Dal Bhat

A traditional Nepalese Dish Dal Bhat.


The Affordability of Kathmandu city

With all the Kathmandu tips and advice I have given you, Kathmandu City is an affordable place to travel at the end of the day. Whether it’s the restaurants, bars, shopping, massages, tours, accommodation, taxis and anything else, most things are relatively cheap.

If you want to catch a taxi to an attraction that is 60-minutes away, you’re not paying more than ten dollars. You want to find a cheap hotel in Kathmandu with a private room, and you can from as low as $10-15 a night. At Kathmandu restaurants, you’ll find affordable meals from as little as a few dollars.

The most expensive part of your trip to Nepal will be the flights to Kathmandu. Everything is pretty stock standard if you be wise and plan everything well enough.


Conclusion of the Kathmandu Review

It is pretty clear the positives outweigh the negatives, and on this occasion, it’s ten-goal hiding in favour of the Positives.

At least once in your life, make sure you visit Kathmandu and the rest of the country when the opportunity arises. If you get past a few of the negatives that come with any destination worldwide, there is a memorable vacation waiting for you.


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Kathmandu sights

Taking a stroll through Kathmandu Nepal.

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Hotel Himalayan Villa – One of the Best hotels in Nagarkot – Nepal

Hotel Himalayan Villa – One of the Best hotels in Nagarkot – Nepal

The Himalayan Mountains are right there in front of you, for all to see. It’s still some distance away, but the mountains overpowering presence, makes it appear that very much closer.

Courtesy from my private balcony of a luxury hotel room, while staying at the Hotel Himalayan Villa, the Langtang Himalaya Ranges was there in its glory. It looked nothing short of sensational.

I came about this hotel in Nagarkot by luck, meaning it was not my choice to stay here, but very grateful it was included as part of the conclusion to the Chisapani and Nagarkot Trek I had partaken in during my Nepal trip.

Grateful for the chance to stay here, because now I get the opportunity to share it with you and If you do get the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, make sure that you spend a night or two in the Hotel Himalayan Villas and unwind in the mountains.

The elegant hotel is only around an hour from Kathmandu, and you’ll have the chance to stay in one of the best hotels in Nagarkot – Nepal.

Book your own stay at Hotel Himalaya Villa with!


hotel Himalayan villa

Hotel Himalaya Villa.


A mesmerising stay at the Hotel Himalayan Villa in Nagarkot, Nepal



The Open Terrace with the Himalaya Views

I haven’t seen every terrace in every hotel around the world, and I am sure many have unbelievable views. However, this hotel in Nagarkot Kathmandu is undoubtedly one of the finest I have seen, and when it comes to witnessing the best natural scenery that you can think of, the Himalayan Villa is in the upper echelon.

Think about this for a second! You grab a beer from the Royal Gurkha Bar, an Everest Beer, it fits the theme perfectly. You take your beer outside and stand out on the Open Terrace slowly, drinking the cold refreshment, and you stare at the mesmerising Himalaya views.

Your eyes remain fixated on the mountains because you want to take in the stunning scenic surroundings as much as possible, at least while you have the chance. You keep staring until the sun goes down, eager for the sunrise and hoping you’ll wake up to a clear day.


 Hotel Himalaya Villa.

The Open Terrace of Hotel Himalaya Villa.



Evening Drinks at the Royal Gurkha Bar

I have already mentioned that the choice is yours, you can take your drink of beer, wine or other liquors to the open terrace, or you can relax in style inside the Royal Gurkha Bar at the Hotel Himalaya in Nepal.

Nepal does get cold and sometimes, therefore, sometimes it’s the smart choice to mellow out in the warmth of the comfortable chairs inside the bar, mingle with your friends & family, and occasionally look out the window at all that is around you. Either way, you’re in for an entertaining evening in Nagarkot Nepal.


 Royal Gurkha Bar

The Royal Gurkha Bar.



A Buffet Dinner with the mountains right there

The sun goes down, the mountains are still there, but it can’t they are not seen. It’s time to take your drinks to the restaurant below the bar and enjoy an excellent selection of buffet dining at the Hotel Himalayan Villa. The choices are usually plenty, with a carvery, casseroles, stir-fries, vegetable dishes, salads and dessert.

It’s the same location for a buffet breakfast in the morning, again, you get to look out the window and witness the Himalayas once again while eating your omelette and other tasty selections, to start the day in the right mood.


Nagarkot hotels

The buffet is ready to go in Nagarkot.



The Elegant hotel suite room

I loved my Suite Room at the Hotel Himalayan Villa.

The room I stayed in was large and spacious, with a comfortable King-size bed, cable television of mainly Indian and Nepalese channels, tea & coffee facilities and a large bathroom to enjoy a hot shower. I was in my little sanctuary.

The best bit always comes with the views, so if I wasn’t standing at the Open Terrace, I was sitting in my private balcony and taking it all in peacefully. My only regret was that I was travelling in Nepal on my own and I couldn’t experience this incredible hotel with my wife, because this is a moment you want to saviour with those you love.


Hotel Himalaya

The Suite Room at Hotel Himalaya.



Hotel Activities to keep you busy

Nagarkot is full of adventure or relaxation, and at this hotel, you can get the best of both worlds.

For the activities, you can organise a small trek in the mountains, go mountain bike riding, request a pony ride for the kids, or enjoy a walk through the local village, which is a must in Nagarkot.

For relaxation, you can experience a Yoga and Meditation Class, be thoroughly pampered with a relaxing massage to recover from a full day’s hike, and even enjoy an Ethnic Culture Performance as the Nepalese show off their proud history. You can request any activity at the lobby counter of your Nagarkot Accommodation.


Enjoy a day hike in
Nagarkot with Klook
and take in the precious scenery!


Tours in Nepal

Enjoy a hike, on your way to Nagarkot.


A Morning Sunrise to remember

Alright, I’ll be honest from the start, I didn’t get the incredible sunrise, sometimes that is just your luck in life, but I was not about to complain about the little things that didn’t go my way due to thick cloud coverage, I had already seen such incredible scenery the afternoon before and the previous days.

While my eyes couldn’t witness the sunrise over the Himalayan Mountains, it doesn’t mean they are not there, and I hear the morning views can be incredible. Whether you witness the sunrise from your private balcony, or at the Open Terrace, make sure you’re setting your alarm clock nice and early to see the best of Nepal from the Hotel Himalayan Villa.

I promise you; it’ll be worth it.


Book your stay in one of the best hotels in Nagarkot with!


 hotels in Nagarkot Nepal

When a sunrise doesn’t suffice, this will do instead, in one of the best hotels in Nagarkot, Nepal.

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10 Must-See Tourist Places in Kathmandu You Need to Visit – Nepal

10 Must-See Tourist Places in Kathmandu You Need to Visit – Nepal

The ultimate tourist places in Kathmandu will sure be on your agenda when visiting the Nepal Capital, get ready to be mesmerised by history, culture and beauty in a proud country. 


Culture and religion are a healthy mix within Nepal, and it flows through to the Kathmandu Valley and onwards to their vividly beautiful attractions.

Checking out the best sightseeing places in Kathmandu needs to be a priority for all tourists who are backpacking Nepal and venture into the busy region.

Not only because it’s the right thing to do when travelling into any destination, but you’ll also learn a large amount of the country’s proud history in the process.

The Kathmandu attractions vary from stunning temples to gorgeous gardens. From busy and crowded places to tranquillity and peace in a city that is continually flowing.

While a few attractions are still getting rebuilt from the tragic 2015 earthquake that rocked the nation, there is still brilliance provided at each Kathmandu Place you stroll into during your Nepal trip.

In the end, you’ll be happy you caught the taxi through the chaotic traffic in the vibrant city and found inspiration within the important Kathmandu sightseeing places.

The Nepal tourism is not only about the stunning Himalayan Mountains.


Visiting Kathmandu for a cultural holiday in Nepal? Look for crazy cheap hotels at!


tourist places in Kathmandu

10 of the best tourist places in Kathmandu.


10 Tourist Places in Kathmandu You Must Visit



A couple of basic tips before entering the Kathmandu Attractions

  • Do you need a guide? – At some of the tourist attraction in Kathmandu, you’ll get locals coming up to you and asking if they can be your guide. They are only there to make a dollar or two and while they can appear persuasive in their actions are harmless and friendly. If you want a guide, negotiate a price and accept if you wish. If you do not want a guide, just say no.
  • Beggars – At most attractions you visit, there will be the unfortunate who are desperate for a few rupees from tourists. Such people from the elderly, people who are sadly missing limbs and school-aged kids are usually seen at entrances or throughout the attractions in hope for a gift in return. Please don’t feel pressured to donate, because it will be impossible to hand out to everyone. If you do want to help, there are charities where you can add a donation.
  • Take a passport or copy of your passport – The Durbar Squares within the Valley may ask for your passport as prices vary from nationality to nationality. While not mandatory, taking your passport with you can come in handy.
  • Secure your belongings – At any country, you visit worldwide petty crime can happen, same for Nepal. Keep your belongings secured in a travel bag or travel wallet and don’t leave anything expensive lying around next to you.


Now let’s get into the best places to visit in Kathmandu.


Kathmandu sights

Take a stroll through Kathmandu Nepal.


1. Thamel

The Thamel area is where most tourists converge during their Kathmandu trip. It’s also the central hub of the city that has the most affordable accommodation, with a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafés, all with Free WIFI.

For those travellers staying in Thamel it will also be the main starting point to the beautiful places in Kathmandu you plan to visit.

In this popular precinct, you’ll be able to go shopping for a range of local goods such as cashmere merchandise, singing bowls and a variety of other Nepalese souvenirs.

If you need to recover from a trek, you’ll also find a range of massage parlours to soothe away the aches and pains.


thamel area

An overview of Thamel in Kathmandu and the surrounding mountains.


2. Durbar Square Kathmandu

The Hanuman-Dhoka Durbar Square (Kathmandu), has many temples and shrines on the grounds that represent the two most common religions in Nepal, which is Hinduism and Buddhism.

Up until the 20th Century, the Durbar Square was the home to the King of Nepal, whereas of today, there is no royal family in Nepal.

With the devastation of the 2015 earthquakes, there are still quite a few structures in the process of being rebuilt.

However, such maintenance work will not dent your visit with many fascinating things to see in the favourite Kathmandu tourist place with main temples and idols within Durbar Square including the Trailokya Mohan Narayan Temple, Basantapur Tower and the Courtyard of Kumari Bahal.

It’s at the Kumari Bahal that holds quite a significant fascination. Inside the Bahal, at the time of publishing this article, is a six-year-old girl, who lives within the walls of the Bahal, she is called a Kumari, “a living goddess of Nepal.

The Kumari can show herself to tourist during a specific timeframe, but photos are not allowed. She stays living in the Bahal until her bloodshed, and up until that point she is only allowed to leave the premises for ceremonial occasions. When it is time for the current Kumari to move from the Bahal, a new one is selected to live in the walls of the red-bricked, three-story building.

At Kathmandu Durbar Square, it is indeed worth paying for a guide, as these stories are rather incredible and will give you a new education and history lesson on the history of Nepal.

  • Entrance Fee: 1000rupees
  • Distance from Thamel: 15-20-minute walk


travel to kathmandu

Kathmandu Durbar Square.

3. Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is situated in the city of Lalitpur and again a representation of both Hindu and Buddhism.

This iconic attraction which is UNESCO Heritage listed is a must when you visit Kathmandu and has many structures of temples, religious relics and idols in the precinct.

The main tourist attractions in Patan Durbar Square is the Ancient Royal Place (museum), the Krishna Temple and the Mul Chok courtyard.

However, when you’re stumbling through the area, you’ll find many beautiful structures, temples and religious artefacts located in the area.

  • Entrance Fee: 1000-rupees.
  • Distance from Thamel: 35-40 minutes by Taxi.


Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square.


4. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kathmandu, not only for its beautiful structures that are set up in Bhaktapur, but also, there is a little less hustle and bustle, and the atmosphere is quite pleasant.

The main set up within the Durbar Square is again made up of many temple and idols with the most popular attractions being the Vatsala Temple, a statue of Bhudatindra Malla, the Lion’s gate and the Nyatapola Temple along with many other structures.

Never threat too much about all the temples in the area, once you pay your entrance fee, you’ll get a map, and you can wander through the Square and take pictures at will. You can even hire a guide if you wish.

The Durbar Square in Bhaktapur was less affected by the earthquakes, meaning there is less construction work happening and most structures are standing there all before you ready to amaze you.

During your walk through Bhaktapur, you’ll come across many alleyways that contain market stalls, restaurants and café’s and you can make the most of your day of Kathmandu sightseeing wandering through the area.

  • Entrance Fee: 1500-rupees
  • Distance from Thamel: Around 60-minutes by taxi.


You can organise a Patan and Bhaktapur through Klook and see the best of both Kathmandu attractions in the one tour.


Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

5. Swayambhunath Stupa

When it comes to what to see in Kathmandu, the Swayambhunath Stupa will get your attention, especially with the popular tourist attraction coming with the best views in the Kathmandu area.

It begins with steps, many of them, 365 of them to be exact, represent 365-steps to Illuminati. 

It’s once you reach the great heights at Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey temple when you’ll witness the incredible views that are there before you. It certainly makes for an ideal sightseeing opportunity, which is even better at sunrise or sunset.

The name of Swayambhunath Stupa is of Tibetian origin and means “sublime trees” representing a variety of trees that are on the hill of the Stupa.

At the top, where the famous Stupa stands, you will see a wave of tourists who are all queuing up for the best view in the city and even checking out the monkeys who make permanent occupation at the Kathmandu attraction.

Apart from the Stupa, you can wander further around the area and see other religious architectural sights, such as, the Statue of Peace and the Maha Manjushree Sarashwati Temple. It’s less crowded as you wander through the temple grounds, but you will come across  more steps if you decide to return to the main Stupa.

  • Entrance Fee: 200-rupees.
  • Distance from Thamel: 30-minute walk or 10-minute taxi ride.


Kathmandu attractions

The steps to Illuminati at Swayambhunath Stupa.

6. Amideva Buddha Park

A smaller attraction in Kathmandu is the Amideva Buddha Park, which is a 10-minute walk from the Swayambhunath Stupa.

Amideva is the home to the three Buddha statues that sit side by side, with the golden figures representing the Sakamuni Buddha, a four-armed Chenresig and the Guru Rinpoche.

  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Distance from Thamel: 10 minutes by taxi.


Swayambhunath Stupa

Amideva Buddha Park at time of maintenance, which is a regular occurrence in Kathmandu.


7. Bouddha Stupa

Bouddha Stupa in the Boudhanath area of Kathmandu Nepal, has a buoyant atmosphere, except it isn’t the purpose, it happens to be this way.

The energy created within the grounds of the Bouddha is entirely electric, and it’s much fun to wander around another of the Kathmandu sights and take plenty more photos.

Naturally, the main attraction is the Stupa, which takes centre stage for all to see and is known to be one of the biggest in the world.

Created in the 14th Century, Bouddha Stupa is of rumoured to be built at the time of the passing of Buddha as now a stable place for worship in the Buddhist faith.

While many tourists come to the main attraction to gaze at the Buddha and take many photos of the centrepiece.

You’ll also get sidetracked by the happening around the main sight, with many market stalls, retail shopping, café’s with views of the Stupa and many restaurants that make it a worthwhile couple of hours at Bouddha Stupa.

  • Entrance Fee: 250-rupees
  • Distance from Thamel: 25-minutes by taxi.


Enjoy a full day tour in Kathmandu, visiting all the great sights!


Bouddha Stupa.

Bouddha Stupa.

8. Pashupatinath Temple

It’s one of the fascinating temples you’ll ever see during your travels. The Pashupatinath Temple host many major religious festivals of the Hindu faith in Kathmandu and is a location tourist rush to enhance their Nepal sightseeing and the locals come to for worship and offerings. However, the most captivating part about Pashupatinath is the cremations. That’s right! The cremations that happen over the Bagmati River in plain sight of anyone who may be passing by. For the average foreigner it can feel a bit heavy on the stomach, yet, for the locals of Nepal, it’s a part of life and very much ingrained into their culture. Another UNESCO site in Kathmandu tourist area, the Hindu precinct of Pashupatinath is a collection of temples and Ashrams, not to forget the sacred happenings over the Bagmati River. Each year, Millions of people make their way to this Kathmandu temple, with many of the Hindu faith coming across from India.
  • Entrance Fee: 1000-rupee
  • Distance from Thamel: 20-minutes by taxi

Pashupatinath Temple.

9. Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams is where you escape when you need to avoid the chaotic scenes in the city and relax in nature for a couple of hours.

These gardens are famous for tourists for it does offer relaxation where you can read a book on a park bench, stroll through the gardens with your lover or have a bite to eat and coffee in the Kaiser Café.

Inside the gardens, you’ll find beautifully landscaped gardens, stunning pavilion structures, an amphitheatre, pergolas, divine water features and lookout areas where you can view the Garden of Dreams from above.

You can read more about Kathmandu’s Garden of Dreams with Fair Dinkum traveller’s feature article.

  • Entrance fee: 200-rupees.
  • Distance from Thamel: 5-minute walk


dream garden kathmandu

Enter into a dream garden.


10. Kopan Monastery

It’s the most peaceful location in all of Kathmandu valley, The Kopan Monastery, a home for Buddhist Monks who live on the premises the monastery but also invite guests into their home.

The boutique monastery is on a hilltop on the outskirts of Kathmandu, and you get sweeping views of the valley below and into the surrounding mountains, it is excellent viewing.

A the Kopan Monastery, it does not only home monks, but tourists are also invited to participate in a variety of courses and discover the way of Buddhism and to be at peace with your mind.

Such sessions usually run over a period of days from 5-to 15 days, where you stay and live in the boundaries of Kopan Monastery. There are one-day courses available too; you can find information with this link.

If all you want out of the Monastery is to add to your Kathmandu travel experience. You can stop by for an hour or two and wander through the monastery grounds.

It’ll make an excellent opportunity to take photos of the beautiful structures, enjoy a relaxing nap on the grassy areas, where time is of no issue, and even buy a few Buddhism related books and other merchandise from the Kopan Library.

  • Entrance fee: Free for a visit, courses will cost.
  • Distance from Thamel: Around 40-minutes by taxi.


Kopan Monastery.

Kopan Monastery.

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Two Cheap Hotels in Kathmandu Which Offer Top Stays – Nepal

Two Cheap Hotels in Kathmandu Which Offer Top Stays – Nepal

It was a satisfactory moment, to browse through the website, scour the reviews from other guests, check the accommodation amenities, and finally, click the book now button to finalise my two choices of the cheap hotels in Kathmandu I was seeking for my Nepal trip.

I seem to get a little fussy when looking for hotels, and I am not a hostel kind of guy, I’m very much an introvert who loves privacy and a warm shower to go with it. Therefore, whenever I’m booking accommodation for any occasion, I take my time, digest the information and make the final call, very much like I did for my Kathmandu Hotel Booking.

You see, I visited Nepal as a solo traveller, that means, I only had to look after my priorities when going through the process of finding the best hotel in Kathmandu that suited my own needs. I wasn’t travelling with my family, instantly eliminating the worry about the demands of others, just my concerns, and that made things a heck of a lot easier because I’m quite easy to please.

I wanted to find two hotels in Kathmandu, one before the trek in the mountains of Nepal, and the second hotel, after the trek. With the process of elimination, I found the ideal Kathmandu accommodation and to tell you the truth; I nailed it on both occasions.

Now, let me discuss with you, these two ideal and cheap hotels in Kathmandu, that did the trick for me, and depending on your demands, it may well suit you too when you’re visiting the Nepalese Capital.


Seeking alternate Kathmandu Accommodation? Look for hotels at!


Patan Durbar Square

An overview of finding the best cheap hotels in Kathmandu, before finding wonderful attractions.




An Overview of Two Cheap Hotels in Kathmandu – Nepal


I should make it crystal clear from the outset, none of these two hotels is fancy like a Park Hyatt or The Radisson. You could call it the opposite, but for the absurdly affordable price, there is no way you can complain because as long as you have a bed to sleep in and a warmish shower, it should be fine for most travellers.

Keep note, the Kathmandu hotel Price I paid may be of a different rate than you get, depending on the time of year or season you visit Nepal.


Hotel Horizon Kathmandu

The Hotel Horizon Kathmandu was. It was rundown, quite old and lacked any form of amenities except for a fulfilling daily breakfast, included in the price.

The room had no television, no heating and the outside noise could be heard, but I did only pay AUD$13 a night for this room. Therefore, for the $13, I got a large bed with plenty of blankets for warmth, a hot shower, a desk to some travel writing and breakfast as I said. Hard to complain when some hostels out there can cost more.

The location at Hotel Horizon was fantastic, tucked away in the bustling streets of Thamel, a real tourist area of Kathmandu, that means, all major restaurants, bars and cafes were nearby, as well as taxis stands to get you to the major tourists’ attractions in the city.

If you want to check out Hotel Horizon for yourself and perhaps find the best hotel rates, you can check out with this link.


  • Large daily breakfast with coffee
  • Warm Shower
  • Comfortable bed with plenty of blankets
  • Very cheap hotel in Thamel area
  • Nice Lobby set-up
  • Great location


  • The hotel is a little run down
  • No television
  • No heating
  • No daily housekeeping
  • Not the cleanest of hotels


hotels in Kathmandu Nepal

Not one of the worst hotels in Kathmandu Nepal – The Hotel Horizon Kathmandu.

Hotel Royal Suite

The hotel Royal Suite was fantastic, and to be honest, I would be satisfied to spend $100 a night on this hotel; instead, it was only double the price of the other hotel, at AUD$30 a night.

That’s right, twice more expensive, but the Royal Suite had a heck of a lot more to offer for their guest. The hotel was clean, had large bathrooms, air-conditioning, cable television, room service, daily housekeeping, buffet breakfast and very comfortable bedding.

The Hotel Royal Suite had everything you would expect out of a hotel but at a ridiculously low price, and once again, it was situated in the Thamel area where you can book amazing tours with Klook. It may not have looked like much on the outside, none do in Thamel, but once you walk through the front doors of this excellent three-star hotel in Kathmandu, you know you have found the ideal accommodation for any traveller.

If you want to check out Hotel Royal Suite for yourself and perhaps find the best hotel rates, you can check out with this link.


  • Clean and tidy hotel
  • Large and spacious rooms
  • Cable television
  • Air-conditioning
  • Affordable price
  • Great location
  • Fantastic and happy staff members
  • Fantastic TripAdvisor rating and one of the best hotels in Thamel


  • Hard to fault this hotel for the price
  • Lifts are a bit slow (was trying to find something)


cheap hotels in Kathmandu

Hotel Royal Suite

Finding you the Best Hotel in Kathmandu

I always refer to when finding the ideal hotel, whether it be for solo travel or an adventure with my family. In Kathmandu Nepal, my research did the trick, and I never left any hotel unsatisfied.

Remember Kathmandu is a chaotic city and noise can be brutal especially during the day. Therefore, you may want to look for a hotel that can block out the noise, has some resemblance of privacy, offers complimentary breakfast, and perhaps, has a bar for night time drink. Not that you’ll have trouble finding a bar in Kathmandu.

The best advice is to browse through as many hotels as possible, eliminate those who do not fit your criteria or budget and read the reviews of those who had a similar travel style as you, whether its family, couples or solo travel.

From that point on, I always look at ratings and ignore any hotel with a grade of under seven, because there are so many budget hotels in Kathmandu that will have a high rank with a low cost. Meaning a bargain is out there for you, and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday visiting the beautiful attractions of Nepal.

travel to kathmandu

Travel to Kathmandu and witness culture at its very finest.

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Things To Do In Thamel – Kathmandu in Nepal

Things To Do In Thamel – Kathmandu in Nepal

On your Kathmandu visit, there are exciting things to do in Thamel when you want to make the most of your stay away from the mountains.


It’s the Tourist Hub of Kathmandu; make no doubts about that fact when preparing for your Nepal trip.

Thamel is where the travellers come before or after their mountain trek to enjoy the big city life for a few days before dispersing in their direction, whichever way that may be.

There are many things to do in Thamel that can keep you entertained for hours, from enjoying a few drinks in a bar to having a relaxing massage. Alternatively, from taking advantage of the low prices in the retail outlets to dining out on an affordable meal in a classy restaurant.

Moreover, once you get past the hagglers on the streets, you’ll find your time in the tourist hub quite pleasant indeed, as you get lost in a world of the fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy chatting to the locals, dodging the motorbikes and making the most of your days in the Thamel District.

Let’s get into the swing of it and discuss what to do in the Thamel area of Kathmandu to help get your Nepal vacation off to the right start from the moment you arrive in the chaotic city of Nepal.


Are you looking for affordable Hotels in Thamel? Find great bargains at!


thamel area

The Thamel area and the surrounding mountains are a sight to behold from the high advantage of a rooftop bar.


Things to Do in Thamel – Kathmandu – Nepal



Enjoy hot coffee and WIFI and relax in a Thamel Cafe.

Enjoy a cappuccino or a refreshing tea in Thamel Café, and don’t forget to order a delicious chocolate muffin to go with it. You’ll eventually walk off those added calories.

The one thing about Thamel is there are many cafés in the area, and you’ll have ample opportunities to sit back and take advantage of the complimentary WIFI while browsing through your smartphone or laptop and keeping tabs on events back home.

Best Café’s in Thamel:

  • Roadhouse Café Thamel
  • Himalayan Java Coffee
  • Full Moon Café
  • New Orleans Café



Wander into a Thamel Cafe.


Indulge in a range of fantastic Thamel Restaurant

Whether you’re seeking Western Food, Indian Food or local Nepalese food, including the famous Momos, a nearby Kathmandu restaurant will have the food you are craving.

You can’t go wrong indulging in unique cuisines at various cheap restaurants in Thamel, and they are affordable places to eat.

Therefore, order a glass of your favourite beer or wine, research the dinner menu, and soon enough, you’ll be enjoying your selected meal and mingling with others long into the night.

Best Restaurants in Kathmandu:

  • Helena’s Restaurant
  • Baardali Café
  • KC’s Restaurant & Bar
  • The Temple Restaurant & Bar
  • Green Organic Cafe


restaurants in Kathmandu

The Nepalese thali dish is served at the Green Organic Cafe.


See Kathmandu Valley from greats heights at a Rooftop Bar

You’ll find a couple of nice Rooftop Bars during your stay in Kathmandu, but none will beat the views from Helena’s Restaurant, which also serves delicious meals and ice-cold beer.

You can dine at the Helena’s anytime you want, but make sure you arrive during the sunset hours on a clear day and fully utilise one of the best views in Thamel for some great Nepal sightseeing during your vacation.

By the way, Helena’s Restaurant serves the best Buffalo Momo’s in Thamel.


kathmandu sightseeing places

Helena’s rooftop restaurants are one of the best Kathmandu sightseeing places to drink local beer.


Enjoy the Thamel Nightlife in a local Bar.

Whether you desire a laidback bar or a nightclub where the music is playing, alcohol is constantly pouring. You can dance your way into the night and enjoy the best ofthe Kathmandu nightlife, the choice is yours, and either way will suffice.

It’s a great way to let your hair down after discovering the best Nepal tourist attractions during the day by mingling with friends and having a few drinks.

At least when finished, you don’t have to worry about driving home, because the hotels in Thamel are sure to be nearby.

Best Bars in Thamel:

  • Tom & Jerry’s
  • Sam’s Bar
  • Arena Sports Lounge


bar in thamel

Enjoy an Everest Beer or two at a bar in Thamel.


View the Best Tourist Places in Kathmandu with a Day Tour

At times, on your trip to Kathmandu, you’ll want to make things less complicated by not having to bargain prices with a taxi driver or fending off locals who want to be your guide once you pay your admission fee Kathmandu temple you are visiting.

The best scenario is to book a day city tour to visit the tourist places in Kathmandu and get a helpful guide to assist you in your travels by giving you a detailed history lesson on the attraction.

You can organise a tour at a Thamel travel agency or book a day tour online with Klook.


Organise a Trek and see the best things to do in Nepal

You will probably not trust a local offering you treks while walking the streets of Thamel Kathmandu because you’ll be asked a dozen times while out and about.

However, you can trust the number of licensed travel agencies in Thamel who can help you organise a day trek or longer multiple-day treks for a chance to enjoy the stunning mountains in Nepal.

Therefore, when looking for things to do in Nepal, whether it’s a short three-day Chisapani Nagarkot trek or wishing to brave the conditions to Everest Base Camp, wander into a trusted travel agency and find the suitable hike for you.


Tours in Nepal

Treks in Nepal can include the Himalayan mountains.


Relax with a Nepalese Massage

in Kathmandu, many reputable massage parlours in Thamel can give you a relaxing massage for an hour or two in various styles, including Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Massage and Trekkers’ recovery Massage, for those who have just returned from the wilderness.

Of course, there are massage parlours that are less than reputable. Still, the best way to find the most professional salons and avoid the dodgy ones in town is to google the specific massage parlour, check the reviews for what is legit or not and make your decision.

Many suitable Massage Parlours have a 4 out of 5 or even better.

When in doubt, choose the Samsara Spa, which you can book through Klook.

Best Massage Places to visit in Kathmandu:

  • Mount Heaven Spa
  • The Zen Spa
  • Astha Spa & Massage
  • Samsara Spa


Enjoy Nature at its best in the Garden of Dreams.

When you want to escape the chaos, The Garden of Dreams is the place to be for relaxation in the big city.

The Gardens are only a five-minute walk from Central Thamel, and the meagre cost to enter will persuade you to grab a book, pay the entrance fee and relax for an hour or two in the fresh air.

Inside the Garden of Dreams is a small art museum, a café to enjoy coffee or a sit-down meal, incredible architectural structures and stunning water features to admire from a park bench.

Make this dream garden a priority in your visit to Kathmandu.


Things to do in Thamel

The Garden of Dreams.


Purchase local souvenirs by shopping in Thamel

It’s not hard to wander into a Kathmandu shop and purchase a local memory, be it the domestic cashmere merchandise, a Singing Bowl, a Mandela Painting, hiking gear or a range of smaller items such as a fridge magnet to bring home with you.

There are many shopping places in Kathmandu where you can get all the above items, particularly in Thamel, where such things are always in your sights and offered to you almost endlessly. So, take home a little bit of Nepal with you and have cherished memories back on your mantlepiece.


thamel kathmandu

Take home with you a Nepalese souvenir.


Take a Rickshaw Ride in the Streets of Thamel

You’ll be offered a rickshaw ride about 50-times during any given day in the Thamel area. That is a given.

It’s easy to wander around Thamel street without handing out money for a quick rickshaw ride, but at times, you may feel like, “what the heck, why not.”

Enjoying a ride on the rickshaw is about bartering once again, which is usual in Nepal. Barter about half the price and go from there; even if you fill you are getting ripped off, it’ll only be by a dollar or two, so don’t threat; enjoy the ride and take many pictures.


Walk to Nearby Kathmandu Attractions

A few attractions are a 15-20-minute walk by foot to the Thamel area; although the trail is not always easy, as you dodge traffic and walk along dangerous paths, it’s still safe enough, and the locals are always helpful n pointing out directions.

A couple of the places to visit in Kathmandu close to Thamel by foot are the Durbar Square Kathmandu, the Swayanbunath Stupa (Monkey Temple) and the Kathmandu Royal Palace.

Depending on how daring or fit you are to walk through the busy Kathmandu area, you could spread your wings even further.

That’s a wrap of things to do in Thamel, a highly entertaining precinct where all the tourists converge in Kathmandu for a good time.

At times, it may seem a little in your face, but don’t fear; Thamel is a beautiful area that will genuinely entertain you for hours on end, and you’ll even make a few friends in the process.


travel to kathmandu

Travel to Kathmandu and witness culture at its very finest.

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