It was a satisfactory moment, to browse through the website, scour the reviews from other guests, check the accommodation amenities, and finally, click the book now button to finalise my two choices of the cheap hotels in Kathmandu I was seeking for my Nepal trip.

I seem to get a little fussy when looking for hotels, and I am not a hostel kind of guy, I’m very much an introvert who loves privacy and a warm shower to go with it. Therefore, whenever I’m booking accommodation for any occasion, I take my time, digest the information and make the final call, very much like I did for my Kathmandu Hotel Booking.

You see, I visited Nepal as a solo traveller, that means, I only had to look after my priorities when going through the process of finding the best hotel in Kathmandu that suited my own needs. I wasn’t travelling with my family, instantly eliminating the worry about the demands of others, just my concerns, and that made things a heck of a lot easier because I’m quite easy to please.

I wanted to find two hotels in Kathmandu, one before the trek in the mountains of Nepal, and the second hotel, after the trek. With the process of elimination, I found the ideal Kathmandu accommodation and to tell you the truth; I nailed it on both occasions.

Now, let me discuss with you, these two ideal and cheap hotels in Kathmandu, that did the trick for me, and depending on your demands, it may well suit you too when you’re visiting the Nepalese Capital.


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Patan Durbar Square

An overview of finding the best cheap hotels in Kathmandu, before finding wonderful attractions.




An Overview of Two Cheap Hotels in Kathmandu – Nepal


I should make it crystal clear from the outset, none of these two hotels is fancy like a Park Hyatt or The Radisson. You could call it the opposite, but for the absurdly affordable price, there is no way you can complain because as long as you have a bed to sleep in and a warmish shower, it should be fine for most travellers.

Keep note, the Kathmandu hotel Price I paid may be of a different rate than you get, depending on the time of year or season you visit Nepal.


Hotel Horizon Kathmandu

The Hotel Horizon Kathmandu was. It was rundown, quite old and lacked any form of amenities except for a fulfilling daily breakfast, included in the price.

The room had no television, no heating and the outside noise could be heard, but I did only pay AUD$13 a night for this room. Therefore, for the $13, I got a large bed with plenty of blankets for warmth, a hot shower, a desk to some travel writing and breakfast as I said. Hard to complain when some hostels out there can cost more.

The location at Hotel Horizon was fantastic, tucked away in the bustling streets of Thamel, a real tourist area of Kathmandu, that means, all major restaurants, bars and cafes were nearby, as well as taxis stands to get you to the major tourists’ attractions in the city.

If you want to check out Hotel Horizon for yourself and perhaps find the best hotel rates, you can check out with this link.


  • Large daily breakfast with coffee
  • Warm Shower
  • Comfortable bed with plenty of blankets
  • Very cheap hotel in Thamel area
  • Nice Lobby set-up
  • Great location


  • The hotel is a little run down
  • No television
  • No heating
  • No daily housekeeping
  • Not the cleanest of hotels


hotels in Kathmandu Nepal

Not one of the worst hotels in Kathmandu Nepal – The Hotel Horizon Kathmandu.

Hotel Royal Suite

The hotel Royal Suite was fantastic, and to be honest, I would be satisfied to spend $100 a night on this hotel; instead, it was only double the price of the other hotel, at AUD$30 a night.

That’s right, twice more expensive, but the Royal Suite had a heck of a lot more to offer for their guest. The hotel was clean, had large bathrooms, air-conditioning, cable television, room service, daily housekeeping, buffet breakfast and very comfortable bedding.

The Hotel Royal Suite had everything you would expect out of a hotel but at a ridiculously low price, and once again, it was situated in the Thamel area where you can book amazing tours with Klook. It may not have looked like much on the outside, none do in Thamel, but once you walk through the front doors of this excellent three-star hotel in Kathmandu, you know you have found the ideal accommodation for any traveller.

If you want to check out Hotel Royal Suite for yourself and perhaps find the best hotel rates, you can check out with this link.


  • Clean and tidy hotel
  • Large and spacious rooms
  • Cable television
  • Air-conditioning
  • Affordable price
  • Great location
  • Fantastic and happy staff members
  • Fantastic TripAdvisor rating and one of the best hotels in Thamel


  • Hard to fault this hotel for the price
  • Lifts are a bit slow (was trying to find something)


cheap hotels in Kathmandu

Hotel Royal Suite

Finding you the Best Hotel in Kathmandu

I always refer to when finding the ideal hotel, whether it be for solo travel or an adventure with my family. In Kathmandu Nepal, my research did the trick, and I never left any hotel unsatisfied.

Remember Kathmandu is a chaotic city and noise can be brutal especially during the day. Therefore, you may want to look for a hotel that can block out the noise, has some resemblance of privacy, offers complimentary breakfast, and perhaps, has a bar for night time drink. Not that you’ll have trouble finding a bar in Kathmandu.

The best advice is to browse through as many hotels as possible, eliminate those who do not fit your criteria or budget and read the reviews of those who had a similar travel style as you, whether its family, couples or solo travel.

From that point on, I always look at ratings and ignore any hotel with a grade of under seven, because there are so many budget hotels in Kathmandu that will have a high rank with a low cost. Meaning a bargain is out there for you, and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday visiting the beautiful attractions of Nepal.

travel to kathmandu

Travel to Kathmandu and witness culture at its very finest.
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