When I first laid eyes on the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, I knew at that moment a bucket list desire had been realised and ticked off the list.

From the outset, the mountains of Nepal did not let me down for one moment, How could it? The extraordinary Mountain Ranges were everything I had imagined it would be and so much more, especially for an ordinary West Aussie like myself who had not seen anything remotely like it previously, clearly, the holiday experience exceeded all expectations.

For once, I wasn’t staring at the picturesque mountains through footage seen on a television screen or a picture hanging from a wall in a house. This was very much real. I may not have trekked in the actual Himalayan Mountains itself, I doubt my fitness levels would handle the rigours of a strenuous journey to the Everest Base Camp.

During my own Nepal trip, I took part in the short Nagarkot Chispani trek and the picturesque mountains in Nepal followed me throughout the entire three-day journey, and never, had I seen anything more wonderful in my life, as the world’s finest natural attraction took centre stage.




mountains in Nepal

The incredible mountains in Nepal.



Realising a dream to visit the Mountains in Nepal



The Hype – Hiking in Nepal lives up to Expectations

There are times in life when you are really looking forward to a trip and you hope that it lives to the high expectations that has been set. At times, you can feel let down that the experience did not live up to the lofty standards. This was not the occasion, trekking in Nepal is an adventure that everyone should have once in their life and there are many Nepal trekking packages to suit a variety of fitness levels.

During my own shortened expedition, I was fortunate to have large snowfall the night before I departed, that meant through the first day of the trek, I was hiking through snow and loving every bit of it. That experience alone, meant so much to me personally, because seeing snow is a rare thing and was truly appreciated while slugging through the soft snow, letting any pain barriers pass me by while ascending up the mountain.

It was only an hour through the trek, when the Langtang Himalayan Mountain Ranges came in full view, “unbelievable,” is the word to best describe it. From that point on, the mountains rarely left my sight throughout the entire trek, even seen from your accommodation window at both Chisapani and Nagarkot.

The snow was heavy on top and the full landscape of the mountains was gigantic, you could not even see where the mountain ranges begun or ended, it just kept on going. Mount Everest was not even in the picture, that was much further away.

Naturally, you always looked forward to sunrise and only hoped the weather would be clear in the morning so you could see the sun climb over the mountains in Nepal. One out of two wasn’t bad, because on the first morning in Chisapani, the morning was somewhat clear and the sunrise spectacular. It was less clear on the second morning in Nagarkot, for me, it didn’t matter, I had already been spoilt during the trek, witnessing with my own eyes, the best of Nepal.


Nepal Mountain

The sunrise from Chisapani.



The Best Bit of Seeing the Himalayan Mountains

The best bit of the journey happened upon arriving at the Nagarkot on the second night of the trek and staying at the fabulous Hotel Himalayan Villa, included accommodation during the Nepal tour.

The hotel was a dream, from the reception area when you walked through the bar and out on the large decking area, the Langtang Mountain ranges were again in full view. It made the ultimate spot to enjoy the Nepalese local Everest Beer, rather refreshing after walking 22-kilomtres during an exhausting day.

It only got better, when I got to my flash hotel room with a comfortable bed, cable television and warm shower, yeah, I was hardly roughing it, I know. However, from my very own private balcony where the pigeons stationed themselves, the Himalayan Mountains were again in sight. Life was so good.

Undoubtedly, that night in Nagarkot, with the mountains, the beer, the buffet dinner and relaxing in style after a heavy day trekking, got the honours for the best bit of the trip. The mountains in Nepal stayed with me through the afternoon, into the evening sunset and unfortunately, the thickened cloud coverage during sunrise, setting my alarm for 6am to check it out. But I wasn’t about to complain about a minor setback.


Nepal Himalaya

A beer and the Nepal Himalaya. How good is that?



What’s Next! Now the Nepal Trip is ticked off

I am sure, along with other people’s travel bucket list, that it can chop and change without notice. I know mine does.

It may change on how your feeling at that time when browsing through a range of tantalising Holidays. You may be influenced by what you’ve read or seen in a travel magazine, or perhaps, you have watched a travel documentary on television, and you think, “that would be a cool place to visit.”

The next travel destinations I visit aren’t necessarily bucket list items, and in saying that, my next destination is an unknown due to the spontaneous life of a travel blogger, with spur of the moment adventures coming along without notice.

As for bucket list specifics after the success of the mountains in Nepal, it’s a little unknown for what will come next. Finances will play a part no doubt, although right now, I am dreaming of a tour through Italy, or even expedition to Antarctica to witness nature on another level. On the agenda may be to realise a childhood dream of visiting the Great Wall of China or to go on an African Safari in the Kruger National Park.

Whatever the outcome, what an incredible journey any of those adventures promise to be.


* Just a side note, all these pictures are my own taken during my own trek in Nepal. 




Nepal trekking tour

All smiles on the Nepal trekking tour with an amazing guide.

Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal will include the amazing mountains


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