The Himalayan Mountains are right there in front of you, for all to see. It’s still some distance away, but the mountains overpowering presence, makes it appear that very much closer.

Courtesy from my private balcony of a luxury hotel room, while staying at the Hotel Himalayan Villa, the Langtang Himalaya Ranges was there in its glory. It looked nothing short of sensational.

I came about this hotel in Nagarkot by luck, meaning it was not my choice to stay here, but very grateful it was included as part of the conclusion to the Chisapani and Nagarkot Trek I had partaken in during my Nepal trip.

Grateful for the chance to stay here, because now I get the opportunity to share it with you and If you do get the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, make sure that you spend a night or two in the Hotel Himalayan Villas and unwind in the mountains.

The elegant hotel is only around an hour from Kathmandu, and you’ll have the chance to stay in one of the best hotels in Nagarkot – Nepal.

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hotel Himalayan villa

Hotel Himalaya Villa.


A mesmerising stay at the Hotel Himalayan Villa in Nagarkot, Nepal



The Open Terrace with the Himalaya Views

I haven’t seen every terrace in every hotel around the world, and I am sure many have unbelievable views. However, this hotel in Nagarkot Kathmandu is undoubtedly one of the finest I have seen, and when it comes to witnessing the best natural scenery that you can think of, the Himalayan Villa is in the upper echelon.

Think about this for a second! You grab a beer from the Royal Gurkha Bar, an Everest Beer, it fits the theme perfectly. You take your beer outside and stand out on the Open Terrace slowly, drinking the cold refreshment, and you stare at the mesmerising Himalaya views.

Your eyes remain fixated on the mountains because you want to take in the stunning scenic surroundings as much as possible, at least while you have the chance. You keep staring until the sun goes down, eager for the sunrise and hoping you’ll wake up to a clear day.


 Hotel Himalaya Villa.

The Open Terrace of Hotel Himalaya Villa.



Evening Drinks at the Royal Gurkha Bar

I have already mentioned that the choice is yours, you can take your drink of beer, wine or other liquors to the open terrace, or you can relax in style inside the Royal Gurkha Bar at the Hotel Himalaya in Nepal.

Nepal does get cold and sometimes, therefore, sometimes it’s the smart choice to mellow out in the warmth of the comfortable chairs inside the bar, mingle with your friends & family, and occasionally look out the window at all that is around you. Either way, you’re in for an entertaining evening in Nagarkot Nepal.


 Royal Gurkha Bar

The Royal Gurkha Bar.



A Buffet Dinner with the mountains right there

The sun goes down, the mountains are still there, but it can’t they are not seen. It’s time to take your drinks to the restaurant below the bar and enjoy an excellent selection of buffet dining at the Hotel Himalayan Villa. The choices are usually plenty, with a carvery, casseroles, stir-fries, vegetable dishes, salads and dessert.

It’s the same location for a buffet breakfast in the morning, again, you get to look out the window and witness the Himalayas once again while eating your omelette and other tasty selections, to start the day in the right mood.


Nagarkot hotels

The buffet is ready to go in Nagarkot.



The Elegant hotel suite room

I loved my Suite Room at the Hotel Himalayan Villa.

The room I stayed in was large and spacious, with a comfortable King-size bed, cable television of mainly Indian and Nepalese channels, tea & coffee facilities and a large bathroom to enjoy a hot shower. I was in my little sanctuary.

The best bit always comes with the views, so if I wasn’t standing at the Open Terrace, I was sitting in my private balcony and taking it all in peacefully. My only regret was that I was travelling in Nepal on my own and I couldn’t experience this incredible hotel with my wife, because this is a moment you want to saviour with those you love.


Hotel Himalaya

The Suite Room at Hotel Himalaya.



Hotel Activities to keep you busy

Nagarkot is full of adventure or relaxation, and at this hotel, you can get the best of both worlds.

For the activities, you can organise a small trek in the mountains, go mountain bike riding, request a pony ride for the kids, or enjoy a walk through the local village, which is a must in Nagarkot.

For relaxation, you can experience a Yoga and Meditation Class, be thoroughly pampered with a relaxing massage to recover from a full day’s hike, and even enjoy an Ethnic Culture Performance as the Nepalese show off their proud history. You can request any activity at the lobby counter of your Nagarkot Accommodation.


Enjoy a day hike in
Nagarkot with Klook
and take in the precious scenery!


Tours in Nepal

Enjoy a hike, on your way to Nagarkot.


A Morning Sunrise to remember

Alright, I’ll be honest from the start, I didn’t get the incredible sunrise, sometimes that is just your luck in life, but I was not about to complain about the little things that didn’t go my way due to thick cloud coverage, I had already seen such incredible scenery the afternoon before and the previous days.

While my eyes couldn’t witness the sunrise over the Himalayan Mountains, it doesn’t mean they are not there, and I hear the morning views can be incredible. Whether you witness the sunrise from your private balcony, or at the Open Terrace, make sure you’re setting your alarm clock nice and early to see the best of Nepal from the Hotel Himalayan Villa.

I promise you; it’ll be worth it.


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 hotels in Nagarkot Nepal

When a sunrise doesn’t suffice, this will do instead, in one of the best hotels in Nagarkot, Nepal.

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