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Travelling is something that a lot of us have enjoyed doing, but because of the recent global pandemic with COVID-19, it now isn’t as easy as it used to be, and travel is certainly dearly missed.

For some keen travellers of the world, this has only created a more burning desire to see the world once the travel restrictions are lifted, however, the questions remain, where should you go and what destinations will be added to your bucket list once travel is alive again?


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Dreaming of travel! A Post Lockdown Bucket List For When Travel Will Be Normal Again.



Post-Lockdown Bucket List For When Travel Will Be Normal Again

With the teasing thought of navigating the globe on the mind, as it has been for some months, below are some suggestions to consider when you are creating your post lockdown bucket list. 



Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia and is fast becoming a popular destination for people wanting something a little different from their usual holiday routine.

It is a global financial centre with a tropical climate and a multicultural population. Staying in the heart of the city would be advisably enabling you to be close by to all of the attractions that you may want to see, including the Gardens by the bay or the fabulous Singapore Bird Park.

A highlight would be to head to the Chinatown, where you will find the red-and-gold Tooth Buddha temple, which is supposed to house one of Buddha’s teeth. 


Sunset over Singapore

A Sunset over beautiful Singapore.



There are many different countries in Europe that are worthy of your bucket list, I mean it is Europe, the mecca of travel.

We have the United Kingdom, specifically England with the fabulous London town. You have Spain and France, and beautiful Italy, with a vast range of wonderful food, coastlines and immense culture. For any Italian food lovers out there, that surely has to be a place to visit to eat authentic pizza and pasta.

You have the likes of Germany as well, which is a hit at Christmas thanks to the amazing markets in some of the local towns and cities, and who can forget the Scandinavian Countries that provide breathtaking scenic beauty. 



An island nation in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is another location that is hot property at the moment for any avid traveller, and will definitely be a memorable vacation, with that, I have no doubt. 

You have the beautiful imperial palaces, many shrines and palaces, and fantastic cities to explore, like Kyoto and Osaka to name a couple, there really is something for everyone in this rich culture country.

Tokyo is one of the popular destinations to visit and for good reason. The Japanese capital is bustling with plenty to see and do and includes activities such as the National Museum and the beautiful landscaped public gardens. The fun will never stop. 


Kyoto temple guide

Don’t forget to visit Kodaiji in Kyoto.


South America

South America often doesn’t normally get a mention in bucket list type posts, but this could be a mistake.

Brazil, specifically Rio De Janeiro is definitely a place to add to your bucket list. The carnival season is flamboyant and colourful, and climbing up to get a picture with Christ the Redeemer has to be a highlight.

However, the amazing highlights in South America don’t end there of course with other magnificent countries to visit such as Argentina and Chile, or even Peru where you could go and see Machu Picchu.



Australia is such a vast country that you ultimately have a few destinations on your list to see in the land down under. It is worth mentioning some of those Aussie destinations again to make sure you write them down, as they are not to be missed.

Let’s start with Melbourne, the capital of coffee culture, wonderful beaches, sports fanatics and voted to be the world’s most liveable city. Up the Hume Highway, you have Sydney, with iconic sights such as the Sydney Opera house and the Harbour Bridge.

Further North is Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which are also excellent destinations and Queensland itself is home to the HMAS Brisbane dive site which is an amazing adventure under the sea for any scuba enthusiasts.

Adelaide and Perth are also two further city destinations when you decide to head further West and witness the scenery change before your very eyes.

If you haven’t got any of these Australian locations on your bucket list you should. 


Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia.



Canada is another country that can get forgotten about, even though it is so huge and quite spectacular. However, with fabulous cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, it should be up there as a contender for your travel bucket list.

During the winter months, in some of the snowy regions, there are amazing opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Canada is one of these places that many people want to see but then never get round to it for various reasons.

Why not add some of the fantastic cities or the countryside lakes and ski slopes to your bucket list next year?



Finally, another Asian delight, China. With wonderful cities like Beijing or even Shenzhen, you are destined to have a great time in the heart of China.

The Chinese food lovers will love the authenticity of the restaurants, and if it is a great wonder of the world you want to see, then the Great Wall of China has to be up there as a place to visit and witness at least once in your lifetime, I know it’s a bucket list for many on this planet. Some people even trek the wall for charity. 

Let’s hope this list has given you some food for thought for your post lockdown travel bucket list. 


wet and wild hike

Enjoy the feeling of the waterfall come over you, a feeling you can only get when you travel.

James Bond Island

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