Let me tell you about the Singapore MRT, the train system that will get you to all parts of Singapore. It has been the easiest way for me to get around Singapore during my brief time in the country.

While the train system will seem awkward at first with many metro lines running all over the place, as I mentioned during my day-one diaries, you will soon come accustomed to the ideal system, and you can get around Singapore with ease.

So, grab yourself an MRT card from the many located 7-11 stores in town and enjoy the most affordable way to get around this remarkable city in Singapore


Singapore Fort Canning

A lazy Sunday morning walk at Fort Canning.


While you could call day-five a lazy Sunday in Singapore, compared to the other days spent in the city, it didn’t stop me from seeing a few more fascinating places, from learning some Singapore War History at Battle-Box in Fort Canning and visiting the lively Little India, that lived up to its hype.

With the trip nearing its conclusion, there was no time to sit still and miss the many attractions on offer in Singapore, not that I would want to anyway.

Sometimes in life, you need to sit back and soak it all in, which is what I did on this occasion, so enjoy the highlights from this edition of Singapore diaries.


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lazy sunday in Singapore

A lazy Sunday in Singapore under the shade of umbrellas in Little India.


Highlights of Singapore Diaries: Day 5 – A Lazy Sunday in Singapore


Wander around the Gardens at Fort Canning

 This lofted hill in the Central part of Singapore City is a perfect stroll along the heritage trails that goes through some much-appreciated shaded garden areas that give you great respite from the heat.

Fort Canning is one of the most iconic locations in Singapore that dates back centuries ago as it was once a palace to the famous King Malay, and it also served as the British base during World War II, where a lot of heated debates to place in the underground bunkers.

As you stroll along with the historical garden, you can learn a lot about the history of Singapore and enjoy nature and fresh air, that has the busy CBD and Clarke Quay situated across the road.


Make your way to Fort Canning and explore the underground at Battle Box through Klook!



Fort canning

The lofted hill of Fort Canning.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning is full of historic structures like this.


Enjoy a guided Battle-Box Tour

 No pictures were allowed inside the Battle-Box tour, and it was a real shame, as it’s quite fascinating inside the real-life bunkers that were used to strategically plan the defence against the Japanese, including the very meeting room that was used when the British decided it would surrender.

The Battle-Box, which is located at Fort Canning, is an enjoyable tour for the admission fee of SGD$18. It tour goes for just over an hour, where you get to see a real-life war bunker that was used in WWII, and you get a very informative tour by the guide, who gives a detailed room by room description of what went on in the Battle-Box bunker.


Make your way to Fort Canning and explore the underground at Battle Box through Klook!



Battle box Singapore

Outside the Battle-Box.


Cannons outside Battle-Box at Fort Canning.


Open your eyes to Culture in Little India

 Walking the streets of Little India needs to be seen to be believed. This sensation is full of culture, full of colour and full of people everywhere you look. If you only come to Little India to get a first-hand feel of the atmosphere along the busy streets, then it will be time well spent in this part of the city that only continues to impress me.

Little India has a dose of beautiful temples and street art that shows off their proud Indian heritage with style, if you feel like a little Indian cuisine step into one of the several restaurants off the streets, and if nothing else, just wander the shops or marketplaces, and purchase yourself a little souvenir from Singapore’s own Little India.

Little India Singapore

The crowd gathers at Little India.

Little India

Little India.


Further, Enhance your shopping Experience on Orchard ROad

 Another blissful shopping street in Singapore and heftier credit card bills if spending is the plans. Orchard road is a popular vibrant retail area in Singapore where people come to shop, dine and drink ice-cold frappes from a Starbucks store.

On this occasion, I just wandered the street to view the stunning Christmas decorations on show throughout the area, with everyone around me having a good old chat, laugh, shop and a social hangout together with friends and family.

While I may have saved my dollars on this occasion and fought the temptations of buying some more goods in the mall, of course, I didn’t stop me from easing the thirst with another delicious caramel frappe.  


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Orchard Street

Awesome street art in Orchard Road.

Starbucks Orchard street

Starbucks at Orchard Road.




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