On my wonderful trip to Kyoto in Japan, I had the pleasure to stay at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo, an appropriate boutique hotel which was ideal for a solo traveller like myself, who was looking for a comfortable room with private amenities.

Since I am not a huge fan of hostels, especially for an introvert like myself, when doing thorough research for a hotel of an upcoming trip, I read through many reviews on Booking.com and Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo got the first tick of approval, and it didn’t let me down.

Since I paid for this hotel through my funds, this is not a sponsored post, and any of my opinions are of my own and truthful. Let’s get stuck into the review.


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Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo


Hotel Review – Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo


Mitsui Hotel Chain

Mitsui hotels are standard in Japan, in fact, I used their services for my stay in both Osaka and Kyoto. Hence the long name in describing the hotel in Kyoto as there are a few in the city and I don’t wish to create confusion for the traveller on deciding which hotel to stay at in Kyoto.


Where is the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

Mitsui Hotel Shijo is in the heart of Kyoto City and is situated in the Shijo area, with the Shijo and Shijo Omiya train stations close walking distance to the hotel, along with numerous bus services that can take you out to major attractions in Kyoto such as Arashiyama and Fushini Irani Shrine.

Nearby attractions to the hotel include Nijo Castle, Nishiki Markets and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. There are also many restaurants and shopping outlets situated nearby, especially along the main strip which is located just off the hotel’s main entrance.


Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

Arriving at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo.


The rooms of Mitsui Kyoto

The place I stayed in during my time at the Mitsui Kyoto was ideal for a solo traveller. Only a small room with a single bed, it had all I needed with a television, portable air-conditioning, private bathroom, WIFI and a pocket WIFI that could be used during your adventures around Kyoto. How great is that? The pocket WIFI even gave out occasional deals for in-hotel dining.

Of course, if you are looking at bigger rooms inside the 4-star Mitsui Hotel Shijo, they cater for everyone from singles, couples and families with deluxe double rooms to standard twin rooms and single rooms.


Mitsui Kyoto

The single room.


Dining in Mitsui Hotel Kyoto

I didn’t dine at the restaurant during my time at Mitsui Kyoto, you’ll find cheaper options on the street of Kyoto, however Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo, does have an excellent restaurant on level-two of the hotel that caters for breakfast and dinner, providing a Japanese-style buffet breakfast, and an a-la-carte or set-menu dinner menu.


The Friendly Staff

I didn’t have a lot to do with the staff during my stay at the hotel, which is a good thing because it meant I didn’t have anything to complain about and I could go about my own business. Their politeness on a day to day manner was evident from the moment I checked in, which is typical in Japan and it made walking through the main lobby a joyful experience.

Whether I was leaving the hotel for the day, or upon return, a staff member would always greet you from the reception desk with a warm smile. If there were ever any issues during the stay, there were several staff members on duty who could speak English and lend a helping hand.


Mitsui Kyoto

Walk through the lobby.


Other features of Mitusi Kyoto Shijo

Features inside the Mitsui Kyoto Shijo include a traditional Japanese bathhouse that is common in the country and is appropriate for a relaxing hour or two in the warm waters of the bath, which is suitable for men and women.

Vending machines are allocated on each floor by the elevator which is filled with beer, cold-coffee, soft-drinks, green-tea and water. If you feel the first, get those famous Japanese coins out and make your way to the vending machine for a drink.


Mitsui Kyoto Shijo

Help yourself to the vending machine.


The good bits

There is a lot to like about Mitsui Kyoto Shijo, the hotel is clean, it’s quiet and in a convenient part of Kyoto which will make it ideal for any traveller to the city.

The cleanliness of the hotel is evident from the get-go, with a speck of dust hard to find whether it’s in the main lobby, the lounge area or your private room, everything is clean. The quiet hallways of the hotel is a relief, especially when in desperate need for a night of good night sleep and you don’t want disturbance to form other guests, which doesn’t become a problem.



The bad bits

Not too many negatives to discuss the hotel; however, since the kindness of my heart is doing this review, I’ll attempt to be a little picky.

I love to have an in-room coffee, and when there is only green-tea available in the hotel room, it makes me a little grumpy when in desperate need for a coffee boost. Luckily, I bring my coffee on my travels, so it becomes a non-issue, to be honest.

The portable air-conditioner? Never really got it right, it was loud and never quite cold enough for a Kyoto summer, perhaps it had to do with the whole system being in Japanese writing and could never understand how to use it properly.



Fair Dinkum Traveller rating

It’s clear from the outset that I am a fan of the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo, and that was certainly the case. Perhaps I have stayed in more elegant hotels in my travels around the world, but the Mitsui Kyoto Hotel satisfied my demands, and it was worth the $110 per night I paid to stay at the hotel.

7/10 rating


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Mitsui Kyoto

The Lounge at Mitsui Kyoto.

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