Dalat is a beautiful city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam that is surrounded with pristine lakes, stunning gardens, a number of waterfalls and a bubbling town centre that is full of life and character. The Dalat Region is a popular tourist choice for holiday goers who venture into Vietnam, with a number of activities to do, attractions to visit and outside nature to explore.

It may not have the razzle and dazzle of the larger cities in Vietnam like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh CIty, and to be truthful, that is probably a good thing. because this vibrant city will leave you with fond memories that will sit with you long after your holidays is done and dusted in the Southeast Asian Country.

During my own stay in Dalat, I visited some truly wonderful attractions that left a fantastic appeal on me that I personally needed to share it with you for future travel destination advice. Naturally, there is so much more to do and see in the exciting region than what is on this list, for this article however, I’m going to put the top 5 places to visit in Dalat, Vietnam.


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Places to Visit in Dalat

The Top 5 Places to Visit in Dalat – Vietnam.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Dalat – Vietnam


1. Dalat star

The artist in you will love this truly magnificent place, the Dalat Star. The best way to describe the Dalat Star is a pit made of clay, carved out and designed to look like an ancient village with breathtaking sculptures, that will get you quickly getting your camera out. It’s a great chance for a couple of hours to take time to discover a truly unique attraction that has been well crafted to be a tourist hotspot.



Dalat Star

places to visit in Dalat

More of the unique Dalat Star.


2. The Dalat crazy house 

The architecture around the Crazy House is simply brilliant. Designed by one lady, The  Dalat Crazy House will leave your creative mind in awe as you stroll around this creepy attraction and grab a few great views of city of Dalat from heights. Not only is it a crazy place to spend an hour to view different structures and navigate the tricky mazes, it is also a hotel with a few rooms available for those wanting to holiday with a bit of difference, or dare I say it, a haunted house.



View from the top of the Crazy House.

Dalat Vietnam

Great views of Dalat from the Crazy House.


3. Xuan Huong Lake 

This leisurely and picturesque Xuan Huong lake is a popular spot to visit for a stroll or a little relaxation in the confines of nature next to the city-centre. A wonderful 5km walk around the lakes edge with beautiful pristine gardens and cafes to enjoy a coffee with a view, you’ll love to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle to just chill. While you’re chillin’ you can also take a ride on the pedal boats on the calm waters at a low cost, or take a horse and carriage to keep off your feet for a while.


Xuan Huong Lake.

Xuan Huong lake

Enjoy coffee at a lakeside cafe.


4. Dalat Night Market 

The Dalat night markets open at 5pm daily and it is not too different to any other markets in other parts of Vietnam, meaning it’s chaotic and full of life and character. The Markets has all the basics you need when seeking a bargain in Vietnam, fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, local coffee, butchers with a large selection of meat, poultry and seafood, a busy food court, a selection of clothing and other merchandise that may put a dent in your wallet. The atmosphere is electric in the evening and it is a great way to enjoy the nightlife of Dalat.



The busy Night Markets.

Dalat night markets

The Dalat night markets begins to open up.


5. Dalat flower Park 

Anyone want a little colour in their life? Then a gorgeous stroll through the Dalat Flower Park with a pristine lake and stunning gardens will give you the the colour you are seeking in the great outdoors of Dalat. This special Flower Park is beautifully landscaped and blooming in fresh flowers, that it makes it feel like spring all year round, Dalat is after all the garden capital of Vietnam. The Flower Park is the perfect spot for two lovers to visit and rekindle the magic, while you enjoy the scenic views inside the ever-popular Dalat Flower Park.

It’s five of the best places to visit in Dalat, not that Imean to narrow it down to five, because there is so much more going in the busy centre and surrounding region that you may need a few days to fit it all in. For a detailed list of things to do in Dalat, check the link to this article for a comprehensive list. 

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Dalalt flower park

The colour of Dalat Flower Park.

Dalat flower park

The Dalat Flower Park.



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