Da Lat, a Vietnamese city that you will instantly fall in love with, a city that is boutique and very beautiful, that it needs to be seen to be believed and truly appreciated. It makes walking the streets of Dalat, simply incredible.

When you think of visiting Dalat, as every traveller should do once in their life, you need to think of creative gardens, colourful flowers, the beautiful outdoors and picturesque scenery. That is everything this neat little city, in the Central Highlands of Southern Vietnam is all about and it’s evident from the moment you land at the airport and make your way to the busy city centre.

On the streets of the Da Lat town centre, there is still very much chaos, I mean, it’s Vietnam for crying out loud and a little chaos can’t be escaped, but when you compare it to abustling city like Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat is a simple little country town.


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Da lat city

Walking the streets of Da Lat city in Vietnam


Walking the streets of Dalat city in Vietnam


The Unofficial Garden Capital of Vietnam        

 I love walking, in case you haven’t caught on to that yet, and walking the great outdoors of Dalat, surrounded by beautiful nature and parklands is a lovely stroll. The cooler temperatures is instantly welcomed, especially if you are coming from the south, it makes going outside your hotel room much easier.

Once you escape the busy town centre and head out towards the Ho Xuan Lake, which is on the door-step of the city, you are surrounded by so much green, colour and water that your camera is quickly out and a lot of snaps.


Da Lat Star

Get out and Enjoy Da lat.



Whether it is the stunning golf course, the colourful Dalat Flower Centre, or even the Café Bich Cau that has good coffee with views of the lake, you’ll be mesmerised by how breathtaking this region truly is.

To capture the true value of how gorgeous Dalat truly is, escape to some of the higher vantage points on the outskirts of the city by foot or by car and get a great glimpse of the city. You just know in that moment that you are standing in the garden capital of Vietnam while you stare down at the abundance of green houses in the city.


Da Lat

Climbs the stairs to great city views.


A very Unique Town Centre

The town centre is quite unique indeed. Many buildings are stacked side by side and crammed in neatly along the streets of Dalat, which is saturated with pedestrians, cars and many, many bikes.

The Da Lat city is much like a European style set-up, with the buildings having a unique appeal, but still very attractive. Along the streets is where the action happens, with many restaurants, markets and retails stalls that will occupy many hours of your visit to the city. Even head on up to the 100 Roof bar and enjoy a drink or two while admiring the views of the city and beyond.


Da Lat Bakery

Enjoy a few cakes.


The Da Lat bakery is a must pit stop if you are a lover of assorted breads and sweets, grab a tray at the entrance to the busy bakery and select a variety of pastries, cakes and donuts on your way to the cash register.

If you are fan of street foods, Dalat has you covered with many soups, noodles and other delicious Vietnamese foods that are at your mercy everywhere you go. You can also grab a miniature Kebab from the outlets on the streets and have a delicious snack while on the run.  

Streets of Da Lat

Streets of Da Lat.


A few attractions in close proximity of the city will certainly grab the traveller’s attention. The Dalat Cathedral is a beauty took look at with its wonderful white structure that gives the Cathedral it’s almighty presence.

The Da Lat Crazy House will send you in a spiral with its odd and crazy design. It’s rated one of the most unique hotels in the world, but you don’t need to stay here to catch a glimpse of this awesome attraction, and you’ll love exploring this crazy attraction full of narrow walkways and hidden passages.

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Da Lat night markets

Visit the Night markets.


Da Lat Crazy House

Da Lat Crazy House.


Escape the city and see nature at its finest

 It’s a must to get outside the city of Dalat and really explore the regu. Hire a driver, that’s the best way, and enjoy an epic day out and about in the amazing outdoors.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall.


Waterfalls are located in many areas and while they can be a long drive, it’ll be worth the trip. Some of the most popular waterfalls in Dalat at are the Elephant and Prenn Waterfalls, but source some information when you get there, because any one of the waterfalls will delight you.

The attractions in Da Lat will excite you and with your hired driver you could visit a Coffee Plantations and try fresh coffee made from weasel droppings. Visit the incredible Dalat Star, which is a village made of clay, and even make a trip to the Linh Phuoc Pagoda and see a little culture in a Buddhist temple and have prayer for good health.


Weasel Coffee

Enjoy a Weasel Coffee.


Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda.


Walking the Streets of Da Lat

 It’s walking the streets of Dalat, and if you’re ever in Vietnam and wondering whether to head deep inside the country to this very special region, don’t question it, do it.

There will never be any regrets visiting a town like Dalat, it’s a Vietnamese experience full of tradition, culture a vibrant city, and of course the picturesque outdoors with many falls, lakes and beautiful gardens.

Walking the streets of Dalat, I dare you to give it a go. 

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Explore Da Lat

Explore Dalat with me.



streets of dalat

Da Lat

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