Durian, the tropical fruit commonly found in Southeast Asia that we have all heard of and it’s not necessarily for it’s taste or unique appearance, it’s mainly because of its odd smell that has most people running away at the very thought of trying durian.

Durian, I must admit, is not new to me either, and when I say, “not new”, I mean, I have heard of the fruit, I have just never tried it before. That changed on a recent trip to Malaysia, when tasting durian became a whole new experience for me and I had the chance to reluctantly try the unique fruit that is commonly found all over Kuala Lumpur.

I say reluctantly, because I have only ever heard negative things about Durians’ before and those less than kind reviews have kept me away in the past. Me and many other I assume too. That changed when a couple of my Malaysian friends that I met during my travels in Laos the previous year, insisted I give it a go when I returned to their home country. I had no choice but to duly obliged, I was after all a guest in their home country.

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tasting durian

My Malaysian friends introduce me to tasting durian.



Tasting Durian in Malaysia

It happened on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, after a day out with my Malaysian friends on the ATV’s. We went to a fruit shop, a unique market setup that had hundreds of durians and a range of other fruits common in the country.

All the durians were placed on al large shelf, although the shelves were quite bare at this stage as a ute load of fresh durian had only arrived. When shelved, the durians are placed in the five category classes, with class-one being the best down to the lowest at class-five.

fruit shop kl

A boutique little fruit shop that host a range of yummy fruits.


I will admit at this stage, I didn’t get all the talk about its smell, because from where I stood at close range, there was nothing wrong with the smell, of course that is my opinion, but my smelling senses couldn’t pick up anything out of the ordinary.  

My friends, who seemed like professionals in selecting the right fruit, carefully selected two large and expensive durians that cost around $30 Australian dollars for one. A man who worked at the fruit shop got out his large knife and prepared the durian for all of us and at a small table with a couple of stools, it was time to experience durian Malaysian style.



Preparing the durian for a little tasting session.


The Secret Confession of my Durian Experience

The taste was like no other fruit I ever tried before, well obviously it was my first taste, but this was different and quite hard to describe, so I may stuff up in trying to do so.

To begin, it’s quite creamy, with a little sweetness, mixed with a little bitterness, and on first impression it didn’t quite grab the attention of my taste buds upon first bite, but we had plenty to eat on the table and I soldiered on trying to get used to it, maybe even enjoy it.



The Durians are selling fast, if you can believe that.


Now for my confession, perhaps my Malaysian friends will read this or perhaps not, at the time of tasting durian I said that I enjoyed it, I had to keep a straight face in doing so, because I can honestly say that was not the case.

I didn’t enjoy the taste of durian at all, I won’t go as far as to say I hated the fruit, but it was a unique taste that I could never get used to, and I was supposedly trying the highest classed durian you could find. I can honestly $30 for the price of one durian, at least that was the price at this store in Malaysia, I won’t be rushing back for another try anytime soon.


Have you tasted Durian before? Did you like it? Explain in the comments below of what you thought of the taste when you first tried Durian.


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tasting durian

What do you think of the unique taste?


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