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Blue waters, exotic fish species, boat trips with friends… no doubt about the fact that Australia is one of the top fishing destinations!

Loved by experts, amateurs, and tourists, some of the wildest shores of the Land Downunder are indeed a paradise for fishers and fishing aficionados.

Whether you are into sport, deep-sea, or fly fishing, there is something for you here. However, planning an itinerary is essential to see all that is there to experience and cope with the stunning wilderness of this country. Here are a few tips for the ultimate road trip. 



4 Top Tips for the Ultimate Fishing Holiday in Australia!


Know Where to Go for the Ultimate Fishing Holiday in Australia

Firstly, understanding what the best locations for your trip are is crucial. Undoubtedly, most coastal areas have at least a spot in which you can attempt to catch a fish. However, some others are the home of good catches – even for Australian standards!

If you are looking for a challenge or rewarding experience, fishing 36 fathoms, as well as the 50-fathom line, on the Gold Coast should be part of your fishing trip itinerary. The waters east of Brisbane are the home of Tweed Heads, as well as Samson fish, Snappers, and many more.

However, other areas along the northern coast and some spots on the Western coast of Australia can be full of possibilities for fishers. Areas like Cobourg, Cairns, Exmouth, and The Top End in the Northern Territory can be particularly rewarding. If you are continuous onward toward Tasmania, you could also consider a stopover in the Central Highland area and its 3,000 lakes.


Learn More About Australian Seasons

Thanks to the warm and balanced climate, all seasons are perfect for fishing in Australia. However, depending on when you plan to visit the country, you will be able to fish in specific locations and attempt to catch some species. Knowing what you are after is essential to plan your trip. Or, you could opt to go fishing in Australia for the experience rather than going after a precise catch. 

As an overview, you could consider that:

  • The wet season in Australia runs from January to March, and it is an excellent time for fishing.
  • The pre-monsoonal months are October to December. During this time, rains are not uncommon, and you should head towards the Northern territory to fish for Barramundi.
  • The run-off season is the one just after the rainy season and happens between March and April. During this season, you should try to catch Barra.
  • May to September is the dry season, and this is when you will get the most substantial amount of mackerel, tuna, queenfish, and some types of pelagic sportfish. 


The Right Equipment Counts

Having the right equipment with you when fishing in Australia can give you the best chances of catching fish, even if you are only catching sportfish!

There is no need to say that you will need to have rods and reels during your trip. However, the other equipment you might need can depend on where you are going and how expert you are about the sport. 

For example, if you are after Barramundi, you will need to head towards the wilder Northern Territory. Therefore, having a four-wheeled driving vehicle that can get you to the best spots is a definite advantage. 

While neither of these options is a must-have to fish here, hiring or having a small fishing boat in the most remote territories can help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Of course, having sailing experience is a must for this!

Aside from clothing items and gear, it would be best if you also had lures and baits with you. 

Depending on the fish species you are after this time, you might need to change them and opt for Barramundi Jigs and Cherabins rather than your usual choices. If you are not sure about the most appropriate bait for your catch, gather all the information before driving to a remote location!


Get Ready for All Eventualities

Of course, a fishing trip to Australia represents the ultimate adventure through the Land Down Under. However, leaving your itinerary and travel plans to chance might not be the best idea for a successful trip.

Indeed, weather, roads, and environmental conditions in some regions of Australia might not be the most comfortable or inviting. 

While you should still try to find the best fishing spot for your needs, planning your route and stops can help you make sure that you are not missing out on everything. At the same time, this choice allows you to feel much safer and confident throughout your trip.


family fun

Family fun can be had on any fishing trip in Australia.

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