It’s within easy reach Perth CBD; Penguin Island Western Australia will captivate your activity and relaxation levels for your time spent on the boutique island.

Better yet, the picturesque tourist attraction is only a few hundred metres away from the Aussie mainland and a five-minute ferry ride is all you’ll need for a scenic walk, leisurely activity or bird spotting on Penguin island.

Therefore, when you’re looking at an idea of things to do in Perth for a quick and affordable day trip and a day of adventure, Penguin Island Perth is the place to add on a busy Western Australia Itinerary.


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Penguin Island Perth

Things to do in Penguin Island Perth.




Where is Penguin Island Perth

Penguin Island is only a 25-minute drive south along Kwinana Freeway, before exiting at Safety Bay road, and in no time, arriving at the Shoalwater Island Marine Park in Rockingham.

That’s when Penguin Island is staring right at you and appearing much closer than you can ever imagine.

It’s time to go exploring and enjoy all the things to do on Penguin Island.


Penguin ferry

Take the plank to Penguin Island.



Please keep it safe

With the Penguin Island sandbank appearing from the mainland to the Island, during low tide, it’ll appear to be quite easy to walk through the shallow waters.

While many visitors walk across the sandbanks, it’s advised by local authorities, with plenty of signage and warnings, to avoid walking and instead take a ferry or kayak across.

In the past, there have been drownings with unpredictable conditions and rips, causing dangers to those risking the walk.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you adhere to the warnings or not, but a short ferry ride is smooth and affordable.

So, think before you cross by foot, and especially take the ferry if you’re travelling with children.


Penguin Island Western Australia

Enjoy the roadless trail to the Island.



The Penguin Island Ferry

The best way to get the Penguin ferry to the scenic Island is to book your tickets through Get Your Guide.

The Penguin Island Ferry cost will include a trip to the Island, entry into the Penguin Island Discovery Centre to see the cute birds up close and a return trip back to the mainland.

The Penguin Ferry schedule runs on the hour, every hour between 9 am to 4 pm and returns to the mainland at ten minutes past the hour.

Please note, the Island is closed yearly from early June to mid-September due to the breeding times of the penguins.


Book your tickets to Penguin island Perth through Get Your Guide!


Penguin Island ferry

The Penguin Island Ferry.



What to bring

Usually, a Penguin Island day trip is a popular summer pastime for fun in the water and sightseeing.

Therefore, it’s essential to bring items with you that’ll cater to all your demands and below is a list of things to bring with you during a day at Penguin Island Perth.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Plenty of water
  • Food (there are no shops on the Island)
  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Swimwear

Please note, there are no rubbish bins on the islands, therefore, store any rubbish away in a plastic bag and do not litter under any circumstances.


Penguin Island Perth

Don’t forget your camera.



Penguin Island Discovery Centre

The Penguin Island Discovery Centre is only small inside, but it is where you can get up close and personal to the penguins.

Three times a day there are penguin feeding sessions, where you can see the friends of the Island have a feed on small fish and learn about the bird from the friendly staff.

The session times are at 10:30, 12:20 and 2:30 pm and it is highly recommended you go inside during the sessions and check out what’s happening. It will only last a short while before you can go about other actives on the Island.

Please note, if the weather is extreme, the sessions may not go ahead due to stress on the penguins.


Penguin island Discovery Centre

See the cute Penguins up close and personal in the Discovery Centre.



A Scenic Walk to Remember

What else can you expect on a boutique island, and that is a scenic walk with stunning views. Whether it’s back towards the mainland looking at Rockingham or further west towards the Indian Ocean, you’ll be mesmerised on several occasions.

From the moment you get off the ferry, you’ll get off on the boardwalk that leads you to all corners of the Island, albeit a 300-metre stretch of sand that is beautiful, to say the least on the Western side of the Island.  

During the walk, you’ll come across, not only scenic views but ample beaches, plenty of species of birds and a high lookout tower where you can appreciate everything around you.


Penguin Island

Follow the path to the best views.



It’s a bird spotting haven

Many species of birds call Penguin Island.

In fact, during the warm summer months, it becomes challenging to find Penguins outside the discovery centre, for they are either hidden in the shade or out hunting in the ocean. Although I can assure you, many penguins do live on the Island, hence the name.

On the Island, you’ll see a range of birds, with many seagulls, pelicans, black-winged stilt and red-capped plover, to name a few.


Penguin Island

Penguins are not the only birds to see.


Beach Fishing for those who love to throw in a rod

Under the laws of the Western Australian fishing regulations, fishing is allowed on the Island with people coming to Shoalwater Marine Park to fish off the boat or along the sands of the beach.

Daily visitors can take the fishing rod aboard the ferry, then make your way to the Western side of the Island to try your hand in reeling in a few fish for the night’ dinner. Don’t forget your esky!


Penguin island fishing

Along the sands of the beach, you can catch a few fish.



A picnic lunch with shade with stunning views

Penguin Island hasn’t got a lot of shade, it’s an open island with shrubs and limited trees, but outside the Discovery Centre, you’ll see a patch of lawn with several trees offering shade.

In the shaded area, are a few picnic tables or open grass to lay out a picnic rug, and you can sit back and relax with a selection of food that you’ve brought with you, before recommencing activities.

Please remember, there are no bins on the Island, so take the rubbish with you.  


Penguin Island lunch

Make the most of the shade on a hot Perth day.


Fun on the beach with a swim, kayak or a jet-ski

Many of the visitors to the Island get lost with the water-based activities of the Island and who can blame them, to be honest?

In the calm waters facing towards Rockingham, there are ample opportunities for a swim, kayak or jet ski, with plenty of recreational boats anchored in the Marine Park and are usually out of harm’s way.

There is plenty of fun things to do on Penguin Island for those who love a leisurely activity or fun day out with the family.

Therefore, if you’re in and around Perth, head a little south, but not too far, and enjoy a day at Penguin Island Western Australia.


Book your tickets to Penguin island Perth through Get Your Guide!


things to do in Penguin Island

Water activities are popular on the Island.

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