Many of us have become reliant on our mobile phones’ alarm features, but seasoned jet setters know that there is nothing like a traditionalist travel alarm clock.

A travel clock gives a sense of security, knowing that it won’t fail when you hopelessly need the device the most. 

That’s because out-of-country mobile phones can sometimes have issues, and you can’t always depend on the alarm clocks found in your hotel room. 

Besides, not all trips mean you’ll be staying in a hotel room, and heaven helps if you can’t charge your smartphone.

Having your travel alarm clock gives you peace of mind you won’t miss your next flight or wake up in time to catch that incredible sunrise you travelled so far to see.

Let’s go travel shopping!


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Get your family all organised and ready with a travel alarm clock.


A Suitable Travel Alarm Clock So your Never Late for those Important Schedules 


 Below are a few handy travel alarm clocks that you might want to check out in the nick of time for your next trip abroad:

Before you read on, if you are to purchase a product from the Amazon Program, I may get a tiny commission in the process, don’t worry; it is at no further expense to you, the consumer. Read more at the disclaimer. 


Marathon Travel Clock 

Travel alarm clocks may be a small, niche market, but Marathon reigns supreme as the pick of the lot. 

The Marathon Alarm Clock is known for making portable yet practical, affordable travel alarm clocks, and the Marathon CL030023 Travel Clock is no different.

Travellers love this clock so much because of its portability; you can fold it up and quickly tuck it away into your suitcase. 

When it’s time to use it, unfold it and let it stand next to your bed. It has all the thoughtful features you’d need in a clock. 

It wakes you up with easy-to-set alarms, but it also shows you the date, day, and temperature. 

The Marathon Travel Alarm Clock is around 4×2 inches and highly compact – what’s not to love?


You can purchase the Marathon Alarm Clock at Amazon!

Australian Customers Click here!

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Peakeep Ultra Small Travel Alarm Clock 

If you’re one of many who still prefer analog travel clocks to be digital, you can’t go wrong with the Peakeep Ultra Small Travel Alarm Clock. 

At a compact size of 2.25×1.25 inches and with a weight of under 2 ounces, this pocket analog alarm clock has become a favourite among travellers.

However, this model has removed that irritating ticking noise, unlike traditional analog clocks. 

Thanks to a second hand that does not tick at all, the travel clock is silent. Plus, you can easily set the alarm by turning the alarm on and off. 

It comes with a snooze button located on the front and an ascending alarm that will ensure you wake up for your flight or scheduled day trip. 


You can purchase the Peakeep Travel clock at Amazon!

Australian Customers Click Here!

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Alarpro Small Digital Alarm Clock

Despite being a small travel clock, this travel alarm clock is powerful and efficient. 

It’s half an inch in thickness and weighs 3 ounces, so if you’re a light packer, this is the small clock for you.

The Alarpro Small Digital Alarm Clock features a lid that doubles as a stand. 

It comes with a leather case for added protection when you buy a clock. The clock’s digital display includes the day and the week as well. You can assure you’ll wake up to its loud sound though it isn’t obnoxiously loud, and the settings are all simple. 

Overall, this travel alarm clock is ideal for travellers looking for a small, straightforward model that does the job well.


Purchase the Alarpro Travel Clock at Amazon!

Australian Customers Click Here!

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The last thing anyone wants to experience during a trip is missing a flight or tour. A reliable travel alarm clock will help you prevent all that.

Let us know which one is your favourite!


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A Travel Alarm Never Be Late for those Important Schedules with a trustworthy alarm device!

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