Saving for a vacation can be a headache at times, while you anxiously try to keep those extra travel savings in the hope you can be financially ready for your next adventure.

When every little bit of money helps you save on travel, how about trying the old-fashioned way of putting any loose coins put away in a money box, an individual jar for a specific theme, in this case, a travel fund money box.

You may be thinking we are in a cashless society, if that is the case, those loose coins will be sure to stick around still and if you are to find them so invaluable, purchasing a travel fund box from Amazon will assist you in putting those extra coins away.

Once the vacation fund box is full, you’ll have saved a fair amount of coins that are put towards your next holiday, whether it is added spending money, or putting into your travel savings account, and by then, you won’t be laughing at one of this simple saving idea when jetting off to paradise.

Let’s go travel shopping for a handy travel fund piggy bank and find you the perfect travel fund box or travel fund jar, that will be an ideal gift for avid travel fan, or even yourself, who needs to find more suitable ways for saving money for a trip.



travel fund money box

Finding the ideal travel fund money box for your travel savings.



Disclosure: A side note, if you are to purchase a travel fund money box from Amazon, I may earn a couple of dollars from the purchase you make. Don’t let that deter you; it’s at no further expense to you, the buyer. You can read more at this disclaimer.



Finding the most Unique and Ideal Travel Fund Money Box For you


Foreside Adventure Wooden Bank

The first on the list, is an Adventure fund Jar, the ideal souvenir for those who lust for adventure and want their money jar to say “Our Adventure fund” at the front of the box.

In this basic money box, you’ll be able to fit money coins in the box, and by the time it is full, you would have a handy amount of coins to get your next adventure off to the right start with loads of spending money.

Purchase your Foreside Adventure Wooden Bank from Amazon!

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Wood Adventure Travel Bank

What about this fancy travel fund box? A moneybox that screams adventure and will undoubtedly get you craving for another one soon.

The Wood Adventure Travel Bank looks stylish, antique and is the perfect money gift box for anyone you know who loves to travel the world. It’ll also sit perfectly at your bedside because you don’t want this money box hidden away.

Purchase your Wood Adventure Travel Bank at Amazon!

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Travel Trailer Camper RV Collectible

Are you a camper trailer kind of traveller, the one that loves to hook the caravan or campervan to the car and hit the road for an adventure?

If that is you, then you are going to love a travel piggy bank that suits your style with this RV Collectible, as you desperately go seeking those coins to fill the fund box regularly for your next road trip.

Purchase your Travel Trailer Camper RV Collectible from Amazon!

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Jozie B Travel Fund Box

This travel fund money box is of simple design, will fit plenty of coins and says “travel fund” at the front of the box with a fancy travel quote written on the inside for good humour.

It is for the simpleton who wants a piggy bank for coins and notes and is not concerned about being the coolest person in the street with the coolest money box. Because that’s a thing these days, right?

Purchase your Jozie B Travel Fund Box from Amazon!

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Vacation Fund Shadow Box Frame

Are you sick of those travel fund boxes that always have adventure written all over the front? I bet you are, then you’re in luck because this basic box has vacation fund written over the front with a cool painting of a holiday in the tropics.

This Vacation fund box is designed with a wooden frame and a clear glass front, it is ideal for displaying in your home either by hanging on the wall or placing it on a mantel and letting people know that you’re a travel guru.

Purchase your Vacation Fund Shadow Box Frame at Amazon!

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Family Vacation Piggy Bank

How about a money box that, in fact, looks like a travel fund piggy bank? It makes sense right. This cool piggy bank screams family travel because the heading says it all, to be honest, Family Vacation Piggy Bank.

It does its best with genuine humour also, with the suitcase sitting on top of the pig merely stating, “family Vacation Savings,” and the large pig below having the words, ’30 Year Mortgage.” I think most of us can relate to that scenario.

Purchase your Xpressions Sloth Wooden Money Box from Amazon!

Australian Customers click here!




Xpressions Sloth Wooden Money Box

If you are after a kids money box, to get the children into the art of saving money, this fashionable designed Adventure Fund box will do the trick for the little ones in the house.

With my adventure fund written over the front of the triangle shaped money box, the travel bug will sure hit the kids in no time as they save their own money for their next family holiday.

Purchase your Xpressions Sloth Wooden Money Box from Amazon!

Australian Customers click here!



Splosh Change Box

When you are saving for a vacation you are generally saving for a dream holiday, so why not have a travel fund money box that has a big letter of, “dream holiday fund,” written all over the front. In the end, it’s the purpose you’re saving money.

This travel money box has a clear front, so you’ll be able to be frustrated by watching the money slowly grow, has a coin slot at the top and a removable back to gather the cash when the box is full.

Purchase your Splosh Change Box at Amazon!

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Purchase a travel fund money box and spare any loose change that you can.


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