Vietnam is a charming country to explore, and with a fifty percent return rate for foreign tourists, it sure must have some special attractions hidden up in its sleeve. The first-time visitors might wonder as to what lies in store for them and here we are going to cover a few important things to know when travelling into Vietnam.

There is one thing is for sure when travelling into Vietnam; you are going to come back with some great memories. You are going to fall in love with the hearty people and their hospitality. The amazing diversity of landscapes and the rich culture are going to take your heart away. Get ready for the most rewarding travel experiences as you explore Vietnam. However, are you aware of some of the essential things to know before you plan that trip to Vietnam?

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Culture of Vietnam

Culture is alive in Vietnam.



Important Things to Know When Travelling into Vietnam


The Dollars and the Dong

One will need both Vietnamese Dong and the US Dollars when they travel around Vietnam. While the US dollars are used for booking domestic transport, paying for a hotel or booking a tour, you can use Vietnamese Dong for at local shops and market stalls. Dong usually works out cheaper as compared to Dollars.


 Be sure to have your visa in place

While having a visa when traveling to another country seems like common sense, but you need to ensure that everything is in place. Even a minor error or incomplete information can make you turn away at the airport. Get the visa-on-arrival pre-approval paper printed and double check all the information.

The Vietnamese make it tough for one to enter their country and the visa process can be tedious if opium plans to stay more than 15 days here. Get some USD, pre-approval papers and photos before you fly.  Thankfully, several companies will prepare your visa for a small fee and you can Get pre-aproved for your Vietnam visa done conveniently for you.


Ving Trang Pagoda

Get pre-approved for your Vietnam Visa and visit great places such as Ving Trang Pagoda.



The weather and what to wear

Vietnam is in humid and hot but can change significantly across the country. Northern Vietnam can be hot in summers but can get quite cold during winters. Southern Vietnam boasts of a full tropical climate, while Central Vietnam: is hot and dry.


Wear comfortable clothes, and daily staples include shorts, skirts, and lightweight T-shirts. You need to wear comfortable and durable shoes or flip-flops. Dress conservatively when visiting mosques as a sign of respect.


Dam Sen waterpark

When the weather gets hot, hit the water parks.


Foodies will love Vietnam

Vietnamese food is simply delicious as it carries a delicate balance of sour, salty and hot and sweet. The flavours are perfect and unique Enjoy tamarind, chili peppers with loads of fresh greens and the delectable street food. Restaurants and cafes serve both vegetation and non-vegetarian. A couple of favourite Vietnamese dishes you must try are Bun Cha, Pho, Gỏi cuốn; Cha ca: and Nem Ran, which are a favourite with the locals and the tourists.


Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi

Experience both traditional and modern culture in the two great cities of Vietnam. Hanoi, the governmental capital, is traditional, and one can feel it immediately as they take a look at the ancient pagodas beside the willowy lakesides.

It is a must to explore the low-key and traditional capital city. Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, with its neon lights, rooftop bars, and sophisticated cafes is famous for vibrancy and nightlife. Most foreign expats prefer to stay in Saigon and for a good reason.


Travelling into Vietnam

The old and the new of Ho Chi Minh City.


Moving around

There are taxis in all major cities, and they are very cheap and a useful mode of transpiration. However, avoid taxis parked near the tourist points as they can be expensive. Try the Sleeper buses which are just awesome, especially if you plan to travel long distances. These buses very clean and the seats are comfortable.

There is a lot more to Vietnam that makes for so many breath-taking and unforgettable experiences. Explore the fantastic country and create some unique memories.



Important Things to Know When Travelling into Vietnam.

Travelling into Vietnam

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