Enjoy a day out in style as the team at Tipsy Tours and Transfers take you exploring in the South West and take you to a range of picturesque  wineries, in safe hands and hassle free.

Tipsy Tours offer a great service in and around their home base in Augusta, Western Australia. You will be safely guided around the region, shown off some great scenery and landscapes that comes naturally with the South West Region. Their knowledge is extensive as they share with their wisdom and history of the area. It gives the guests a great chance to back and enjoy the show, with a glass of red in hand.

One of Tipsy Tours and Transfers vehicles.

One of Tipsy Tours and Transfers vehicles.


Where are Tipsy Tours and Transfers?

Tipsy Tours is located in the South West corner of Western Australia, in the town of Augusta. A beautiful region with amazing coastline, Augusta is only three and half hours South of Perth and twenty minutes South of the famous tourist town, Margaret River.

Augusta, Western Australia, the home of Tipsy Tours.

Augusta, Western Australia, the home of Tipsy Tours.

What does Tipsy Tours offer?

  • Group tours: A group tour is a perfect day out. You are picked up from your accommodation and chauffeured in style, in and around the Augusta area. You are guided to different wineries or breweries where you get to indulge yourself with some of the great wines of Western Australia.
    There is a more to the day than wines however. You are guided to variety of local food outlets where you may get the chance to try a variety of local food supplies such as chocolate, olive oils or cheese. Lunch is provided in the tour and the restaurant of the tour’s choice will satisfy immensely. At the end of the day when everyone is a little tipsy from the tastings, you are safely taken back to your accommodation, where you can then enjoy your purchased wine in the luxury of your hotel.
    Cost for group tour is $95 per person, lunch included.
Hamelin Bay Winery

Hamelin Bay Winery

  • Private tour: Private tours are great if you have a large family, work gathering or sports club. It is a tour with a personal touch, it caters up to 21 people and once again you are picked up by Tipsy Tours and dropped off at the end of the day.
    Cost for private tours are to be discussed with the company and you can get all their details from the website by clicking the link.
  • Transfers: Going to a concert in the Southwest? You plan on drinking quite a bit at the concert? Good news!!! Tipsy tours have you covered as you are picked up and returned to your accommodation. Again, you are given the freedom to drink, without the fear of wondering how to get back to your accommodation at the conclusion of the event.
    Contact the team for bookings and prices.
All smiles on a tipsy tour.

All smiles on a tipsy tour.

My day with Tipsy Tours

I would be remised not to mention my own day with Tipsy Tours. I toured in style in their luxury vehicle and explored the beautiful Augusta region. I had the privilege of visiting some excellent places with breathtaking views. A winery or two of course was on the agenda, and yes, I may have dabbled in a little wine. Lunch was included amongst the stunning backdrop of the tall trees in the Forest Grove National Park at Café Boranup.

Gorgeous views are seen on tour, like this at Hamelin Bay

This was my day with Tipsy Tours and Transfers.

  • Leeuwin Lighthouse: The day started with a bang. I was taken to the Leeuwin Lighthouse, the most South western area of Australia. I took the 59-steps to the top of the lighthouse and what awaited was the breathtaking view of where the two-oceans meet, the Indian and Southern Ocean. As you continue to walk around the top of the viewing are you are then hit with a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous coastal area. It is fair to say that the camera got a decent workout as you are hit with mesmerising scenery. A light breakfast followed at the Lighthouse café, the savoury ham croissants were a hit.
    The Leeuwin Lighthouse

    The Leeuwin Lighthouse

    View from the top.

    View from the top.


  • Hamelin Bay Winery: It’s the first of two wineries. Hamelin Bay Winery has a gorgeous look, with the vineyard rolling down the hill and the lake in the backdrop to give it that extra glowing touch. The cellar door is a top the hill and allows you to look down at the scenery below, while you order a platter or two and enjoy the views with a glass of wine.
Augusta, Western Australia

The view from the Hamelin Bay Winery.


  • Glenarty Road Winery: This was a winery with a difference. 5 generations proud, Glenarty Road has wine instilled in their proud bloodline. The cellar door is different to others but that is what I like about it. Set up in a shed that, it gives it a personal genuine class.
    Tours are offered within the winery, as you take a brisk walk around the property to see all their different vineyards for different wines made are made at Glenarty Road.
    The best bit is you can wander the grounds with a glass of wine in your hand and even top up halfway through the tour at the number of portable bars around the grounds. Just perfect. I would also be rude not to recommend a favourite of mine, the Archer’s drop Fortified Savvy, perfect with ice and a slice of lime. Those who love a sweet wine will savour its sweet taste.
The vineyards of Glenarty Road Winery.

The vineyards of Glenarty Road Winery.

A selection of Glenarty Road wines. Don't mind if I do.

A selection of Glenarty Road wines. Don’t mind if I do.

  • Whirlwind Olive Oil: If you are into your Olive Oils, then you will love the taste testing at Whirlwind. Try a variety of oils such as chilli, lemon and orange or just plain old olive oil. Their seasoned Olives aren’t too bad either.
  • Café Boranup: Off caves road in the Forest Grove National Park, Café Boranup was a perfect spot to stop for lunch. Eating amongst the tall trees in the middle of nowhere, it gives it a real South West touch. The best bit is the food, naturally, so delicious. I got a chilli chicken burger and even a portion of fried abalone. Superb.

    Great food at Cafe Boranup.

    Great food at Café Boranup.

  • Hamelin Bay: About 15 minutes north of Augusta, Hamelin Bay is a picturesque beach that is the home of the stingrays. I was standing knee deep in the water as the stingrays, swam around you. The oddly shaped sea creatures were a treat and on occasions were within touching distance, before quickly disappearing as quick as you your hand could touch the water. It gave me a knew found affection for the Stingray.
Up close and personal with a stngray at Hamelin Bay.

Up close and personal with a stingray at Hamelin Bay.

Appreciation to Tipsy Tours

This day would not have been possible without the generosity of Mellissa and Michael Crain at Tipsy Tours and Transfers. They truly gave a wonderful experience and I can’t recommend them enough for anyone venturing within the vicinity of Augusta, Western Australia.

Of course, this was a sponsored tour. But as always with me, I keep my experiences real and all my opinions are my own. Happy Travels.

A brilliant view of the South West Capes.

A brilliant view of the South West Capes.

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