It is staggering to think that about 25% of travellers don’t get travel insurance when going abroad.

Why in the world some travellers want to take the risk of going overseas without any cover for vitals needs such as emergency procedures, cancellations or lost baggage is staggering.

It’s like having a car or home insurance, there is always a minimal chance that you may need to make a claim, but when you do, the price is usually through the roof — astronomical prices you couldn’t afford to make from your funds. So why take the chance?

Travel insurance doesn’t have too cost an arm or a leg, and if you do your homework, you can save some real dollars. Sure, you might come back from your trip and find for that occasion it was a waste of money, perhaps your first ten trips. However, that’s a good thing.

What if the shit was to hit the fan on the eleventh trip? Could you afford the substantial medical bills? Answer that question first when you are thinking about neglecting insurance and then, come to your senses and purchase travel insurance.  


Compare travel insurance when you are going abroad and save serious money!



Travel Insurance could be handy if you fall from a tree.


Getting the right cover added to your Travel Insurance Policy

Now you have wised up and decided to get travel insurance.

What is the best protection for you? What is essential to be added to your travel insurance policy? That is the next decision you have to make before going abroad.

Remembering it’s worthwhile to note that basic cover is better than nothing, but it doesn’t cover a heck of a lot, and it doesn’t cost too much money to upgrade.

I have compiled a list of items that need to be on your travel insurance policy and while skimming through the list, ask yourself the question, do I need to add these policies to my travel insurance policy?

Keep in mind, for this exercise; I have not included all the main policies that you’ll get with the primary cover.


  1. Cancellation cost: Dramas in life do happen, where you could be forced to cancel your trip, and you can’t get a refund. Imagine getting a full refund for life’s unexpected dramas.
  2. Baggage delay: One of the regular problems that can arise when travelling. Why not have it included in your policy, and it could come in more than handy when luggage does not arrive at your destination.
  3. Travel delay expenses: Mechanical problems for your plane, the original flight has been cancelled, and you have been put onto a much later flight. It happens and adding delay expenses will help your hip pocket.
  4. Curtailment: Unfortunately, when on holidays, life still goes on back home and problems can arise. This policy will make sure you are not out of pocket if an emergency strikes and you need to get home earlier than expected.
  5. Electronic devices coverage: Mobile phones, cameras, laptop’s, they are all an expensive luxury these days that go on your trip. Lose them, break them or get stolen, you are covered if you add Electronic devices to your policy.
  6. Other Valuables: Just like electronic devices, you may have personal values that are worth a bit of money, and if anything goes wrong, you want to be covered with insurance.
  7. Passport and documents: If you lose your passport, it can be a painful adding. Adding this specific item to your travel insurance policy will save you a lot of heartaches if the most crucial document you take overseas goes missing.



Water sports are popular. Are You Insured?


 On a side note. Kids are free with any travel insurance policy you purchase, and if you are going on a cruise, there is a separate section with most companies that need to be added to the plan.

The importance of travel insurance and whether you should have it or not, can not be ignored. Remember, you are human, and you are not immune to life’s little disasters, even when on an adventure.

Travel wise, travel safe and travel with freedom.  


Compare travel insurance when you are going abroad and save serious money!



Freedom is essential when travelling.
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