It’s only natural, in the summertime, you’ll be flocking to the beach for fun in the sun, a splash in the ocean and to relax on the sands while getting your much-needed tan.

In that case, you’ll want to keep comfortable along the seashore with the best beach blanket.

The beach blanket is becoming a necessary item for beachgoers with it’s lightweight and compatibility, not only that; it’ll fit in your luggage to take on your trip abroad when you know a beautiful beach destination is waiting for you on the other side of the flight.

With all the perks of the outdoor blanket, it’s time to discuss the advantages of purchasing a rug and go through the five best blankets available in the market.

So, you too can be comfortable in the sun, while you’re sunbaking on your beach with a new and cool beach blanket.



Tesalate Beach Towel

The best beach blanket can come in all shapes and sizes.



The Advantages of travelling with the Best Beach Blanket

First of all, let’s discuss some of the advantages of flying with the oversized beach mat, which offers something a little different to the standard towels and will fit a large group or a family for their day at the beach.


The Lightweight Blanket is compact and packs away easy

The beach blanket doesn’t take up a lot of your wardrobe space as the large picnic rug does.

The blanket folds away into a small carry bag, making it easy to store in the house, in the car on the way to the beach or packed in your luggage for your next adventure overseas.


Oversized Beach Blanket is available to get the whole family off the sand

While the best beach towels usually fit enough for one person, the oversized blankets are quite large, spacious and can fit up to seven grown-up adults on the one mat. Meaning the average family of two adults and two kids will be no hassle at all for your day at the coast.


Purchase an Anti-Sand Blanket, so the beach doesn’t come home with you

While browsing through Amazon at the best beach blankets, you’ll find they come with two common denominators; the blankets are usually sand-free, and also water resistant.

Meaning the sand from the beach is not leaving a mess in your car on the way back home from a day at the beach, and the water from the sea is not affecting your personal belongings.


Use the perfect Outdoor blanket for a variety of purposes

You don’t go to the beach often, and alternatively, you prefer to use it as an outdoor blanket.

No problems at all, because the blanket can be used for whatever purposes you can think of in the outside world such as camping, hiking, yoga, music festivals and a picnic lunch.


Affordability of the large beach blanket

You’ll notice when travel shopping for a perfect rug that the price is more than adequate to fit any budget.

Whether you want to spoil yourself for the summer or purchase the best beach blanket as a gift for someone special, you’ll find the perfect beach gear at the ideal price when conducting thorough research.


best beach blanket

The beach blanket can be used for various purposes — picture from Canva.


Disclosure: A side note, if you were to buy a blanket for the seaside or other products from Amazon, I may earn a couple of dollars from the purchase you make. Don’t let that deter you; it’s at no further expense to you. You can read more at this disclaimer.


The Top Five Cool Beach Blankets available at Amazon



1. WELLAX Sandfree Blanket

A sand free beach blanket means the annoying sand granules isn’t coming home with you or spilling all over your luggage, and that is a huge positive in anyone books.

The Extra-Large beach blanket made from Wellax has quick dry nylon fabric, has four incorporated pockets to store belongings and even a waterproof Universal waterproof case for the smartphones.

The Advantages of the Wellax Blanket

–    Extra Large Blanket
–    Sand Free
–    Quick Dry
–    Secure pockets for personal belongings


Purchase the WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket from Amazon!

Australian Customers click here!




POPCHOSE Beach Blanket  

A Sand resistant and a water-resistant blanket, and straight away it screams out, “take me to the beach for a day of fun in the sun.”

The Oversized beach blanket will fit up to seven people, is compact and lightweight, has six ground stakes to stop the sheet from blowing away in winds.

The beach blsnket has secure pockets to keep valuables safe and folds away neatly in a bag that fits easily into the backpack or luggage.

The Advantages of the Popchose Blanket

–    Sand Resistant
–    Water Resistant
–    Strong Fabric
–    Pockets to keep valuables safe


Purchase the Popchose Blanket from Amazon!

Australian Customers Click Here! 




OIMYE Sand Proof Blanket

The Oimye Beach Blanket will last many summers with its durable Nylon Fabric, which is also water-resistant and sand free.

The beach mat includes sand anchors and zippered pockets for security of your valuables and is perfect for any occasion being camping, hiking, picnic rug and other outdoor hobbies that are suited to your lifestyle.

The Advantages of the Oimye Blanket

–    Strong Parachute Nylon Fabric
–    Used for a variety of purposes
–    Zippered pockets
–    Sand Anchors


Purchase the Oimye Blanket from Amazon!

Australian Customers CLick here!



Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Mat

A More affordable beach mat which will do the job for your day at the beach, when you’re seeking sand free and an oversized beach blanket.

The quick drying and ripstop Nylon mean you’ll have an affordable blanket which will last for years, and included are a carry bag, ground pegs and sand anchors.

The Advantages of the Mumu Beach Mat

–    Has ripstop Nylon
–    Used for Multifunctional purposes
–    Carry bag included
–    Quick drying


Purchase the Mamu Sugar sand free Beach Mat from Amazon!

Australian Customers Click Here!




ABETER Sand Free Blanket

The sand Free and water-resistant beach blanket will be perfect families who want to lay out their beach towels and get their tan in the sun for hours on end, making sure you’re applying the sunscreen regularly.

The Abeter Beach Blanket will give you many summers of use with its durable dual-layered mesh and lightweight material and will last many adventures abroad when storing it away in your backpack.

The Advantages of the Abeter Blanket

–    Dual layered mesh material
–    Sand-free
–    Water-resistant
–    Multipurpose blanket


Purchase the ABETER Sand Free Blanket from Amazon!

Australian Customers Click Here!



Now that you have seen how useful the best beach blanket can be, all you need to do is make a smart travel shopping purchase and add a new companion to your adventures this summer.


beach blanket

Which beach blanket is your favourite? There are several to choose from! Picture from Canva.
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