If someone were to tell me that they had created a beach towel that was completely sand free, I’d be quoting them the lines of the classic Australian film, The Castle, “tell ‘em his dreaming,” with a very own smug look on my face. Therefore, when the Tesalate company came to me asking to check out their very own range of sand free beach towels, I naturally said yes with a case of curiosity.

Within days, I received the Tesalate beach towel through express mail and I’ve got to tell you that I was mightily impressed upon first sight when rolling out The Alchemist brand towel I had specifically chosen.

Firstly, the design of the towel is brilliant, never have you seen a towel that looks so cool. The texture and feel had a smooth effect that felt so good against your skin, making you think you wouldn’t mind enjoying a few hours of sunbaking on this towel, as well as the usual purpose of drying yourself off.


Tesalate Beach Towel

The Tesalate Beach Towel.


The Tesalate towel is also light in weight which is rather impressive, because when all rolled out, the towel is quite big in size making it large enough to wrap around two grown adults, or to use as a rug on the beach while admiring the sunset on a fine summer’s day.

Obviously, the big test needed to come at the beach, it’s a beach towel that Tesalate assured is sand free, among many other positive attributes. It may not surprise you that when I did arrive at the beach, I buried the towel in the sand on a few occasions to give the Tesalate towel its ultimate test.

Sure enough, upon dusting the sand off the towel with a couple of good shakes, any sand granules were gone, unlike the regular beach towels where only a good wash will get rid of the uncomfortable sand granules that hangs around like unwanted virus. The Tesalate towel lived up to their first commitment of being sand free and it’s fair to say that I was mightily impressed.

What of the other qualities that comes with the towel, there are a few? Let’s run through the main features of the Tesalate beach towel and get you going on your summer vacation in fine style.



A sand free towel makes it perfect for any family day at the beach.


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The features of the Tesalate Beach Towel

  • Sand Free: Mentioned already and no need to elaborate much further, but you won’t be bringing any nuisance sand back from the beach and into the house with this towel.
  • Ultra-Absorbent: The Tesalate towel will absorb up to a litre of water, meaning you can go in and out of the water as often as you please with the knowledge the towel with absorb the water on each occasion.
  • Rapid dry: It will dry twice as quick as a regular beach towel.
  • Lightweight and compact: A lot of beach towels can be quite heavy in weight and a nuisance to pack away, never fear with Tesalate, their towel is extremely light in weight and folds neatly into any tight squeeze.
  • Quality dimensions: Everyone enjoys taking large beach towels to take to the beach or poolside deck, the Tesalate towel is large in dimensions at measurements of 160cm by 80cm.
  • A towel for all occasions: Beach, yoga, pool or even used as a picnic rug while enjoying a glass of wine with your lover or on a day outing with your family. The Tesalate beach towel can be used for a variety of purposes and the best part is, it looks good no matter what purpose you’re using it for.


The Tesalate Beach Towel

The Tesalate towel is all snug wrapped around you.


The Ideal Travel Towel

Because of the lightweight and compatibility of the towel, it makes for the perfect travel companion when going on your adventures in paradise, it won’t take up any excess weight or space in your luggage compartments and you can be assured the towel will come in handy for multi purposes throughout your travels.

The added bonus is that the towel folds up neatly into your backpack, baggage, beach bag or whatever you choose to travel with and can be rest assured the Tesalate towel will squeeze neatly into your case, making much more space for other items needed for your trip. Now, it’s only vital that that the Tesalate towel is added to your packing checklist when go abroad.


Tesalate Beach Towel review

Take the Tesalate towel on any adventure around the world.


The Fair Dinkum Traveller Final Verdict

When a company talks the talk, it’s important that they live up to the promise and walk the walk!

The Tesalate beach towel delivers as one of the best beach towels going around and that is no way said lightly. Not only does the towel have stunning design to suit any fashion enthusiast who like to go the beach looking the goods, the towel also feels great on your skin, is light in texture and it will dry in quick time, which is useful when a full day in and out of the water is planned.

It’s without any argument, that the Tesalate beach towel is value for money that will come on many adventures with you to the beach for years to come, meaning you’ll be wanting to stock up the linen cupboard with a few more of these cute beach towels. And have I mentioned yet the towel is sand free? Well, it won’t hurt to say it one more time.


You have read the Tesalate Beach towel review, now go to their website and browse through a variety of towels to begin your very own collection of these cool beach towels.


The Tesalate Beach Towel.

Beach, pool or yoga, the Tesalate towel has you covered for a variety of purposes.



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