A travel daypack is an essential item for any adventure, for the simplicity of carrying a small travel daypack around with you while out and about.

Many of our days during a trip abroad are long and enduring, making the idea of carrying around a large backpack hardly appealing.

That’s why the best travel daypack is becoming a regular item on the travel shopping list with its ultralight weight, convenience and the comforts of carting the travel rucksack around.

Think about it, A daypack is never in the way, and at times you even forget the pack is hanging around your shoulder.

Therefore, when you’re in the market for the best daypack in the market, a little research is first and foremost, ensuring you purchase the right one.

That’s why the team at Fair Dinkum Traveller is keen to get your adventures on the right path with a few samples of the best small daypack in the Amazon Market.


Four Islands Mekong

An adventure in Vietnam with a travel rucksack. 



The advantageous of purchasing the best travel daypack

The advantages are there for all to see with the travel daypack and it only makes sense to ditch the bigger bags when roaming the world.

Below are the positives of carrying around the best travel bag designed for comfort and convenience.

A lightweight daypack: It’s essential to look after your body at all times, including while travelling, ditch the backpacks for a smaller day pack. It will force you to pack the essentials on your day trip and lighten the load on your back.

The right amount of space: While a daypack limits what you carry, you’ll fit the everyday essentials of a smartphone, power bank and other smaller items needed for travel.

Quality made material: You don’t want to go too cheap on a daypack. However, you won’t need to spend big, because most daypacks are built to last and if you look after the pack, it’ll last you for years.

Convenient and comfort: It’s built for comfort and designed for convenience, and once you get the hang of the daypack, you may not look back.

While a daypack is useful for a day trip, it’s not the answer for carrying around a large laptop or other more significant items. In that case, a bigger bag will suffice.

For now, let’s have a look at our daypack reviews.


one day in Macau

Get excited to carry a travel daypack around. 



The most useful travel daypack on the Amazon market

A little information for all you shoppers out there. If you are to click on a link and purchase a product, I may earn a bob from the sale. It won’t come at further expense to you.


Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

An 18-litre Osprey pack will do the job required for you on your day trips abroad and will fit the essential items needed for your day trip.

The Osprey Stuff pack comes with a comfortable harness, it’s convenient to carry around and crunches down into its carry case, making it easy to stuff into your luggage with minimal space.


You can purchase the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack from Amazon with this link!

Australians customers click here!

best travel daypack

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack.


Lightspeed Outdoors Ultra Lightweight Backpack

The 20-litre backpack is also water-repellent and made of nylon, meaning it’s built tough. It’ll provide you with all you need when roughing it during your travels and has mesh outer pockets to store a water bottle.

The pack is Lightly padded, contains breathable mesh and has multiple carrying departments to suit your style.

You can purchase the Lightspeed Outdoors Ultra Lightweight Backpack from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!

Lightweight Backpack

Lightspeed Outdoors Ultra Lightweight Backpack.


MOSISO Sling Backpack

Sling the Mosisio Pack around your shoulder and travel with security and freedom when out and about.

The Mosiso has a Multi-functional storage area, an accessory compartment for your phones, charger and books. It’s also useful for usages in school, casual wear or the office.

The breathable padded shoulder strap and back panel is comfortable, making it easy to sling around your shoulder and use as a travel companion.

You can purchase the Mosiso Sling Backpack from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!

Sling Backpack

MOSISO Sling Backpack



Travelon Anti-Theft Active Tour Bag

Keep the thieves away with a Travelon Active Tour Bag, which has a mesh pocket to hold a water bottle, front and rear zippered pockets, and an RFID protected front compartment.

The Travelon Bag also has plenty of room in the main compartment to store those more significant objects.

You can purchase your Travelon Anti-Theft Active Tour Bag at Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!

Anti-Theft Active Tour Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Active Tour Bag.



A Nylon made sling bag is what you need for your adventure, with plenty of compartments to fit a standard water bottle, smartphones, power banks and other items.

The Sling bag also has a zippered compartment to keep the expensive valuables locked and stored away safely and comes with padded straps for comfort.

You can choose your favourite colour and purchase the Maleden Sling bag from Amazon!

Australian Customers click here!

small daypack

MALEDEN Sling Bag.


Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack

The snazzy Gonex Ultralight water-resistant Backpack has many colours to choose from when looking to purchase a small backpack for the perfect companion for travel.

The pack is made of high quality, tear-resistant nylon, holds plenty of storage space, and folds up neatly to crunch into your luggage.

You can purchase the Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack from Amazon!

Australian customers click here!

Travel Backpack

Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack.



Be sun smart

Sitting back and taking in the views with my handy little bag.


James Bond Island

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