Check out the Top Honeymoon Places in India for a Loving Time

Check out the Top Honeymoon Places in India for a Loving Time

While India offers you a fusion of sand, sun, greens and blues, picking the right honeymoon destination is essential. You might be looking for the aptest honeymoon place. However, there is no such place as perfect or the best. It would help if you always chose honeymoon destinations depending on your and your partner’s preferences. 

Some couples love to get lost in the tricky terrains of mountains, while some love to drool in the feeling of azure waters. So, it is time to check your travel personality and pick the destination that soothes your heart. What’s more? It’s the availability of Treebo hotels in top honeymoon places in India. Check out different places and choose the one that matches your vision for a honeymoon place for your special occasion.


 Top Honeymoon Places in India

Check out the Top Honeymoon Places in India for a Loving Time.



The Top Honeymoon Places in India for a Loving Time

As a newlywed couple, planning your honeymoon can be intimidating. There are so many destinations around the world that promise to give you a fantastic experience. But why look further when India has some of the top honeymoon destinations? From the misty hills and waterfalls of Kashmir to the breezy beaches in Goa, there is a wide range of places to explore!

Whether relaxing on houseboats in Kerala backwaters or getting mesmerized by snow-capped peaks in Himachal Pradesh, India offers something for every kind of traveller. Pick your destination, pack your bags and set off for a romantic getaway you’ll never forget!


1. Goa

Okay, let’s agree that nothing beats the calming vibes of Goan beaches. Whether you talk about the beach shacks or jaw-dropping nightlife, you and your special one can never get enough of it. Moreover, Treebo Goa Hotels offers the best honeymoon package discount to suit your preferences. 

If you prefer more relaxation, there is nothing better than tanning in the sun as the cold wind gushes by. Enjoy watersports and historical exploration in Goa, and even check out the top museums. Also, remember to collect quirky souvenirs for your loved ones. 


2. Udaipur 

Is your loved one fascinated by heritage hotels and palaces? If yes, Udaipur is your go-to destination for your honeymoon! It is one of the top-rated places in Rajasthan, as it offers an authentic vibe of culture and history. Like Treebo Goa Hotels, you can find multiple Treebo hotels facing lake Pichola for a romantic getaway. 

You can dine by Lake Pichola in various hotels and cafes. Take a serene ride on the lake, and remember to check out the local market for shopping. Udaipur offers a fusion of history and luxury, depending on how you decide to spend your honeymoon. 


3. Manali

Manali is one of the beautiful destinations you must consider for your honeymoon. The combination of winter and Manali is just the icing on the cake! Imagine romancing the snow-covered mountain and sipping hot chocolate with your favourite person. Visit the famous Hadima temple and old market to explore the real Manali.

Along with this, Manali also offers excellent stay options at budget-friendly prices. You can go adventurous by taking part in skiing, trekking and snowboarding. Additionally, the cozy rooms of Treebo hotels add so much warmth to your particular time. So, take this chance and book your tickets now!


4. Kochi

We sure know couples who love to be amidst nature. Kochi is a top destination for such cuties in the heart of Kerala. Surrounded by greens, Kochi offers an enthralling time by the Arabian sea. Moreover, Treebo Kochi Hotels add to the splendour with top hospitality and the best amenities. 

The city combines history and greenery with Hill Palace Museum, Mattancherry Palace and Subhash Bose Park. Also, it is home to one of the biggest malls, LuLu International Shopping Mall, so save your money with Treebo and spend it here! As you explore the finest natural settings, take part in boating and dining by the sea with your other half.


5. Ooty

A vast spread of green never goes wrong for a honeymoon. Situated in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the serene places for a romantic getaway. As you try to spice your relationship with romantic words and photographs, the city offers a perfect backdrop for capturing memories. The quaint hill station makes you unbothered about everything but the mystical beauty of landscapes.

The destination is peppered with a mini adventure Toy train that takes you to view the magical topography of Ooty. Hold hands and walk through the plantations, botanical gardens and unending paths of green. Moreover, just like Treebo Kochi Hotels, you can also find multiple budget-friendly stays here.


6. Gulmarg

When you think of your honeymoon, don’t you see the splashes of snow while your body is wrapped in warm jackets? That’s precisely the feeling in Gulmarg. With snowfall outside your hotel room, nothing better than soaking your body in the royal jacuzzi. Located in Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg has some stunning Treebo hotels offering a combination of serenity and luxury.

Moreover, Gulmarg offers enthralling opportunities to try adventures with your partner. Hold hands tighter as you take the Gondola ride above there. Also, it is fun to watch your loved one fall while trying to ski in the sloped terrain. For added craziness, you can explore the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve and the Apharwat Peak.


7. Andaman

If the city life and wedding chaos have already drained you, take the flight to reach the island of Andaman. Popular as a honeymoon destination, Andaman offers chill vibes and multiple opportunities to make memories with your particular person. It is filled with various hotels like Treebo Goa Hotels at budget-friendly prices. You can go jet skiing, scuba diving and parasailing if adventure excites you.

Additionally, Andaman is a beautiful destination for clicking worthy photographs. As blue waters surround it, you can find various small stalls selling authentic jewellery and handicrafts made with shells and corals. The scenic sunsets during the golden hour add to the glamour of your holiday. Such a destination makes you feel completely away from the world, just you and your better half in a cozy spot!

As you pick the best honeymoon destination, check out Treebo hotels to avail of discounts in the peak season.

  • Experience unbeatable hospitality in more than 800 locations in India
  • Jump on the comfortable linen beds with prompt room service and perfect amenities 
  • Enjoy complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi and branded Treebo toiletries 

While a honeymoon destination is essential, your comfort is your top priority. Only when you get a great sleep can you enjoy a day filled with mesmerizing moments in India. 


 Top Honeymoon Places in India

Take your romantic heart to India with these phenomenal Honeymoon Places in India.



  • Itsy by Treebo – Raj Resort 
  • Itsy by Treebo – Blue Door Hotel
  • Treebo Trend Majestic Palms
  • Treebo Trend Dona Eliza
  • Treebo Trend Sunheads Panaji 
  • Itsy by Treebo – La Prince Residency
  • Treebo Trend Lands END Beach Resort 
  • Treebo Trend Beach Walk
  • Treebo Trend Green Park Mapusa
  • Treebo Trend Morjim Banyan Resort 
  • Treebo Trend Aquarium Arpora
  • Itsy by Treebo – Tao Residency Baga
  • Treebo Trend Green Valley Beach Resort
  • Itsy by Treebo – Vailankanni Natures Inn
  • Itsy by Treebo – Plantain Leaf
  • Treebo Trend Shalom Indus Residency
  • Treebo Trend Samara Holiday Homes
  •  Itsy by Treebo – Morjim Pride 


  • Itsy by Treebo – Palm Grove by D2V
  • Treebo Trend Pushpak Service Apartment
  • Treebo Trend Thoduvas Star Plaza
  • Treebo Trend Backpackers Inn
  • Treebo Trend Nirupama Apartment
  • Itsy by Treebo – Dew Dreams
  • Treebo Trend Golden Terminal
  • Treebo Trend Oryx Homes
  • Treebo Trend Fort Malabar
  • Treebo Trend The Qasr
  • Treebo Trend Time Square
  • Treebo Trend Grand Vistara Airport Suites
  • Treebo Trend Petals Suites
  • Itsy by Treebo – Rain Tulsi Stayz
  • Treebo Trend C J Grande
  • Treebo Trend Anchor Inn
  • Itsy by Treebo – Survie Inn

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Why Bundi in India Should Be on Your Radar as a Tourist Destination

Why Bundi in India Should Be on Your Radar as a Tourist Destination

Authored by Alexandra Wrigley


When you envision Northern India, you most likely imagine a hectic state and an assault on your senses. You probably picture vast volumes of traffic and noise coming from many different directions.

You’re right, except for the town of Bundi, India, a beauteous blue tranquil village in Rajasthan. Unlike some cities in India, this town is not vastly populated, averaging approximately 104,000 inhabitants. It’s 210km from Jaipur, equating to a 3-4-hour car or bus journey.

The royal blue buildings of Bundi give you a sense of a smaller-scaled Jodhpur. However, this destination is unlike most in India. The laid-back atmosphere of the South with the history and culture of the North.

Bundi Rajasthan is not the typical tourist destination when visiting the North. Compared to cities such as Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Jaisalmer and others. However, it should be on your radar as it is home to many spectacular attractions and bazaars full of rich history.


Are you visiting Bundi, India? Look for hotels in Bundi at!


Bund India

We are Visiting the unique township of Bundi in India.




Why Bundi in India Should Be on Your Radar

Nestled away in the remote hills of Rajasthan, Bundi is a beauteous blue town that merits a spot on your travel itinerary. Although it receives fewer visitors than some of India’s other tourist destinations, Bundi is well worth a visit for its tranquillity, stunning architecture, and idyllic setting.

The town is built around a lake, which reflects the blue hues of the sky and houses a beautiful palace at its centre. Bundi’s buildings are adorned with intricate murals and carvings, making it one of the most picturesque towns in India.

In addition to its visual appeal, Bundi is also home to some of the best-preserved temples and forts in Rajasthan. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of India’s cities, Bundi is the perfect place to relax and recharge.



Taragarth Fort and Palace

Another main attraction is its palace which voyeurs over the town, and attached is the Taragarth Fort. To visit you have to journey up a steep slope, which is quite rocky and not the best of terrains.

Yet, rest assured, the fatigue is worth it. Once at the top, you’ll enter through a tall wooden door. Throughout the Fort are original intricate carved statues, and real gold painted murals adding to the history of the palace. Finally, you’ll reach the top of the Fort, where you will be pleasantly treated to breathtaking 360-degree views of Bundi.

Similarly, you may notice monkeys clambering from one blue roof to another. Make sure if you are to visit, have an object like a stick at the ready to poke the monkeys away from stealing your valuables!

Moreover, the Fort also showcases fabulous views of the Nawal Sagar lake. Woefully not much work from the government has been done to conserve the ancient building constructed in 1345. Nevertheless, it’s also a rarity that a traveller gets to witness such a historical structure in its original form.



I am checking out the views over Bundi.



Jait Sagar Lake

Overlooking this alluring lotus flower-covered lake resides the once infamous Jungle Book writer Rudyard Kipling’s summer residence. This is the Sukh Mahal palace, and rumours noted that he spent time working on his Novel Kim there.

The best time to visit the lake is during the early evening; as the sky sets, it gives a charming ambience to the lake and lakeside. Locals unwind around the lakeside, revelling in optimum serenity, and hippopotamuses bask in the water. The tranquil vibe makes it different and unique from other hectic destinations in India.


Bundi India

The mesmerising views over Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi, India.



Step Wells Bundi

Bundi is home to some incredible hand-dug ancient step wells. In former times, they were assembled to retain water and for locals to undergo religious bathing. The architecture of each step well is purely captivating. You can climb down to the bottom of the well and explore the ever-multiplying steps.

Each Stepwell architecture varies from one to another. One of Bundi’s most famous Stepwells is the Ranji Ki Boari, built-in 1699 by a young queen. Yes, talk about girl power! The architecture of this stepwell is impressive as there are carved stone elephant sculptures.


Step Well Bundi

Step Well Bundi.


If you’re visiting India, you must check out the quiescent town of Bundi. It is a fantastic mellow break out of the frenzy of overpopulated Northern Indian cities.

Nomads also attend attractions that are not commonly made known to the average tourist. Because tourists don’t visit that often when they do, locals go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Even though it’s not a typical tourist destination, you will still find a place to crash your head for the evening.

I recommend you stay at a heritage home known as a haveli. Why? The reason is that you will feel like you’re a king or queen. Kings and queens once owned the royal architecture and history of these places. They are an attraction, and you’ll be spending the night there.

If you visit, make sure you speak to the owner or manager to discover the history of the haveli fully. Bundi is one destination you must visit and see for yourself. It’s also a nice break away from the other typical Rajasthani cities. If more travellers like you and I were to visit, it would generate more attention.

It is also proving to the government that extra work should be undergone to conserve Bundi’s resources. If this occurs, one day, it could put Bundi back on the map and allow a range of generations worldwide to be educated about Bundi’s rich heritage, never letting its history die out.

* This post comes courtesy of Alexandra Wrigley, a travel blogger at Extracts of Alex!


Jait Sagar Lake

The locals out on the Jait Sagar Lake

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Five Reasons Why you Should Escape to India and Embrace the Culture

Five Reasons Why you Should Escape to India and Embrace the Culture

Authored by Liam Whitman

We work so hard to earn ourselves a holiday that we want to spend it somewhere we’ll enjoy. For many of us, it’s easy to get into a habit of visiting the same place time after time, because we know we love the area. However, breaking out of your comfort zone is the way to go if you’re looking for an adventure that you’ll remember long into the future.

If you’ve never been there before, now is the perfect time to consider a holiday to India. You might have put off travelling there before for one reason or another, but a 2018 trip to the country will be one you never forget.


Escape to India

Escape to India in 2018, you won’t regret it. Source


5 reasons why you should escape to India in 2018


1. Their festivals continue to adapt

Festivals are a brilliant celebration of a country’s culture. They’re an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local traditions and experience something that you could never get from touring the local landmarks. India is known for its vibrant and colourful festivals, but they aren’t completely absorbed in the past.

Some of the more recent ones have blended elements of the old and new to create something truly incomparable. Musical culture especially has adapted over the last few years. Many local artists now embrace EDM in their festivals, and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.


2. The history keeps expanding

India’s rich history has always been something of interest to tourists. The country is home to a plethora of ornate temples and other notable landmarks, but the availability of places to explore seems to expand year on year. New excavations commissioned by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) are constantly being given the go-ahead, from as recent as a few months ago. With new artefacts and historical locations of interest being unearthed all the time, there’s more to see in India than there has ever been before.


Escape to India

Be inspired at some truly wonderful places in India. Source


3. They’ve developed leaps and bounds

You might not have made holidayed in India before, but if you have, then maybe you were put off by the slow progress of their technological development. While those of us living in Western countries have grown dependent on technology in certain areas of our lives, many people in the Eastern world haven’t.

However, India has advanced massively in recent years. The more urbanised areas of the country have vastly improved internet connectivity and easier digital access, making things run a whole lot smoother. If you were hesitant about visiting India because of having to make a compromise with tech, you no longer need to worry.



4. It caters to adventure seekers

India is by no means just a place to visit to explore temples and dine on authentic curries. The country is home to incredible mountain ranges, including the Himalayas no less, and gorgeous stretches of rural landscapes where you can get your adrenaline fix. With things like white-water rafting and rock climbing on the table, places like Himachal Pradesh offer a variety of adventurous activities away from the bustling crowds. Even if you’re not a massive thrill-seeker, the mountain paths offer stunning views that remind you you’re as far away from work as possible.


5. The Mumbai-Goa ferry is returning

It was announced last year that the Mumbai-Goa ferry, which was popular during the 1960s, would be back up and running in 2018. Although setbacks have delayed the voyages until September of this year, the experience will be worth the wait. Goa’s coastline is an incredible place to holiday if you’re looking to spend your time abroad on the beach. What better way to get there than a boat steeped in history? The ferry has also been updated to meet modern standards and is reported to be an affordable fare for everyone.

If you haven’t already planned your 2018 holiday adventure, what are you waiting for? Organise it now and make sure that you’re fully prepared for the trip of a lifetime. With so many reasons to escape to India this year, you’d be mad to miss out. Have I forgotten any off the list?

Are you going to India this year? Let me know in the comments!



Check out some of India’s finest landscapes. Source

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