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We work so hard to earn ourselves a holiday that we want to spend it somewhere we’ll enjoy. For many of us, it’s easy to get into a habit of visiting the same place time after time, because we know we love the area. However, breaking out of your comfort zone is the way to go if you’re looking for an adventure that you’ll remember long into the future.

If you’ve never been there before, now is the perfect time to consider a holiday to India. You might have put off travelling there before for one reason or another, but a 2018 trip to the country will be one you never forget.


Escape to India

Escape to India in 2018, you won’t regret it. Source


5 reasons why you should escape to India in 2018


1. Their festivals continue to adapt

Festivals are a brilliant celebration of a country’s culture. They’re an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local traditions and experience something that you could never get from touring the local landmarks. India is known for its vibrant and colourful festivals, but they aren’t completely absorbed in the past.

Some of the more recent ones have blended elements of the old and new to create something truly incomparable. Musical culture especially has adapted over the last few years. Many local artists now embrace EDM in their festivals, and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.


2. The history keeps expanding

India’s rich history has always been something of interest to tourists. The country is home to a plethora of ornate temples and other notable landmarks, but the availability of places to explore seems to expand year on year. New excavations commissioned by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) are constantly being given the go-ahead, from as recent as a few months ago. With new artefacts and historical locations of interest being unearthed all the time, there’s more to see in India than there has ever been before.


Escape to India

Be inspired at some truly wonderful places in India. Source


3. They’ve developed leaps and bounds

You might not have made holidayed in India before, but if you have, then maybe you were put off by the slow progress of their technological development. While those of us living in Western countries have grown dependent on technology in certain areas of our lives, many people in the Eastern world haven’t.

However, India has advanced massively in recent years. The more urbanised areas of the country have vastly improved internet connectivity and easier digital access, making things run a whole lot smoother. If you were hesitant about visiting India because of having to make a compromise with tech, you no longer need to worry.



4. It caters to adventure seekers

India is by no means just a place to visit to explore temples and dine on authentic curries. The country is home to incredible mountain ranges, including the Himalayas no less, and gorgeous stretches of rural landscapes where you can get your adrenaline fix. With things like white-water rafting and rock climbing on the table, places like Himachal Pradesh offer a variety of adventurous activities away from the bustling crowds. Even if you’re not a massive thrill-seeker, the mountain paths offer stunning views that remind you you’re as far away from work as possible.


5. The Mumbai-Goa ferry is returning

It was announced last year that the Mumbai-Goa ferry, which was popular during the 1960s, would be back up and running in 2018. Although setbacks have delayed the voyages until September of this year, the experience will be worth the wait. Goa’s coastline is an incredible place to holiday if you’re looking to spend your time abroad on the beach. What better way to get there than a boat steeped in history? The ferry has also been updated to meet modern standards and is reported to be an affordable fare for everyone.

If you haven’t already planned your 2018 holiday adventure, what are you waiting for? Organise it now and make sure that you’re fully prepared for the trip of a lifetime. With so many reasons to escape to India this year, you’d be mad to miss out. Have I forgotten any off the list?

Are you going to India this year? Let me know in the comments!



Check out some of India’s finest landscapes. Source
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