Life is a hard slog; there is no doubting it.

Whether you work in a 9-5 desk office job or the rigours of shift work in a dark mine, nothing comes easy in life when you think of the demands of paying your mortgage and providing the best situation for your family.

The stress levels can rise through the roof.

A demanding lifestyle is a non-negotiable in adulthood, and we do what we have to do not just to stay afloat but to keep ahead.

So every week, we count the days to the weekend, but sometimes we creep a little forward in time and begin counting down the weeks or days until the next vacation.

The question needs to be asked, why wouldn’t you go and travel more frequently?

The issues of travel come in a range of topics, affordability, lack of time, lack of annual leave, fear of flying, hate travelling (not if your reading this) and it all mounts up.

They’re all understandable excuses, some valid but travel doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, because there are alternatives, but more on that later.

Right now, I am going to get into a few valid points why you need to go travel more frequently because, in life, you need to live it and not just work for it.


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Kayaking Angthong, in and out of caves.

Travelling twice a year can give you epic moments in life like Kayaking in Thailand.



Seven Reasons To Go Travel More Frequently Every Single Year


1. Forget about your problems: Work stress, mortgage, home life issues, you name it, the problems can add up and in this instance travel can assist with any mental health issues which arise.

Getting away for a week or two gets you away from the real world, and that’s crucial for unwinding and clearing your head.

Sometimes you might surprise yourself and come back from your holiday with bright space and solve a few of those life’s little problems that were still around before your vacation.


2. Go travel for yourself: Go on, you work hard, reward yourself, go and travel the world, because you only live once at it’s ideal to see as much of the world as possible.


3. Do it for your family: Don’t forget your purpose in life, and that is to hold strong family values. Your family is the number one priority, and they should be treated as such.

You must remember the great memories in life arise from a family holiday long after your kids have grown up and moved out.


4. Relaxation therapy: You can drink lots of alcohol, have plenty of relaxation massages, sleep in every day and go on lots of lovely walks to get the treatment in full swing.

It’s your holiday, and you can relax any way you wish and anyhow you want.


5. Fewer days to your next holiday: There is nothing worse than getting back from a holiday with that depressing feeling of when the next vacation be incoming .

If you can, book the next one before you even go on the first trip that’ll mean going back to work won’t be such a drag knowing you have a holiday to look forward to in the future.


6. Be the real you: Life is crazy and on edge at times. Going on holidays will get the real you out of the shadows, or even the better you.

The real you is a good thing, especially for the partner and the little ones in your life.


7. You won’t be at work: Do you need more convincing than that, while on holidays, you won’t be at work, always a bonus.


Perfect for families too.

Perfect for families too.


I know what you’re asking off the beat, Affordability? How can I afford to go on holiday more than once a year? Taking two trips a year doesn’t mean you’re are trekking Europe, having a safari in Africa, and touring the United States of America every time. Now that would be nice, but it’s not realistic.

You don’t even need to leave your home state or city to have a vacation. You don’t have to get on a plane; instead, you can take a road trip. No matter how you look at it, it’s still a holiday.

So what is the best way to go travel more frequently in a single year without breaking the budget? I will give you five of the best ways to go about it.


Camping is a great way to have a family holiday.

Camping is a great way to have a family holiday.



How To Go and Travel More Frequently Every Single Year

1. Break up the type of holidays: Take one trip abroad or domestically by aeroplane, then alternatively, the next vacation can be closer to home, either in the city, by the seaside, or amongst nature in the forests.


2. Go camping in the sticks: That’s right, buy a reliable tent, a good size for the number of people attending, find an ideal site, whether it means roughing without any power or at a beautiful caravan park with perks.

Relaxing doesn’t mean drinking cocktails at a beach, it can also mean drinking a beer under the stars with an esky close by, while the sausages cook on the grill.


3. Look out for holiday deals: Whether it is a cheap flight or cheap hotel deals, if you look hard enough, you’ll find great travel deals quite often.

Travel is a hot business in the modern world, and they’ll always be tempting you with useful, honest deals. Trust me, tourism outlets are looking for you and are still trying to entice you to holiday with them.


4. Keep close to home for a staycation: Sometimes your backyard has some of the most significant tourism gems that are waiting for you to discover it.

Open your eyes and don’t neglect what is around you; the best things in life are only moments away.


5. Split your annual leave: Don’t take your annual to leave all at once and leave yourself hanging at least twelve months to the next holiday. Halve it and be sure to treat yourself twice or three times a year.


There you have it — no more excuses.

Spoil yourself and spoil your family, holidays come and go, but memories stay with you forever. Why not travel and give yourself many happy and lasting memories. You never know, it might just give you that smile you need in that next mid-life crisis that seems to creep up to us in life. Happy travels.


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All smiles on holiday

All smiles on holiday
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