Hotels V camping, I hear you now, is this “really” a debate? One is possibly a luxury stay by the swimming pool with a cocktail in hand. The other is packing the ute, setting up a tent and roughing it out a bush, while relaxing under the stars and listening to sounds of nature who are hovering nearby.

No contest, right?

Well, it all depends on who you ask. Some are passionate hotel travellers who couldn’t think of anything worse than getting their hands dirty and sleeping with the snakes. Vice versa, there are the real rednecks of the world, who love nothing more than roughing it in the sticks, pitching the tent and giving their 4WD a workout.

As for me, the author, I do both, so why don’t we go over the pros and cons of each option, then decide a winner in the battle of hotels v camping.


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hotels v camping

Hotels v Camping: Who is your winner.


Hotels V Camping: Who is Your Winner?





  • Affordability: Camping cost next to nothing, in some areas it’s free. But even if you are camping in style in a powered site at a Holiday Park, you will be saving a heap of cash.
  • Family time: Nothing reunites a busy family than a camping trip. It excites the kids as they play in the sticks, swim in the river and roast marshmallows by a fire. It is family bonding better than ever.
  • An adventure: A camping trip is an adventure as you explore the beautiful surrounds around you, get lost in the wilderness and discover news skills you never knew existed.
  • Take in nature: The beauty of being outdoors amongst the fresh nature and stunning surrounds.
  • Convenient: A camping trip can be decided on a whim. Load up the car and head out for a quick weekend getaway.



Kayaking is a treat during a camp.



  • Sleeping: A good night’s sleep can be hard on the rock-hard dirt floor. Especially without a decent mattress to support you. This issue can somewhat be solved if you purchase a decentcamp bed or mattress.
  • Cooking: No room service out in the sticks, you will need to do it all yourselves, breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • Washing up: After cooking comes to the washing up. Always a tough task when camping but an unavoidable chore.
  • Showering: If you are camping in a holiday park you will have the luxury of a communal shower, and that is the best you can hope for. In some camping sites, you will need to bathe in the river. That’s if you are camping by the river of course, but in some cases, you need to really “rough it.” Or purchase a portable shower and toilet from a camping store.
  • Hot and sweaty: Camping is usually most popular during the summer. With no air-conditioner, no fans, keeping cool is only possible by swimming in the fresh rivers or beach.
  • Mosquitoes: Mozzies, bugs and flies. Probably the biggest downfall of camping. Expect to spend a bit of time with those pests and don’t forget your repellent.


camping Kangaroos

Camping amongst the kangaroos in Australia.




  • Luxury: Hotels can be luxury, depending on where you stay. Sit back and relax in style, you are on holidays, click on the TripAdvisor link to find your perfect hotel or resort.
  • Fine Dining: No cooking required in your hotel room. Dine out in the hotel’s restaurants or many restaurants that are generally near your hotel. Oh, and room service can be an option too.
  • Cocktails: Cocktails are popular, especially in a resort stay.
  • Swimming pools: And where better to drink your cocktails but by a swimming pool as you sunbake on the layout and have a dip in the pool in-between.
  • No cleaning up: Let the friendly staff clean up your beds and makeup room while you go out and enjoy the surrounds of the area where you are staying.
  • Comfortable beds: Well, most times, sleeping in a hotel is convenient. The chances are you will have a much better sleep in the comfort of your hotel room, without squatting those mozzies away.


Mai Samui

Beautiful resorts like Mai Samui is an excellent choice



  • Expensive: Hotels can be costly, and so is excellent dining and drinking cocktails by the pool. Be prepared to break the bank account.
  • Sorry, there aren’t too many negatives to staying in a hotel. Unless you find a horror stay. But that is what TripAdvisor is for so you can review your potential hotels.


Comfort of a bed make hotels popular.

The comfort of a bed make hotels popular.


And the winner is:

Camping is great, don’t doubt it. And I will continue to sleep in the great outdoors for time o come. Not only because it is affordable exercise, but it’s also great for kids and a great way to give them valuable outside time away from their fancy toys.

However, I would choose a hotel stay in pure luxury every day of the week and twice on Sundays. You can’t beat the comforts of a bed inside the four walls, with a private bathroom, room service and swimming pool below as you drink your cocktails.

So, your Fair Dinkum Traveller winner on this occasion is hotels. And by a bit of a margin. But that is just my choice and options are always divided.


What is your preferred choice for Hotels V Camping? Tell me in the comments below.


Who is your winner?

Who is your winner?
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