When any trip comes to an end I always get a little down in the dumps (that is until the next trip comes along course), but specifically this time, because there was something special about Kuala Lumpur that had an impression on me and it makes it hard to say, “Goodbye Malaysia”.

It may be goodbye Malaysia, but only for now, because I know I’ll be back real soon to see all the wonderful things that goes on in Kuala Lumpur, like its culture, the people, city attractions and the even affordability of staying in the city.

I do know however, the next time I’m in Malaysia that I will spread my wings even further by getting out to see the rest of this beautiful country and everything else on offer, like Malaysia’s beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, wonderful people and everything else that makes this country great to explore.

For now, it’s time to move on to this edition of KL diaries and get into the highlights and memories that were created during days 7-10 of my stay in Kuala Lumpur. Let’s get into it.

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Goodbye Malaysia

The sun sets on Kuala Lumpur and it’s goodbye Malaysia, for now.

Kuala Lumpur Diaries Days 7-10 – Goodbye Malaysia


Visiting the Pavilion Shopping Mall

I have walked into a few incredible shopping malls in my time, and I’m not going to the extreme and mention that this was one of the best, however, the Pavilion Shopping Mall is certainly a good one and by far the best in KL.

At one entrance (there are plenty), you wander straight into café strip, where many coffee shops or bars are located for roughly a 200-metre stretch, for me a or any other coffee lover, it’s heaven. Along with the beautifully designed layout of the mall, there are a range of retail outlets that take up several levels, a fantastic food-court, luxury dining areas and mega cinema complex, where the latest Avengers movie had people queuing up for a seat.

No doubt, my favourite part of the Pavilion Shopping Mall was Tokyo Street, a mixture of Japanese related retail stores, antiques, sweets and many magnificent Japanese restaurants with sushi trains, ramen and many styles of Japanese soup. Good eating I’ll tell you, and a very nice Japanese designed section of the Mall.


Pavilion Shopping Mall

The Pavilion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

An Evening in Kuala Selangor

Earlier in the week we booked an evening tour to Kuala Selangor. A family evening out in Malaysia, we had a chance to feed a few monkeys, have a riverside seafood dining experience with a glorious sunset view and check out a few fire-flies by the river.

It wasn’t the greatest day-tour I have been on, far from it, but still an enjoyable evening away from the city and in a quieter part of Malaysia. Our female driver, who had impeccable English and great knowledge not only her home country but the world, picked us up from our apartment and drove out of the city towards our Kuala Selangor. About a 90-minute trip in total.

It started with the monkeys at an area called Taman Alum, plenty of black and brown coloured monkeys eager for scraps of food and willing to fight for it, so eager in fact that the black ones would jump all over you for their piece of food and sometimes even two of them. Upon getting to Taman Alum, we were assured the black monkeys were friendly by the locals selling scraps of food, in general they were, the monkeys sure did create plenty of laughs for my boys who were eager to get up close to their new friends.

A delicious seafood dinner followed, set along the Selangor River, we ate at a restaurant called Kuang Wah Seafood, where we had array of assorted seafood such as fresh crabs and prawns, with sweet and sour pork and a large dish of fried rice. The meal was pure quality and we did in quick, but could beat the view of the sun coming down over Malaysia. Sensational.

The fireflies were next on the list before the drive back. We headed out on the longboats to catch a glimpse of a few little insects that lit up under the night sky. The experience was ok, as much as seeing a million fireflies on the banks of the river can be, yet it was a beautiful evening in a quiet boat with nothing else heard but the sounds of nature in Kuala Selangor.

For obvious reasons being in pitch black and trying to capture the best of the fireflies, taking photos was impossible without the aid of a flash, but you can check out your own Kuala Selangor attractions in the guides below.



Kuala Selangor

View from our seafood dinner in Kuala Selangor.

On top of the Petronas Towers

Previously we had seen the best of Petronas Twin Towers from ground zero under the night sky and this time around on a Thursday evening, it was time to go up to the observation deck to have a great glimpse of Kuala Lumpur from the 86th floor.

To go up the top of the Petronas requires around a three-day waiting list with bookings essential. The experience was okay, we deliberately booked our time for the evening session to try and watch the sunset, but taking great photos was hard due to the strong lighting inside the building, it had every guest on the evening session holding their camera close to the window to try and shield their camera away from the interior lighting. A side note, no selfie sticks or tripods allowed on the observation area.

The experience was not bad, but if I had my time again I probably would have done the tour in a little more daylight to appreciate the city views in natural colour. However, it’s personal choice if you want to fork out the fees to go to the top.



 Petronas Twin Towers.

Capturing the sunset from the Petronas Twin Towers.

Wander through KLCC

KLCC is obviously the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, a central area that has attractions with the likes of the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC Park, many dining options and other retail outlets. Like many central areas of any city it’s saturated with tourist looking to have a good time out in Malaysia’s capital city.

The KLCC is also the home to the Suria Shopping mall that sits under the Petronas Towers and alongside the KLCC Park, another modern shopping mall with a host outlets, food and café’s but the winner is at night outside the mall, when not only you capture gorgeous views of the Towers above but watch an amazing fountain light show at around 8pm.

A word to the wise, the traffic never relents in any part of the city and it’s advise to either walk or take public transport when venturing into the city.



The fountains light up at KLCC.

Berjaya Times Square

By now you have probably read enough about shopping malls, Kuala Lumpur does host a few. However, Berjaya Times Square is worth mentioning, not only because it was our last attraction we visited in KL, but it’s a mall with a bit of a difference.

It does contain the normal retail and food outlets like any usual mall, but when you venture to the fifth floor of Times Square, you will stumble into an Indoor theme Park that is full of rollercoasters, rides and other entertainment that you may get at a theme park around the world. It’s not by any means a huge indoor theme park, like Lotte World in Seoul Korea, nonetheless, it’s still a unique attraction to visit with the family in KL.



Times Square

Have a roller coaster of a time at Times Square.

Goodbye Malaysia

Goodbye Malaysia, a sad goodbye indeed, but memories are being taken home with me and with that I say to Malaysia, “see you soon.” So, it is goodbye for now, but I’m certainly looking at booking another trip to the country real soon.

It’s not too long until you need to wait until my next adventures in the travel diaries, because in a few weeks I am heading to Japan for the first time ever, where I will be staying at Osaka and Kyoto. Until then, see you later and happy travels.


 Petronas Twin Towers.

Goodbye Malaysia, for now.


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